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Yet another....

You won't believe this but guess what we did tonight?  We went back to Reidsville! No, seriously!  We went and ate at Carmela's. I got the fettuccine alfredo and it was sooooo good.  They had a special on pizzas so he bought us both one to go!  Why? Well, we are under a bad winter storm warning.  Lots of ice is expected. The last storm over the weekend caused many people to be without power here in the city.  Luckily, we both got through that with no outages, but we are probably going to have them this time.  I have put supplies in my room and I'm ready!  I have everything I need except a can opener. LOL! I forgot to add that to my stash. I figured it would be warmer to just stay in here and put a towel under the door and try to keep warm in here.  (If there is no power)  I brought supplies and stuff and I'm about to charge up my jump box so it will be fully charged to charge my phone and my MacBook Pro!  I have candles set aside, snacks, Sterno, and everything I need.  I remembered something after I posted last night.  I don't need a lot of ice cubes, I have a bunch of those ice 'bricks' I  can put them in a cooler and keep things cool is need be!  I wish I had been able to go out and hunt down one of my hard-sided coolers, but I never got around to it.  I think I'm prepared.

As for thrifting, we did! We got a late start, so no Salvation Army store, but we did hit Goodwill and I got some great stuff! I found a Starbucks tumbler (cold cup 16oz) and it still has the straw!  I found two Cricut items, one is a package of cutting pads/mats.  I can use those in regular crafting.  They also had a Cricut accessories kit.  It had a lot of items AND a paper cutter.  My old paper cutter's blade needs replacing and the blade for it coats more than this entire set!  This Cricut accessory set retails for $50! I got it for $2.99. SCORE!  I mainly wanted it for the cutter, but I would like to get a Cricut one day, so the rest will be kept safe in case I do!  I also found a wallet I liked and a laptop bag that is big enough for my MacBook Pro 15".  It's a Victorinox brand and it's sturdy! I was going to pass on it but it was only $1.99 and I couldn't beat that deal. It had the padded section for the laptop and it has an organizer section, too.  It's pretty nice.  It has been well used, but it's in great shape.  I love all the compartments.  Now I have a choice between it and my backpack laptop bag!  I just looked at it again and I keep finding compartments I didn't know it had! :p 

Oh! I forgot one more thing.  I found some Corelle dinner plates. I love these things as they are very difficult to break and I had wanted to buy a set of them or just some plates to add my set.  I am missing a few.  The individual plates are pretty expensive.  They had eight plates cellophaned together for $3.99! The pattern is very cute, too and I love them.  I love Corelle because they are sturdy, almost unbreakable, and they last FOREVER. It was a great thrifting trip! I will have an entire set of these and the other set of mine.  They had the matching saucers, too but I didn't get them.  If they still have the when we get back, I'll get those too.  I was not leaving without those plates!  I love thrifting!

After we left Goodwill, we ran by Pete's so my friend could get ice cream.  I had noticed last night that the menu said coffee, hot chocolate, and cappuccino.  Well, I got a cappuccino and it was delicious! :p After that, we headed back here.  I finished getting my supplies together and now I'm writing this.  I need to do my French lesson and I want to write a little more.  I may not as it's so late. I wrote a little over 1300 words, so that isn't too bad!  Even if I don't have power tomorrow, hopefully, I'll still have data on my phone so I'll try to post.  That year that the hurricane came through and I was out of power for over 24 hours, my data went screwy too! Boo on that! 

Here are the pictures of the cup, bag, and plates. 


I'm glad we went, we might not get to go again for awhile!


So, I went thrifting yesterday with my friend.  We did our usual circuit. Reidsville, Eden, and Martinsville.  I didn't get a lot of stuff, but I got a few fun things.  I found three different jack o' lanterns, (one was a stack and it was still in the box!), I got a cute Hallmark branded snowman dish, a snowman soap, he was so strange looking I felt sorry for him and felt he needed a home. I got a coupon organizer pouch thing, a pouch with a galaxy print (an Ipsy pouch), a cupcake mug, a wireless keyboard, etc.  I found a vintage puzzle still in the box sealed!  I also got this little snowman thing.  It's a snowman that sits in a glass and it's supposed to have a floating thing that you float on top after filling it with water and a layer of oil and light a wick. The floaty thing and the winks are missing, but the snowman in the glass is cute and it came in its original box from 1979. Nifty!  I think that is everything except a little organizer box for Zip disks. Now that is a blast from the past!  It was new with the plastic still on it. I didn't need it, but I got it anyway.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.

