Sorry about Sunday!
Thrift Tuesday...

Meh Monday!

Ha ha, how is that for a title? So, it's Monday. I was supposed to go to the recycling center today and get that done, but I haven't left the house. Oops. I did realize that I was going out tomorrow to vote, so I figured why not just wait and go do that and recycle? I wrote for NaNo, and that is going well. It's a slow build right now, but it's the way I think it should go.  

If you are wondering about the food incident yesterday, I'll tell you! I always get a pizza when I hit 10,000 words during NaNoWriMo. I decided this year to change it up and order myself some delicious Chinese. So, I get on Grubhub and make an order. Over an HOUR after I placed the order there was still no driver! I had to contact GrubHub.  I got two different credits for future orders. I do appreciate that, but I was still upset as I still didn't have a driver. They must have alerted one because as I chatted with them, they said one was assigned to me. It wasn't showing that on my end!  Soon after, one did show up that they were near the restaurant and they brought the food. It took waaaay too long, but I did eventually get my food. So frustrating!  

The most frustrating thing is, I always order well in advance in case there are delays, but I didn't yesterday! Ugh! The food was good and mostly still warm. It threw my day off and I didn't get a few things done I had planned. At least the food was tasty!


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