Sunday again
Very small thrift!

Welcome August!

Well, August is finally here! It's my birthday month and it's also the last full month of summer. YAY! I am ready for fall weather. Colorful leaves and hoodies. 💕. I had to drop off a package today and the dropbox was near Starbucks. I was going to Starbucks anyway for my first day of the month drink as usual. I got both of those errands run and went to the car wash and cleaned up Goontz while I was out. I had meant to also recycle today.  I came home and did other things and then decided that I would go recycle. I went right at 8. It's still light out, so why not? I went to the place I usually do, but there was a car sitting there parked nearby with people in it. I wasn't sure what they were doing, but they weren't recycling! I didn't feel comfortable at all, so I left and went to one of the other recycling centers in town. It was the one at the mall which is where Starbucks is! lol, I did not make a repeat trip to Starbucks, but I didn't get my recycling done. Glad that is done. I wrote today but not as much as usual. I did get a really good idea for one of my other WIP so I might get that one out and work on it tomorrow. We'll see. As long as I write every day, I'm happy. Oh, and I did write over 1000 words, so that was great. I made a resolution to write every day even if it was just a few lines and I've stuck to it!


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