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Munzee in the park in the fall

I went out today to find a Munzee in Ballou park that I somehow missed all this time!  I found it and while I was there, I took a picture of these two cute little trees in their autumn glory. (click on them to see them full size)

I thought they were just so cute.  I was able to finish up this weekly mission of the Zeeops and found out that there is yet another week! Hopefully I can complete that too.  It's fun and I'm getting more points and badges and things in Munzee.  Lots of fun for me and it was a perfect day for it. Sunny and just plain nice out there.

Traveler's Notebook in the park

I finally got to take some pictures of my new TN and I also took a few photos of the Foxy with the new 'dashboard' I created!  To get more info on each picture just click on it. It explains what is in each picture.  I hope you enjoy!


A5 TN and B6 Foxy Fix

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I'm not dead!

Yes, I know it's been several days since I posted here.  Sorry about that.  I didn't mean to go so many days without posting.  I actually was going to post last night and then it was after midnight. Oops! Anyway, I'm posting now, so I guess that is okay.

I changed the font of the blog today.  I made it the same font throughout. I like it.  I might change it to some other font in a day or two, but it's good for now.  I love fonts and it's fun to try out all different ones.  This is a Google font and it's called Quicksand.  I tried out about 15 different fonts before picking this one. 

I ran out to the park today just to get out for a bit.  I sat near my friend Piney the pine tree.  I noticed this little tree that is near him.  It's a cute little tree and I took this picture:


It's going to be showing off it's colors soon.  I love fall!  I'll try to remember to take a picture when it's changing later on.  

At home, I decided to finally put my Halloween decorations out.  It took an hour to get them out and put them out.  Here is a picture of the majority of them.  Those boxes in this picture? All stuffed with stuff. It is a LOT of stuff and this doesn't even include all the stuff I have out all year.  This picture does not do justice to the amount of stuff I have. lol

Point Blur_Sep262020_184610

The ceramic / glass /wax / wooden /plastic Jack o lantens are in the boxes.  I have some in each type I mentioned.  By the way that white smushed looking thing is a ghost! lol He hangs and will make noise when he has batteries.  He goes, "WooooOOOooo!" :P


Monday madness!

Well, not much madness, just the usual Monday stuff. :p. I went out for a quick errand earlier and ended up down at the Crossing. I didn't walk on the trail, but I did take a picture of the hammocks they have down there now.  These are neat.  I wanted to try one out, but I didn't get up the nerve. I'm scared I'll fall out trying to get in. LOL


One day I'll try one.  I also went to Ballou Park and stopped at this little shelter.  This spot used to have two picnic tables and a trash can.  They took it out and I was a bit upset. My mom and I had a picnic lunch there one day many years ago and I was sad to see it go.  I didn't know that they were going to put in a little shelter here and they put back two tables to the right!  It looks nice and it makes me feel better.



It looks nice, doesn't it?  It also has a little parking area (which I parked in).  Before, you just pulled off to a little gravel side spot.  This is a very nice addition to the park. :)

Munzee and more!

I received a new traveler's notebook in the mail today. :P. This one is bigger than a passport size.  It will hold small Moleskine cahiers and Field Note notebooks.  I made mine into a Munzee kit!  I can use it as that and if I want to change it up, carry it as a smaller tn in the future! I like the way I set it up.  I want to get another pocket type insert.  The one I'm using cam in another thing I got and I saved it. It fits perfectly in this little TN and I can store Munzees in there.  All the extras I have in an old Altoid tin.  I can add more to the TN as needed.  Neat, yes?

Of course, I had to give it a test run!  First I drove to a place where there was a virtual Munzee and captured it, then I rode to Ballou park and drove around trying to decide where to deploy a couple of Munzees.  I have deployed several in the park.  You can deploy one within 50 feet of someone else's and at least 150 feet from your own. (Or the other way around, I forget! LOL!) Anyway!  I was able to deploy two and that was fun.  I took pictures of the TN while there since I was outside is beautiful natural light.  Here are the pictures:


This is the TN itself.  I put it in the bag my Foxy came in to carry it in my purse.  It's such a cute size!


The inside.  I have a Moleskine Evernote notebook in there.  I am using it to keep track k of the Munzees as I deploy them to keep a record. (I also have a tracker in my bujo)


The little plastic guy that I'm using for now to hold my Munzees.  I used washi tape to secure everything since it's easy to remove and re-stick.  The blue post it has a list of ones that I need to repair that I've deployed in the past.

I think this will be a neat system and I can easily toss this TN in another bag if I go out without my  purse.  I think I'm going to love it.  I found this TN on Amazon for a very good price. It comes in brown, black, and dark brown (what I have).  Very nice quality. It came with one notebook and an extra band. Highly recommended!

Warm and even warmer.

