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I totally forgot to post on Saturday but planned to make up for it yesterday. Sadly, Typepad was down. It was down earlier today too. Luckily it's back up now. I hope this will post. If not, I'll have it posted later. Today is my favorite day of the year! Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to you! I did my tradition for the day. I went to two local historic cemeteries and took some pictures. Unfortunately, they had crews working in both! This was the first time I'd encountered that. I was able to get some good shots, though. I'll share of few of the very cool mausoleums in Green Hill cemetery.



Friday follies

I forgot to post yesterday. Sorry about that. It was a pretty boring day, so there wasn't much to post about. Today isn't much different. lol I am currently waiting on an Amazon package. The truck is five stops away. As soon as I get that, I'm going to move from my desk to my bed and relax a bit. I've already written, and I have leftovers for dinner, so I'm good! Come on Amazon guy!

As I wrote that, guess who just pulled up? :D

November done! :)

I set up November last night. I got the entire month of daily pages done and my trackers too. I almost went ahead and did December, but I didn't. :p. I didn't get to it as soon as I had planned last night either, so that had something to do with it.

My friend and I did our usual Reidsville trip today. I found three matching Starbucks mugs from 2008! :D. They are cool. I've never seen these before and I found three. That was a happy find. This is a picture of the exact same one I found on Google.


I almost missed it. I went up that aisle and looked at the cup as an afterthought, then, I thought I saw "Starbucks" on it. Look again and sure enough, it was! I have found two Starbucks cups before, but never three. Also, I love that these are from 2008! They are in terrific shape to be that. old. A nice addition to my collection!

Setting up November!

Yes, it's time to set up November in my digital planner. The one I used for 2022 does not have daily pages, so I create a month at a time and put them in there myself. She actually has templates for the daily pages to choose from. I grab my favorite one and then add the day and date to them. I  then will have them in order for the month. I'm going to work on that as soon as I post this. I am not sure what theme I'm going with for November. I'll look through the million sticker sets I've bought and figure it out. :p

The planner I'm planning on using next year has the dailies already done. I bought it in July to see if I liked the planner as much as I thought from seeing it and I do. I love it! I will be using that in 2023 (well the new one for 2023) and love it. I might still use an undated planner from the other place as I like to have monthly pages and she has them. :)

Sunday, sunday...

I am tired. I just finished the majority of my Sunday chores. I am currently under the hair bonnet dryer. I have had my hair in a turby twist towel since I washed it, but it's taking too long to dry and I want to get on my bed and get comfortable.  It just needs a bit more drying and I'm good to go.   I have my bed linen back on the bed and I have written.  I wrote only 1800 words today, I have been getting in a bit after 2000 each day. I just wasn't feeling it today.  1800 word count is great though, so I'm not too upset. I just want to relax and enjoy the rest of my day if I can. I will be listening to the Shortwave later, too, of course. That I can do while relaxing on my bed. :)


Paper clip!

My post has nothing to do with paper clips, but I had no title, so there you go! I used to do this a long time ago on my blog when I had no title.  I don't really have a lot to share today as I mainly stayed at home. I did run out this afternoon and ran Goontz through the car wash. I rode around a bit. I decided to pick up something to eat for dinner, too. I called a local restaurant that is an old favorite that I haven't been to in ages. I called in, drove a bit to pass the time, and then went and picked it up. It was delicious and a nice change. It wasn't too expensive either for what I got. I just wish I could have had more sour cream. I like a bit of potato with my sour cream. :p






(Note: This was typed up on 10/22/22 at 8:30. Typepad is having issues so it may not post until tomorrow. D'oh!)

Thrift, no finds!

My friend and I went to another town we don't get to often to go to a Goodwill there. We also planned to eat at a great Italian place there. Well, the Goodwill was a bust. I didn't find a thing! He found a few things, so that was good. We went to the Italian place and it was delicious! After we ate, he drove to run into a small pawn shop that is in that same shopping center. While he was in there, I was eyeing the pumpkins outside of Tractor Supply. I ended up going in and paying for one. I brought home a friend. :)


Can you spot him in the first picture? :)


A day at home

Yes, I got to stay in today. Sorry about yesterday. My friend texted as I was in the midst of my daily writing. He was off early and wanted to go to a favorite to eat. I agreed and got ready. We went to a place that is out of town that we like and since we were out that way, we went to two Goodwills that we don't get to a lot because of the distance. That was fun! I got a few things, but nothing huge. I did find a cute fabric Fossil bag. It's one I would actually carry, so that was even better! :) The trip made us get back late and then we rode to a few places around town that he wanted to go by. I got in and I was tired. I didn't even write anymore. I just picked up today from where I left off on my writing today. I didn't leave the house today and I'm not planning on leaving after I post this!