When I got home, I checked online to see if I could get some blue lights somewhere while they are having after the holiday sales.  Target was out as I had already seen.  I checked Lowes and they had some and they were half price!  They weren't available to pick up in-store, but they were available for shipping.  I went ahead and got six strands.  I'll have an extra just in case.  Also, these are a different brand than the ones I always get at Target.  I hope they last longer, but we'll see!

As of now, I've done all my regular Sunday things.  The only thing left is to put the bed linen back on the bed.  I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things that they were out of when I went last week.  I also needed a few other things. I got the other things, but they were still out of the two things I needed. D'oh!  That is so weird.  They are either not getting stock because of Covid, or the stockers just aren't filling the shelves.  Hopefully I'll get the things I need soon.

For now, I am going to put the linens back on the bed and then write. I wrote a good bit two days ago. I didn't write last night and I am really wanting to get some writing done tonight.  Bed linen and then writing!  One more thing.  I took a picture of my 'new' Fossil bag in my car the other day.  It's so pretty in natural light.  My Fossil bag sitting in my Goontz. :p



So, my friend texted today and asked if I wanted to go eat. I said YES of course! :p. I didn't know where we were going, but I didn't care.  So, he comes over and we head out to Reidsville.  We were going to eat at Carmella's but they were closed.  So, we went to the Salvation Army store and and then to Pete's Burgers and More to eat. Yum!  At the SA store I found a Sak bag and a Fossil purse.  Then, after eating, we went to the Goodwill and I found it... the holy grail... a beautiful, handbag.  A Fossil satchel bag in a BLUE.  My favorite brand purse and my favorite color.  Do you know how fast I snatched that up?  I was going, Oh my God, Oh my God! All throughout the store. LOL!  It's lovely!  Look at it:


Of course this picture doesn't do it justice but it was dark when we got home, it was dark when I bought it, too! lol. I am in love with this bag. It's so pretty. I have been looking at satchel bags for a while now.  This one is perfect. It's in excellent shape. There are a few wear marks on the corners, but nothing overly noticeable. I am going to be moving my things into this bag tonight.  I looked it up and found a picture of one brand new. They retailed for ..... $218.00!!!!!  I paid $5.  I'm a happy camper!  I got a cute Reese's mug in there and a jack o lantern and a little wristlet that is Karma brand.  It's cute and I've never seen this brand before.  I found one like it for $30 on eBay.  I love finds like these.  I am so in love with this Fossil bag.  It's so soft and supple and it's so pretty.  It was a great find. OH! I also found a cute sweater but it's in the wash.  A good haul from an unexpected trip to thrift!

Starbucks and a recap!

I had to run out and do an errand today so I went to Starbucks on my way home and it was delicious.  I had a free drink, so I used that and i bought a cake pop, too! :P. As for my recap, well, let's do it!

On Saturday while at the beach, I walked to 17. Well, I had walked all the way across the resort to the little coffee shop they had to get some coffee. It was closed by the time I got there. BOO! So, I decided to walk to 17 and go to a beachwear store or two.  I went to I <3 MB and got a sticker for my car and a decal for a future cell phone and a cute change purse. I walked to Eagles beachwear and looked in the 'everything is 5.99 or less' section. I thought I might find a shirt I liked.  I don't usually find really nice shirts in this section, so I was surprised when I found several I liked in my size!  They had them $5.99 each or three for $12! Since I found three I liked (actually four!) I got three.  Two purple and one blue. I love purple but I didn't have any purple t-shirts. I do now! It's funny because two of the shirts are almost the same.  The blue one has the same little design on the front and a bigger one on the back.  The only difference is the color of the shirt and the color of the iron-on / decal on the shirt.  

