Wednesday post (beach trip done)
Still tired, one thrift store


I finally got my trip stuff put away. I also put away the laundry I washed last night from the trip. I'm sitting at my desk now typing this up before I forget and don't post later. lol I received a few items today from Amazon for my M1 MBP. I got a USB C mouse, a keyboard skin, and a SD card reader (USB c, of course.). I was upset when I opened the mouse as it had a regular USB A connector with an adapter. I didn't want to use an adapter, that was the whole point of buying a USB C mouse. THEN, I realized that this mouse actually works with the dongle OR as a Bluetooth mouse. YAY!!!!!  So, now both ports on my MBP are free! :D The SD reader works well, too.  I moved over the few pictures from my digital camera that I didn't do at the beach. The ones I did there, I just put them on the old MBP and I have Photos saved in iCloud so it moves across devices. I didn't want to have to do that every time I used my digital camera, so I got the little adapter. It works well. The skin is pretty and I'm saving it. I'm using the one now that matches the case I got, I'll use the blue one that came with the case I found at the beach next, and then I'll have this one for after those both wear out.  I like using them to protect my keyboard from crumbs, stains, or whatever.  

I was thinking about doing a post about my M1, but I think I'm going to wait a bit longer. I'm really tired and I need to write a good amount tonight to make up for being at the beach! I DID write every day while there, but some days it was just a few paragraphs. I want to get a good amount done today. I have written some, but I had to get going on getting my things put away. 

Sadly, tomorrow I need to mow the front lawn, but I'll worry about that then! Oh! Did I mention my mouse has holes in it and it lights up from the inside with different colors? It's pretty cool. Okay, enough for today. I need to get a few more things done (like writing!) and I want to relax.  I hope to be back to my normal self tomorrow.

Here is the mouse and the dongle and adapter in case you want to see them!



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