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All in One! (Happy Leap Day!)

I opened the puzzle I got yesterday while thrifting and worked it today. The whole thing!  It was only 300 pieces and it had huge pieces.  I couldn't get the pieces on the board all at the same time because of the puzzle's size and the pieces. I worked in sections until I got the last of the pieces on the board.  At that point, I kept going along and finished it! It's very pretty.  I wish it was 'plain' like the other Thomas Kincade puzzles I worked.  This one has a verse on it. It isn't too noticeable, but I'd rather just have the picture. There were brighter colors on this one than the other ones I'd worked so it wasn't as hard to do.  I enjoyed working it and the big pieces were fun although they were shaped weird and fit weird, but that makes it more challenging.


I was playing with Evernote and Journey today.  I was wondering if there were a way to link the two.  I think I can, but I need to upgrade my plan with Journey and I might do that as it's not too much annually.  I love the app and I use it on all my different devices.  I have it on my Android, my iPad Mini, my MacBookPro, and my Linux computers! Just like Evernote. I have it everywhere too! :)

Android 10 and other things

My phone is currently installing Android 10.  I can't wait to play with it and see all the new things.  It's always fun when there is a new Android version.  I figured I could do my blog post while I'm waiting!  I finished my puzzle today and did another one.  The second one was just a hundred piece puzzle I got today at the local Goodwill.  My friend and I went to eat and afterward, he asked if I'd like to go to Goodwill. I did! My debit card did come today! :) 

I found two puzzles at Goodwill, the 100 piece one that I worked tonight and another 500 piece one.  I also got a cute lemon Ipsy pouch, a little multicolor DS pouch.  I can use it for something and it's cute, I also got a cactus thingy, a Pyrex jack o' lantern bowl, a red Nine West wallet,  a little back with jack o' lanterns on it, some plastic snowman plates and this nifty metal 'basket'?  I am in total love with this.  Here is everything and then just the basket:


I love this little guy.  I saw it and I knew it had to have it.  I paid, .99ยข for it!  I am thinking next year I'll buy some small glass ornaments and put them in there at holiday time.  For now, I might use it as a letter holder or something.  I just love it!

Here are the puzzles.  The one I finished earlier and the new 100 piece one that I just did a little bit ago.


It was a good day! I got my debit card, got a free meal from my friend, and found a lot of goodies at Goodwill. :)   My phone is still updating, hopefully it will be done soon. I want to check out Android 10!  I think it's almost done.  It's at the 'optimizing apps' phase. 

Getting some Pie!

At least I'm pretty sure that is what is going on.  I am in the middle of a huge update for my phone.  I heard that my phone would get Pie during January.  I didn't know it would be the last day of the month before the update would be available.  This has to be the Pie update because the download was huge and it it taking forever!  Okay, it's done. It's Pie.  Everything looks so weird.  I'll have to get used to it, I think.  It's doing the last minute stuff.  When it's completely done, I'll play with it.