We didn't got to any of the Goodwills while down there. We planned to do it on Sunday but didn't.  We did stop at the one in Longs SC though since we missed it coming down. (It was raining hard and we wanted to get to the beach!) I found some cute things.  I got a nice ceramic tumbler from Hallmark with pine needle branches on it.  I also got a handmade wallet, a pack of A5 ring binder address book pages, a little A5 size folio for a notepad with a pen holder, a Hallmark snowman ornament still in the packages, and a Radio Shack weather alert radio.  It works!  I was able to get a PDF of the manual online. It's in great condition and the information comes in clearly.  Very cool!

We stopped in Reidsville NC on our way back and ate at Pete's Burgers and More.  It's a favorite of mine.  After that, we went to the Reidsville Goodwill before heading home.   I found a big ceramic jack o lantern.  He has a 'lid' that is the top of the pumpkin so you can open him to put a candle in. I also found a coffee mug with Myrtle Beach on it. LOL!  Yes, I got it. My friend was nice and let me ring up my stuff with his. :) I love my Jack o' lantern.  He is a cutie!  He has a small chip in his lid, but it's hidden so it's not a big deal.W

We went to his house and he unloaded his stuff from my car and then I headed home to unload myself.  All in all it was nice trip.  Way too short, but I'd do it again anytime!  In case you are wondering, my car did great!  It's had it's first beach trip and it is soon going to have a Gunter decal and a MB sticker. :)

Busy day, yes.

So, I didn't plan for this to be a busy day but there you go!  I had to get a few things at the grocery store, so I went to do that this afternoon.  After I got back home, I worked another puzzle.  It was a castle and it's pretty!  I finished that and then I did a few things around here and then decided that I wanted to go to Starbucks and get a butterscotch latte.  It was better than the last one. Yum!  It was a good decision.

Later, I ran out for another errand.  I was running around like crazy. lol  When I went to the grocery store, I was going to pick up a package of toilet paper.  I usually get it when I get my groceries at the first of the month, but I forgot.  I was able to get a pack today, but the aisle was a lot emptier than usual.  I am sure by now, it's completely empty.  I'm still not sure why people think a lot of TP is going to be helpful against Covid-19 but there you go!   

My mail today was great.  I got an item I bought on a Facebook BST group. It's a Foxy Fix TN.  It's b6 size and it's sugar coconut.  I have wanted a sugar coconut TN forever!  This lady had one for $20 shipped.  It's gorgeous and she was kind enough to include a dust bag and a cute sheet of stickers.  I found some inexpensive inserts on Amazon and ordered those tonight.  It's a nice size.  A little smaller than an A5 one.  I, for some reason, was thinking it was going to be smaller than it was. I was not disappointed because this, to me, is a perfect size.  I love it.  I can't wait to get my notebook to put in there.  It's a single, but I am pretty sure I can get two inserts in it.  I'll be sharing a picture of it under the picture of the puzzle below!



Beautiful day!

So, I was doing my regular stuff today.  My friend texted me and said it was really nice outside and I should go out and enjoy it.  I had checked the weather on my phone when I woke up and it said it was 41˚.  I looked again and this time the better weather app and it was in the mid-sixties.  I needed to go vote, so I got dressed and headed out.  I did that and then went to pick up a few things I forgot to get yesterday and headed home.  It was so nice out there, that I carried my laptop and a blanket to the yard and did today's NaNoWriMo writing out there! It was a nice change and it was just lovely out there.

I got 1873 words done.  I'm a little under 800 words from 10,000!  I will hit and pass 10,000 tomorrow.  Whoo hoo! I usually buy myself a pizza for hitting 10,000 words, but I'm a bit more broke than usual this month.  I might have to treat myself to something cheaper.  I might go to the grocery store and get a cupcake. :P  My local store has these individual cupcakes that are about twice the size of a regular cupcake and they sell them like that.  That is something I love and it would be a good substitute.  I have frozen pizza, so I can still have pizza if I want it.  I might do that.  I'll update tomorrow and say what my 10,000 word treat was!

Oh, by the way, I found this cute little flag clips at Dollar General for $1.  They are cute, functional, and cheap!



Hello, hello!

