Rain and wet grass

Tuesday, Thrifting, food, and mowing!

I got my mowing done today! YAY! I'm glad I did it early because it rained again and I wouldn't have been able to get it done. Why did I do it early? My friend wanted to eat and thrift. We went to Reidsville to Salvation Army and Goodwill. We then went to Eden to Goodwill and to a local place to eat. They have breakfast all day and it's good!  I got some goodies, nothing huge, but some small finds. 

I got some papers/inserts for Happy Planners. I have been finding a good amount of Happy Planner stuff in the thrift stores lately. I'm happy to find them! I have a good little stash of HP stuff now. I also found a cup mug with the characters from A Charlie Brown Christmas on it, a glass with gold polka dots, a folio for papers/planning, some melamine-type plates, a small container, another small plastic stack container to hold small items, a cute little kit to make ornaments for your tree, and a pack that had some crayons and chalk in it. I mainly wanted it for the colored chalk. I will just add the crayons to my container of them. I have tons I've collected over the years.

It wasn't a huge haul, but a lot of neat things. I like the glass so much that I am using it on my desk as a pen holder. See! It's right next to another thrift find, my 2020 Year of the Introvert mug. :D


I really like how nice it looks. I even organized my pens to make everything look nicer. :p All in all, it was a nice little trip. 



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