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Kindle Unlimited

I finished my current read today and decided to give Kindle Unlimited a try. I already have four books downloaded from it.  Two true crime, a new zombie book, and the second book of a series I read the first book of a week or so ago.  Sadly the book I just finished and the one series before that are not on Kindle unlimited, but there seem to be a lot of interesting books.  I might find some new authors and that is always a good thing.  For now, I'm going to enjoy my free three month access to books!

Amazon and UPS

So, I got up today and even though UPS doesn't usually get here until later in the day, I went and peeked out and saw a package!  I went and got it and it was this small flat box.  I thought that cannot be my Kindle!  It was from Amazon though so I opened it.  It was my Kindle! YAY!  I like the.enviroental packaging.  The Kindle comes in a slim box. It has the Kindle itself, a quick start guide, and a cord.  I opened everything and turned the Kindle on.  It turned on. YAY!  I got to set it up and play with it today.  I really like it.  I sideloaded the books I have on my computer in Calibre and Amazon automatically downloaded the books I had on the old Kindle that I had purchased from them.  I love that I can created collections like I did on my Kindle keyboard. I don't want just a bunch of book covers as organization. I put it on list view and then created a few collections. I still have several to go, but for now, I've already started a book!  

As I was looking around on the Amazon site, I saw a true crime book that looked good and it was borrowable via Prime reads.  I am seriously considering doing Kindle Unlimited again.  I knew when I was looking up a lot of zombie fiction, some of the titles I wanted were available to read on Kindle Unlimited, so I might just do that.  With the new Kindle,  I got an offer for a three-month free trial, so I'm probably going to do that.  I can decide at that time if I can find enough to read to warrant the expense. I'm thinking I probably will, but we'll see!

25,000 words!

I got done writing just a few minutes ago and I was eight words from 25,000.  I fixed that immediately!  I added eight words and I hit the 25,000 mark.  I'm very happy with myself!  Go me! 

In other news, I went to the recycle bins today, finally!  I get to the parking lot where they are and there were THREE people there in THREE different cars recycling.  I waited until they all left and was able to go to the bins and get mine done without anyone being there.  People are so stupid! Not one of them had on a mask and they were all up on top of each other. UGH!

While I already out, I went to get some gas. It's so cheap now, I only got $12 worth but I should have just filled it as it was almost full when I got in the car!  I like cheap gas.  It should last me a while since I'm not really going anywhere.

When I got home, I realized that I needed to mow the back.  The front was looking just a bit shaggy, but not too bad. I went ahead and did it anyway.  I got a good part of the back yard done too. I still have a section that needs to be done, but it can wait.  It's not visible from the street and it's not too bad back there just yet.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so that will give me an excuse to wait an extra day! lol!

My Kindle is supposed to be here tomorrow! Yay!  The case JUST shipped today! LOL. I had a NookColor back in the day and I have a pink leather sleeve case for it, so I can use it for the Kindle until my hard case comes in. :)

Monday again...

Here it is, Monday again.  I swear I don't know what day it is half the time anymore. Thanks, COVID- 19!  I woke up a lot earlier than my alarm this morning. I got up to go to the bathroom and I was totally awake so there was no going back to bed. D'oh!  Oh well, hopefully tonight I'll get to sleep early and crash until my alarm tomorrow.  

I just finished writing for CampNaNoWriMo.  I got a little over 1700 words today.  It's going along pretty well!  I was feeling sort of meh earlier and was going to just type a few words but I kept at it and got in what I did.  That made me happy!  I also had no nose bleeds today or overnight and that made me happy too!  I was afraid I'd wake up with a mess but I didn't.  I'm being very careful!  I think the air purifier that my friend suggested it helping.  

Oh! I mentioned yesterday that I was watching one of the earliest Starbucks cards on eBay.  The seller offered me a deal today on it so I got it! :). I will be so happy to have that in my collection! It's in excellent condition and the pin is covered. Yay!  The three that I won yesterday were shipped out today.  

