No rest for the weary!
So much to say, so little sleep!

Ah! Still need sleep...

My sleep was a bit better last night, but still not great. I'm hoping to sleep better tonight. I may have an option for a place to stay. I am not going to say more until I know everything is working out with that. It may fall through, I want to be positive though! I took several totes full of stuff out to my friend's storage locker today. We went thrifting to get my mind off of things. I didn't really want to buy anything, but I saw two nice plastic totes in the Salvation Army store and bought those. $5 each! They are a lot more than that new and they make a perfect thing to store stuff in. I have another one full and ready to go tomorrow and I'll fill these two tomorrow and carry those three and perhaps a few more things out to the storage unit.  I am still upset, but I'm also hopeful so there you go. Also, I spent some time with my friends whom I haven't seen much at all since before Covid. It was nice to spend a little time with them. :)


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