Rain and wet grass

Sunday and Starbucks? Yes!

So, I posted last night that I'd tell you about yesterday. Let me do that first. I went to Starbucks last night to participate in two different star challenges I am in. I didn't get either. LOL!  One should have been half done and the other should have been completely done. The first, I didn't get by no fault of my own. The second, I didn't get enough. I was fifty cents short. D'OH!   While I was out, I washed Goontz, by the way. I also FINALLY got to try the lime frosted coconut bar and it was AMAZING!  Worth the wait!

So, today, I figure, maybe if I go get the second half of that first challenge, it will kick start the part that didn't show yesterday. Plus, I planned to get the other challenge. I missed it by a few cents again. ~_~; The guy on cash was 'newish' it seems and he was already confused so I just went with it. I even forgot to get a receipt! :( I try to get a receipt from new stores! New stores? Yes, I went to the one in Martinsville. Yay. It's very nice. I took one picture inside to show how big and spacious it is:


Nice, yes? I will definitely go back to that location in the future. As I was driving out, I saw that they not only have a drive-thru, but it's a double drive-thru! Nice! :). So, I got Starbucks two days in a row. Something I haven't done in a while! It usually only happens at the beach. 

So, I got back to Danville, I went to fill up Goontz, and came home.  I have all my chores done for today except putting my bed linen back on the bed. I will do that later. Yikes, I didn't realize it was almost eight already. Where did the day go?



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