So, tomorrow it is supposed to be a high of 91˚.  Yes, in May!  Wowee, it's going to be fun walking tomorrow. :P  Also, we have a annual festival that is at Ballou Park.  I walk through/past Ballou on my daily walk.  The past few walks, I've had to detour as they were setting up.  The festival started today, so I bypassed and walked on the sidewalk out front.  Luckily, the festival doesn't start on Friday until 4 or so.  I didn't have to fight a bunch of crowds.  Tomorrow will be different.  There will be a lot of people.  Luckily, it should only be bad right on that one block and then I'll be past it.  On the way back, I'll pass the park but on the other side of the road.  That is a shopping center and you can imagine that the parking lot is full during a festival.  Tomorrow's walk will be interesting and probably annoying. :P

Today's wasn't so bad, but it was hot and I wss so ready to get a Coke at my turn around point.  I remembered to carry my change with me, but the machine was totally sold out. Phooey!  I didn't get to drink a nice cold Coke on my way back.  Hopefully they'll fill it soon.  

I finished the current puzzle today!  I have to pick out the next one I plan to do.  I'll start it tomorrow.  I also plan to get my pen pal letters written and sent this weekend.  I hope to get to the post office to pick up any that I have and answer them all and mail them all off.  It will be two weeks before I can check my box and answer letters again as we leave for the beach next Monday.  I am so ready to go!


Friday again!

I got my walk in at my regular time and it was HOT.  I came home and took off all my sweaty clothes and cooled off for a bit.  I needed to go to the grocery store and I didn't want to wait until too late as they would have been a LOT busier.  I got in, got what I needed and got home.  I forgot two things.  One, my granola bars that I get every month for breakfasts.  I also forgot that I was going to get some popsicles. I bought a box of the fancy ones last month and they were so good as a cold treat.  I was going to buy some of the regular cheaper ones, but I totally forgot. D'oh!  Oh well, I'll get the granola bars and popsicles on another trip.  I was able to get there and back with no issues. My car started up at the store so that was good.

I came home and was putting my groceries away and I got hotter than I did on my walk. LOL!  I got those done and my friend texted me saying he was bringing me a couple of sausage biscuits, fries, and a Coke. I said, whoo hoo since I was tired from walking and shopping. I ate one biscuit and the fries and saved the other biscuit for another meal. Yummy!  

After eating, I finished the puzzle.  It didn't take too long to do that as I didn't have a lot left.  I'll start the last new one I have tomorrow or Sunday.  I am not sure about tomorrow yet as I have a graduation to go to in the morning and I have to be up early.  I hate to get up early.  D'oh!  Oh well, I'll live.  I'll just get my friend to take me to Starbucks. LOL! 

I am done with everything I need to do for today.  Well, almost.  I have to pick out an outfit for tomorrow, make sure it fits and looks okay and lay it out.  I have a skirt in mind, but I need to see if I have a shirt that will go with it.  I'm not sure I do! If not, I'll have to settle for something else.  Right now, I'm sitting under the hair bonnet hair dryer drying my hair.  With the heat, it gets dirtier quicker so I'm washing it more often!


Bonus picture today.  I took this in the park as I walked through it on my walk.  It looked so pretty against the sky, I stopped to take a picture.


Not too bad....

The day that is!  I got in my walk at my regular time.  The Fitbit wouldn't connect to my phone for some reason.  I don't know why it was doing this.  I have a replacement coming so hopefully I'll be on track soon.  Fitbit is sending me a replacement for mine.  I should get it by next week.  I can't wait!

I came home from my walk and did my workouts.  It was pretty warm on my walk today.  Today's workouts were all abs.  That was insane, but I got through!  I went to the park later and walked a little bit more but not a whole lot. I came home and my friend called so I went up to see Cocoa and ended up seeing all the dogs! LOL  All five of them! :P Her mom's two and her three!  I had to come home and wash everything I had on from all the dirt and paw prints. My clothes also smelled like dog. LOL!  It was worth it!  They are all so fun.

They gave me a bowl of leftover tortellini to take home with me. I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow! :P I love that stuff and I never get it unless I eat it at their house.  I am always happy for the leftovers and they make too much and then no one up there wants to eat the leftovers.  I will eat them! lol



So, today, I got up and got in my regular walk.  I was hoping my friend would want to walk again, but he didn't.  I went to Target and got some money!  How you ask?  Well, the Fitbit that I bought earlier went on sale and was $30 less.  I got the difference.  I had to go twice because I thought they would just be able to do the price difference, and I didn't take the box.  I only took the receipts.  I had to come home and get the  box and go back.  This was stressful as my car is acting up horribly.  I got it done though. Good thing too, today was the last day to get the difference!  Twenty of that will go to bill for this Fitbit.  The other ten was for fun!  I have been eating very well lately and I'm seeing progress.  I decided to treat myself to some comfort food.  I went to McDonald's.  I shouldn't have gotten it, but it was so delicious! :P

I ate in the park and PoGo'd while I was there.  I had almost hatched a 10k egg on today's walk and I finished the rest in the park.  I got a Snorlax. :D It's been a loooong time since I have gotten one!  I also hit a few Pokestops. There were some people that took over a Valor gym.  They were Instinct and I was tempted to go take it for Mystic, but I was nice and didn't. :p  

We had local elections today so I went to vote.  I got an I voted sticker.  It is already in my bullet journal. ^_^  I meant to ask the ladies at Target for a Spot the dog sticker but didn't.  I know they give them out to kids, but I wanted one myself. lol  I'm such a silly!

