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I meant to do this earlier, but time got away from me. We were up and out pretty early. We went to all of the Goodwills except the one at North Myrtle Beach, we got there last night.  We even went back to Conway and got that Goodwill and the Salvation Army store there.  I found a few goodies today.  A pencil pouch, an old vintage address thingee, a cute tote bag, and a bunch of other small things. We also made it to a Tuesday Morning and I got a two-pack of notebooks and a bamboo tabletop /board that fits on a rolling craft cart. I have been thinking of buying one of those carts for a while now. Even if I don't, I can use the board I got as a lap desk or similar. My friend got himself some inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds yesterday and said he'd buy me a pair like his today. We found some similar ones in Tuesday Morning and he got me them. I'm happy because the case is blue. :P. They work well, too. I paired them with the M1 and it was a go! 

Right now, I'm sitting on the balcony of our room. This is the first day it's been cool enough to stay out here for any length of time. It's been so muggy. Today, it was muggy and humid, but there is a nice breeze blowing out here so it's nice. I plan to stay out here and write. My writing has suffered greatly here. Not being able to get away and write has been stressful. I have written every day though Even if it's only 200 or so words! Here are a few pictures I took right before typing this up!



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