As for my Kindle, it is now saying it will be here Wednesday.  Better than Friday!  The only thing is the case for it hasn't shipped! lol. This is the reverse of last time.  I got the case and then the Kindle.  This time it looks like I'll get the Kindle and then the case. :p

I have something to keep it in for a few days so it will be okay.  The case was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday so it may come the same day.  I keep hoping that UPS will update and show the Kindle being delivered tomorrow.  I can hope, right?!



Good news and bad news

Yes, as the title says, I have good news and bad news.  My Kindle came today.  I was so excited. I love the size of it, the feel of it in my hand.  I charged it all up and ... it won't turn on. Noooooooo!  I did all the troubleshooting and got on with Amazon support.  It was a refurbished one so it might just have issues.  I'm getting a refund for it and I've ordered a replacement.  I had to get another version of this same Kindle as they had no more of this one.  I also had to return the little case that I had for it and order a different one. Sadly, the new Kindle isn't supposed to be here until Friday. No, not tomorrow, next Friday. Oh well, as I said, everything has come quicker than they have said, so hopefully this will too!  

Support was amazing.  I got the Kindle and case both packaged up and printed out the labels and ran them to the UPS dropbox. I didn't even have to get out of my car. Yay!  I am so anxious to set up the new Kindle and play with it. I was so disappointed when I couldn't even turn this one on.  The one I am replacing it with is a newer model and brand new so I'll have support on it if anything happens.  My old Kindle keyboard still works, but it's slowing down considerably.  This will be a nice zippy upgrade!

After not feeling like writing at all tonight, I got 1729 words and I am now over the 15,000 mark. I am now going to go back to the book I started on my Kindle earlier.  (the Kindle keyboard) It's good and I'm over half way done with it.  I couldn't put it down!

OH! I forgot to mention my NaNoWriMo shirt came today. I'll post pictures tomorrow as my Starbucks card order is supposed to be here tomorrow so I'll just do pictures then.


I went to get a few things I needed today at the grocery store.  I was able to get everything I needed except for toilet paper. I wore a homemade mask and got in and out as quickly as possible.  After I loaded my groceries and carried the cart back.  I drove to another part of the shopping center and parked and ran into a Dollar General.  I went to the back wall where there is usually tp.  Well, the shelves were completely empty.  I was about to give up and leave, but I saw they had boxes out all over where they'd been stocking.  I found an empty box that used to have tp in it, then I see another box and SCORE!  I was able to get a pack.  I didn't even look at the price.  I just grabbed that bitch! LOL!

It was Charmin and it was a big package.  I usually buy the good store brand at Food Lion. It's not the cheapo kind, but it's a lot less expensive than any of the other brands.  This damn package rang up at right at $14 with tax.  I was shocked, but I didn't care.  It was so hard to find any, and this big pack will last me a long time and by the time I need more, I should be able to find some.  By then, the tp panic will hopefully be over! :p

Remember how I said they didn't deliver my Kindle case yesterday?  Well, when I was driving up the street to head to the store today I saw an Amazon envelope on my porch!  I got it when I came home and sure enough, it was my case.  The tracking STILL shows delivery attempted!!!!  That is so weird.  Now I'm wondering if it was out there all night!  I like the little cover and I can't wait for the Kindle to come so I can try it out. I finally shipped today so yay!  According to the tracking, it should be here Thursday so that makes me happy.  That is two days earlier than the scheduled time.

I don't think I mentioned it, but I ordered myself another NaNoWriMo shirt.  This one looked like the material from the one I got in 2018. I love that shirt and wear it A LOT.  They had everything on the site on sale, too.  They said it might take two weeks before it shipped. (Because of COVID) but it shipped already! Yay!  It's going to be a good week for mail. 

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I just got in 1821 more words on Camp! It's going well!  I'm now over the 12,000 mark.  I am quite please with my progress so far.  It looks like it's going to be more than 20,000 words.

Friday follies!

Well, I was trying to figure out how when I take the bed apart again that I can fix it for the last time!  I was thinking if I could find something to run across the bottom of the frame so that the box springs won't fall through.  I was thinking wooden slats or something of that sort. I was hoping I could find something to use on m property.  Well, I was working that out when my friend called.

