Colorful drawers!'s out again. ~_~;

Weird things...

Okay, I'm really tired and I've been trying to doze off for several hours tonight. I can't go to bed this early as I will wake up waaay too early. I do want to get my blog post done and tell you something very weird that happened.

So, two years ago while my friend and I were at the beach, we came home and I noticed that the light I had in my backyard wasn't lit. It's a pole that my mom had the city put in a very long time ago to keep the backyard lit. I have a big backyard, so it was necessary.  In any case, it went out two years ago. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not get the city in to check it / replace the bulb. So for two years, I have just had the pole with no light and I've been paying for it.  (It's on my utility bill each month.) So, imagine my surprise tonight when I went through my house and saw a light in the yard. I thought to myself that it looked like the light from the pole. I knew it couldn't be that, it's been dark for two years! Well, I look and it IS the light. I have absolutely NO CLUE how it's now working after two years. There is no way a truck could have gotten in to change the bulb.  We did have a big wind storm here today, a bit of rain with a LOT of wind. I am not sure how this would make the light start working again, but it is working. At least it was when I went back to check on it. I went out and came back and told myself it would be out again and I'd only have the picture I took that it was on as proof. lol So weird!!!! So, my backyard light is working again. I just don't get it.

The only other thing I can think of, is maybe with the winds, the city came and worked on the street poles but there were power outages around the city, so I can't imagine them coming in this neighborhood since our power never went out. I guess it's going to have to remain a mystery for now.  I'm VERY glad to have it back. It's was so dark in my yard without it.



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