After all the Target stuff and before McDonald's, I went out and mowed the front lawn.  It was starting to look shabby again.  The back is okay.  I did a big portion of it a few days ago.  The other part should be okay for a few days.  

What a day.

I did my workouts and posted yesterday's on Instagram. lol I realized my mistake and then posted the correct day's workouts. :P I went to the park to hit a few Pokestops.  I was on a streak and today was day seven.  I like do to the Pokestop streaks as I get special stuff on day 7.  Not to mention all the extra goodies you get when you hit a pokestop on day seven!

It looked like it was going to storm. I was going to stay at the park, but it began to thunder so I went home.  It never did storm.  I sat on the porch to enjoy the storm that never happened!  It did rain a little bit though.  I was hoping to sit out and enjoy the storm.  Oh well! I swear that the grass GREW during the rain. I'll have to mow it soon.  It's rained so much lately, it's hard to get a time where it's dry enough to mow!

When I headed to the park today, I went to McDonald's and got myself a Frappe.  They have the small size McCafe items for $2.  I treated myself.  I enjoyed it in the park while play9ing Pokemon Go. I carried my camera and took some pictures of the park and the squirrels. 


This has been a very frustrating day!  I had a major calamity.  I am sure I mentioned that there was a leak in one of the rooms of my house.  Well, when I got up this morning, the ceiling tiles finally gave way.  I just spent a long time trying to fix it.  First I sprayed some stuff on the ceiling (hoping it will help with the leak)  I put some cardboard and styrofoam in there and then secured it.  I covered all that with some Contact paper.  It doesn't look great, but it's a a good temporary fix.  Plus, it looks a heck of a lot better than that hole!

Other than that, I didn't do a lot.  I did my workouts, I went to the park to Pokemon Go.  I also was able to get some Chinese for dinner!  My friend felt bad for the day I'd been having and gave me enough money to get some Chinese.  I got some homestyle bean curd.  So good!  It helped make up for all the frustations a bit.  Now I'm going to relax for a bit.  I have a killer headache from the stuff I sprayed.  Ugh!

As promised...

I totally missed out on posting a good post yesterday because I didn't have a lot of time.  So, here goes!  Yesterday, I did my workouts. After eating lunch, I went to Starbucks.  I carried my messenger bag with me and all my pen pal letters.  I got there and they were packed.  They didn't have anywhere to sit.  I got my latte and then left.  It took a while to get my latte, so I was hoping something would open up while I was waiting, but no luck. I left Starbucks and went to the park.  I sat in my car and wrote some of my pen pal letters.  I would have gotten out and done all this on a picnic table or a blanket, but it was overcast.  It's a good thing I stayed in my car.  It began raining!  I got all but two letters written and hit some Pokestops while there.  I parked near one so I could hit it every time it reloaded. :)

After the park, I came home and did some housework.  I had two loads of laundry that needed to be finished and put away.  I also had to do some other things.  I didn't even take  a bath.  I did wash my hair though.  I realized it was getting late and I hadn't posted to my blog so I did that quick post.

Today, I was supposed to go walking with my friend, but he couldn't go because of a family situation.  Hopefully we can go tomorrow.  I went to the post office today and mailed my stack of letters.  I had a full box!  It's so fun mailing off a lot of letter and then having a bunch waiting.  I brought those home and then put my air conditioner in my window! LOL  It was REALLY hot today.  Very unseasonably so!  I turned my air conditioner on long enough to make sure it was working okay. I probably won't need it for a while, but I wanted to go ahead and put it in.

I hope it continues to be warm here. Warm, though, not hot! :p  I am not a fan of cold weather or hot weather.  I am a spring and autumn girl!  


A real post!

Yes, I thought I'd make a real post today.  It is Saturday and it's really nice here today.  After my workouts, and lunch, I went to the park.  I wanted to Pokemon Go a bit.  I was running really low on Pokeballs, so I hit a bunch of stops.  I also walked around in the park a bit.  I made a new bujo video too!  I think this one is better than the one I did before.  I am uploading it now.  I have to review it and make sure it looks okay.  If so, I'll share it.  My new Moleskine is now completely set up and ready to go!  I can't wait to use it.

Yesterday, my friend and I went for a walk .  As we were heading towards the end of our walk, I spotted some beautiful daffodils.  I just had to pick a few to carry home.  All my daffs have already bloomed and gone for this year.  These are pretty cool.  There are three flowers on each stalk.  I took this picture of them:


Aren't they beautiful?  They now are on my desk making it look prettier.  After I finish this post, I'm going to relax for a bit until dinner time. I haven't decided what I want to fix for dinner yet.  Something good, I hope!