I'm going to move away from my desk and get comfy and relax a bit, watch a few episodes of Match Game, and then I'll tune in on the Shortwave bands. :)

Match Game!

I have been hoping to find a copy of the Match Game board game when thrifting. I found one today albeit not the exact one I was hoping for. This is from the original Match Game from the 60's. It wasn't as fun as the 70's version, but that is okay. I was happy to find this and I"m pretty sure it's complete! It's in great condition to be so old. There is box wear and the thing inside do show their age, but all in all, I'm happy with it! :)


I paid an entire $3.00 for it! It was a bit over $2 with tax, so I just had them round up to $3. I'm I went up that one aisle, I almost didn't! Sorry about not posting last night. I kept meaning to do it and never did!

Sunday again

I have accomplished all my chores for today. Bed linen and hair washed, yesterday's laundry put away, and I wrote. I had a few other things that needed doing and I did those too.  Now, I'm going to relax a bit like I did yesterday. I have an Amazon package that was supposed to arrive tomorrow, but now it's coming today. I was hoping it would be here by now. Oh well! I listened to the Shortwave a bit earlier yesterday and that was nice. It was fun to listen at a time when I usually don't. I might do that again today. I just wish the Prime truck would come! :)

Relaxing Saturday

At least that is the plan! I am closing up my M1 and moving to my bed to relax. I will probably read and then tune in to the Shortwave later. I will probably watch a few more videos on YouTube too. All my chores for the day are done except my laundry. It's just been tossed in the dryer. I may put it away tonight or wait until tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. For now, I'm ready to stretch out on my bed.

I was re-reading some old stories a while back and one of them made me want to rewrite it, but now I can't remember which one it was! Oops. I hope to go through some of my old works and see if I can figure it out. I think it would be interesting. I like re-visiting my old works and re-doing them as I write a lot better than I did when I wrote those!  Some are good choices for a revamp or a total rewrite. :)

Onions. UGH!

Don't get me wrong, I love onion rings, but they don't like me back, but there you go. No, what I'm talking about today is onions where they don't belong. Where is that you ask? In my fried rice! I've never had fried rice with onions in it before. Today, I was in the mood for Chinese food. I didn't want to leave the house so I was searching on the food delivery sites. I found a Chinese restaurant that I hadn't been to in over ten years. Had a bad experience the last time I visited and never went back. I saw they were new on DoorDash and thought I'd give them another shot as, they had free delivery, and they have bean curd (tofu). So, I order homestyle bean curd with extra tofu and fried rice. I should have gotten white rice as I usually do when I get tofu anywhere. So, it comes, there is delicious, delicious tofu. The fried rice looks great too. But wait! Is that a piece of onion? Hmm, okay, maybe it fell in. NOPE. It has little bits of onion all throughout. Boo! I ate around them as much as possible, but I got enough in me to make me miserable for the rest of the day burping. Ugh!

On a good note, the tofu was amazing. Not nearly enough of it even after I asked for extra, but such is life.  The fried rice was good except for the annoying onions.  Live and learn, I guess! All in all, they didn't completely win me back, but I will probably give them another go sometime in the future, but I'll go in and pick it up to save myself some money. burp Excuse me!

NaNoWriMo Prep

I think I have decided on my story for this year's NaNoWriMo. It's a story I started a long time ago and didn't go anywhere with. I am going to revamp it and start over. The basic premise is good and I can definitely work with it. I just need to do a bit of research, not a lot. These are characters I've used over and over in my own personal stories.  This is a totally new direction for them. I think it will be pretty fun to do. I'm actually pretty anxious to get started. It's going to be a fun one to write. 

I already have it ready to go in Scrivener. I have all the old footage to review before I start anew. I also have ideas and things in there. I love Scrivener and couldn't imagine writing without it now. It's so great to have everything right there.  It's just the best!