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Hello on Friday!


So, I used to listen to Shortwave radio and I really loved doing it. I thought about it recently and thought I'd like to get back into it. Well, I ordered a radio on Amazon and it came. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting and it didn't pick up anything on SW. So, I sent it back and got another brand that I had been looking at. It came today. It was an Amazon warehouse item. Now, I've gotten things from there before with no issues, always brand new, maybe damaged packaging or re-packaged. What came today just really upset me.

The little radio comes in its little leather case. It's in a box inside the display box. It has a manual and the radio in the box. Well, my package comes and I can actually FEEL the radio through the paper envelope. I open it and there is the radio, in just that inner box, the inner box is damaged and so is the back of the leather case. So, it's damaged, just floating around free in the package, no manual or anything else. I automatically set up a return. If only the box had been damaged and not the case you use on the radio, I might have kept it, I might even have then, but I was upset with no manual and the way it was sent. I already have the refund to my account as I ran out and dropped it at UPS. I ordered the exact same radio for less than $8 more brand new. Hopefully, it will come intact! Sheesh!  The radio is a lot smaller than I'm used to, my old Shortwave radios were a bit larger, but I can adapt as it's a very nice one and cute, too. Plus, it will be good for travel as it's smaller.  By the way, the one I got from the Amazon warehouse? It said, "LIKE NEW" Like new my butt! :P


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