I just realized that I never mentioned that I found a 'new' Fossil purse at the beach!  Well, I found it at the Goodwill in Longs SC on the way down, but close enough!  I'll post a picture of it further down in this post.

I also picked up one puzzle while we were there. :p . I will work that one after I finish the one I'm currently doing.  I didn't have time to find anything else.  I did get a pack of Avery pockets for a mini binder at one Goodwill for $1.  They are plastic and various colors.  I can use them in my mini binder or my refillable planner that is the same size.  I actually did see a few Starbucks tumblers at the Goodwill in Myrtle (the one we got to) but I didn't get it because it was damaged. If it's still there when we go back, I'll buy it!

I rode with my friends to pick up kitty food tonight.  They have to get special prescription food for the demon kitty. :P  I stayed at there house for a few minutes to see and love on all the dogs and then came home.  I went to the grocery store after I got home and picked up a few things I needed.  Of course when I went to the store the other day to get my regular groceries, I forgot stuff!  


I didn't get a lot more done on the puzzle, but I got some done! I'm trying not to rush too much since I'm low on puzzles!


This is the handbag.  Isn't it cute?  I was sad it was a summer bag and I found it on labor day!  Oh well, I can use it next summer.  I love finding Fossil bags.  It's funny, I went over to the bags and just glanced at them and saw this.  I looked at the little silver studs on them and saw "Fossil" and snatched it right up! :)

Busy day!

So, I got the puzzle out today and put it on my bed and work on.  I never got a chance.  I was relaxing at home when my friend called and wanted to go eat.  I decided to go, so I put the puzzle on the bed to work when I got home.  We went to lunch and then got Starbucks and went to Dollar Tree.  I got six new puzzles. Yay! I also got a lot of other stuff.  I always spend way too much in there!  She dropped me home and I put away my stuff and relaxed a bit.  I went to pay my bills online and she called me again. She wanted to go somewhere else. I had just started my bills, so I just wanted to do that.  

After I finished those, I called her back and she wanted to go somewhere else completely different!  We did that and then went back to her house. I ended up staying a lot longer than I had planned.  I finally get home and have a few things to do here, so I never even got to the puzzle today.  I might try to put a few pieces in after I post this.  We'll see!  Among the necessities I bought at the Dollar Tree, I picked up these adorable little notebooks.  They are soooo cute! 


Camp NaNoWriMo is almost over

Well for me at least! I only have two more character profiles to create.  It's funny how much I'm learning about my characters as I go along.  I did some editing of characters last night instead of adding any.  I gave everyone a last name that didn't have one. I found a very useful tool in this website.

I was able to come up with the last names of several characters.  I also realized tonight that when I was doing a few of the profiles I haven't done, that it would be a good idea to go through and say who shares a room with whom.  The compound my characters are in has a lot of rooms.  I think it would be good to know who stays with who.  I'm going to add that on tomorrow or the next day.  I went aheaad and did it for the characters I wrote up tonight.  

I started a 'new' puzzle today.  It's one of the ones I got from Goodwill at the beach that were old.  So far, the outline is done except for two pieces.  I'm hoping they are in the box and I keep over looking them. I did get a small section of the puzzle done today.  It's slow going, but the pieces fit really well, so that part is nice! I don't think this is going to be a two day puzzle. :P 


Wednesday afternoon

Hello!  I am sitting on the bed in my room waiting on my friend to get ready.  I went for a short walk this morning because he wanted us to get out early today and go to all the Goowills we haven't been to and to the pawn shops for him.  I am always glad to go to Goodwills!  I might find more puzzles. :p

I walked to a Wing's beachwear store on 17.  They were supposed to have a penny smoosh machine, but they had taken it out. Boo!  I walked back and went in another beachwear store called King's. I got a mug that had a little chip so it was marked down to 3.99.  I also got a few decals.  I left there and headed back here. 

We should be heading out pretty soon.  I am hoping to find some goodies today.  We are probably going to get at Dairy Queen for our dinner.  Yum! I'm ready, bring it on now! LOL!  Last night, I walked on the beach all the way down to the Skywheel area! LOL .   I took this picture of it from the beach:


I took several and was going to post another, but it took me ten minutes to get that one to show. lol  I'll post again this evening. ^_^