He lives up the street. (His mom is my bestie). He wanted to bring back a book he borrowed back in the dark ages (lol) and I told him we could sit on the porch and for him to bring Cocoa!  He agreed and I got to spoil and love on Cocoa and see my little stinky too! lol

He stayed until well after my usual lunchtime, so I just skipped lunch and went right to dinner.  I had a snack in the afternoon, so it wasn't too bad.  I ate my last two pieces of pizza for my dinner. I'm sad it's gone, but it sure was good while it lasted!  

I received a package from Amazon today.  I ordered some washi and some pens. The pens are blue ballpoints and they have a very nice size tip and the ink it dark and beautiful.  It flows soooo well.  I love them.  They are Zebra Z grip Flight pens.  Very nice and a definite new favorite!  Now, let me tell you about the washi.  This is a brand I have bought before. I have bought a LOT of washi from this brand. It's some damn good quality washi.  It's usually a good value for the money, too.  Well..... I opened the envelope my stuff came in today and I thought there had to be a mistake.  The box that my washi came in was small enough to fit in my hand and it was a multi roll pack!  I took a few pictures to share:


This picture does not show how small these are.  I will now share another two pictures to give you an idea!


The roll on the left is a regular size roll of washi from the same brand.  Look at the one on the right!


Here is the picture of the whole box of wash with two regular rolls on the outside.  

The washi is absolutely gorgeous, I just wish there were more of it!  There are ten rolls in all.  Two really wide ones, four regular widths, two smaller widths, and two of the mini width.

In case you want to see the pens, here is the box with one of these smooth writing bois!



So, the inserts I purchased on Amazon came today.  Sadly, they are too small for my Foxy Fix.  I was disappointed.  I didn't even open the plastic on them.  I bundled them up and packaged them to mail back.  They gave me a UPS slip so I ran out to drop it in the closest UPS box.  Guess what? it's not there anymore!  I remembered that there was one downtown in the parking lot of a law office.  I drove down there and it was still there. Yay!  I dropped in my return and headed home.

This box was located where I didn't even have to get out, so that was even better. Ha ha.  I finished my puzzle today and there is a piece missing. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Since the pieces are so small, I'm hoping it just dropped near my bed and I'll find it soon. This is the first puzzle in a while that had a missing piece.  I hate when that happens!  This one isn't too noticeable, but it is noticeable. Oh well!


Oh boy!

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  I planned to, but you know how that goes! lol  I didn't do much of anything yesterday except lay around and try to keep warm.  I finally broke down and dragged my heater out and turned it on!  Of course today, I got back into the 60's.  That was nice because I had a few errands I needed to run and it was much nicer doing them in the warmer temperatures!  I got the things done I needed and then headed back.  I got an order today from Amazon!  It just feels so weird to get a package on Sunday. I ordered a few things for my TN. A three-pack of inserts and a shitajiki. That is a pencil board if you didn't know!  You put it behind the paper you are writing on to give you a smooth surface and so the impression of the pen doesn't come through. It also has a grid pattern on it and it's easy to see through the paper to draw lines and such.  


I kept putting off today's NaNo writing session. I finally sat down this evening and I made it to 20,000 words!  I had under that and then realized that I only needed about 800 to make it to 20,000 so I kept writing!  

I have a problem!

So, I had some gift cards on Amazon and last night I went looking for something on my wish list to buy.  I also went looking at journals and stuff.  I found the prettiest white leather journal on there.  It's not set up as a TN, but I think I can convert it into one after I use the paper that is in it.  It's so pretty! 

I did buy something that was on my wish list.  It's a Monopoly themed Moleskine journal!  I love Monopoly and Moleskine, so it was a win/win.  I have another Monopoly Moleskine on my wish list AND a Simpsons one!  I could have gotten those too, but I saw this white leather journal and it was just so pretty. I'll share pictures tomorrow, of course!

Today has been pretty slow. I didn't really do much of anything.  I didn't even leave the house!  I didn't start a puzzle either.  I am not sure why I didn't really do anything today.  Oh well. Maybe I just needed a lazy day!  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get more done!