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So, my air conditioner has been making a lot of noise lately. It's also spitting out some water at times, too. I was afraid it might die during the night one night while I was trying to sleep. I have enough sleeping issues as it is, I don't need more! So, I decided, reluctantly to pull it out and put in the other one I have. The one I put in is newer and fancier but it just does not cool as well as the older one. Plus, it doesn't smell as good either! LOL! It's in there. I had to move my desk and several things out of the way to get to the window. I got everything nearby so I could take one out and put one in. I had some issues, but I finally got it going.  It's sad how much colder the other one was. Oh well, it's better to have one that isn't going to stop in the middle of the night, right?

The amount of water that dripped on my floor when I pulled this out was crazy! I have let it sit ever since and finally got it up and carried it to where I stored the other one. There is a damp patch on the floor. It will dry up soon, I hope! I'm glad I have the swap done. It was a crazy time. :p

In other news, I did my Camp writing. I've already gone over 50,000 words on this work, well the entire work is a LOT more than that, but I've added just over 55,000 words during Camp and will update my word count on the site for the remainder. I will either continue on with this one in August or go back to one of my two other words in progress. I have ideas for both of those!

By the way, I WAS able to buy some of my favorite BBQ sauce on Amazon last night. :p I also found a few more food-related things and added them to my order. :) I still need to go to the grocery store for a few things I couldn't get there, but I can do that later. I'm good for now.


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