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I did it again!

Yes, I am aware it's been a week since I posted last. Sorry about that. I was going to do a big thrift post and never did. I wanted to take pictures of my finds and I kept putting it off. We did three thrift trips last week. Our usual Tuesday, the Greensboro on Wednesday trip, and our regular Friday. I had some good finds in there.  I will just list a few things since it's a week later. I know if I wait to take the pictures, I'll never p0st! 

My best find on the Tuesday trip was a cloud lamp from Ikea! It's currently on their website and it's cute. It's supposed to go in a kid's room, but I don't really care. I love it. It's still sealed. They go for $25 new and I got it for $2! Score!

My best find in Greensboro was a mug from one of the best shows ever made. Homicide: Life On The Street. I LOVE this show and I have so little merchandise from it. I only have a t-shirt that I got on eBay waaay back in the day and some NBC promo photos from the cast. I also have a business card that was actually used on the show by Clark Johnson who played Meldrich Lewis. Finding this Homicide mug after all this time was a joy. It made the entire trip worthwhile. At this same Goodwill, after finding that, I also found Grumpy Cat's book! Great thrifting trip. I found some great finds on that trip. Another GW that we visited had a couple of Pusheen items. A notebook and some notecards that were exclusive to the Pusheen boxes. Yay!

Also, that Friday's trip, I had a few good things. My favorite is a 16 oz. stainless Starbucks tumbler from December 2018. It was one that you bought and could bring back every day in January 2019 to get a free daily coffee. Cool find and I'm happy to have it in my collection. Thrifting is such fun and it's always nice to find good things like that and the Homicide mug. :)


Thrift finds

So, I promised to do a thrift finds update today and here it is! I took a picture of everything I got to share and a few individual things too. Here is the entire haul:


From top left to right on each row: Sherpani purse, Fossil purse, Uniden scanner/weather radio, Eton emergency radio, (will go into detail further down), a Starbucks mug with lid, two Starbucks tumblers, five vintage Whitman brand card games, and finally season two of the Simpsons! They also had season one, but I already have it. Fun finds. Here are some closer shots of three of the items:



This is my second Sherpani bag. I got one exactly like this in green with a different picture on the front in the Spring at another Greensboro Goodwill! I used it as a beach bag on my last beach trip and I loved it. I saw this and saw it was the same brand and the same purse so I got it. The only difference is that this one still has the safety pin tag and my other one was missing it.  The Starbucks things are self-explanatory! :p

The Eton radio was a great find! It has a crank for when you don't have power, it's also able to be charged with solar or by a USB cord and your computer. It's got AM/FM bands and all the weather bands. Very cool. Oh, did I mention it also doubles as a cell phone power bank? Did I mention the flashlight? Such a cool find. These go for $40 online, I paid $10 for mine and it was still new in the box. it had the cord, the manual, and even the registration card. :D  I love it. I noticed it in the case because it is Eton and that is the brand of my Shortwave radio.  I'm very happy with it and it works great! I will probably put it in my bug-out bag that I haven't started yet. I have several things for it and a sturdy bag for it all, I just haven't gotten around to it. Right now I only have Sterno, a multi-tool, and this cool radio. It will also be a handy thing to have if we have power outages this fall or winter. :)

I'm happy with my finds. It was a good trip. We went to eight different Goodwill stores all in Greensboro.  We also went to another thrift store we saw while we were out but it was waaay overpriced! I was disappointed, but because they had four of five Starbucks tumblers I would have liked to have, but they priced them (ad everything else I liked) too high!

Tuesday thrift

My friend and I went on our usual Tuesday thrift, but with a twist. We went to a few other cities too. We went to Reidsville first, as always. We ate there and then went to Salvation Army. I found two mugs, one Starbucks and one vintage mug. I also found a nice black Fossil purse. At Goodwill, I found a cute Paris-themed kitchen set (hot pad and hot glove), a cute little ornament, and a small zipper pouch. I'm going to use it for earbuds.  We went to Eden and I found a pouch that was FULL of pens/pencils and various items. Just look at how much they jammed in this pouch for $4


There are so many pens and pencils. Also some tape, a glue stick, paperclips, binder clips, Post-it flags, Post-it minis, and a nice stapler. All this for $4. Not bad, eh? We also went to the Salvation Army there too and I got a Happy Planner (without the discs). The last thing I got was a 2011 Starbucks tumbler. A It was a good little trip.

Different thrift

So, my friend texted me today and asked if I wanted to go to South Boston instead of our usual Reidsville trip. I was up for a change so I said yes. We drove up and went to the Goodwill there. He also went to a few pawn shops and then we went to a local Italian place that we both like. I got a small pepperoni pizza and he got spaghetti and we both enjoyed it. My pizza was the best I've had in a while, too! So tasty. That was a nice change. At Goodwill, I found a Myrtle Beach coffee mug with a picture of the beach on it, it's pretty cool. I also found a jack o lantern ceramic tealight holder and a Silhouette Mint for $3! Score! I just need to get ink and the 'papers' for it to make the stamps, but I was able to find those online. Nice find. I was able to get the software online for it easily and it works on my current version of Mac OS so I'm happy. I was able to get a few cute free designs from them and I'll research more later. I have to get the stuff to work with first. I'll do that soon. It was a small thrift, but I a pretty good one. Plus, the food was great! I am getting out the Shortwave radio after this and scanning for a bit. I meant to do it earlier but I'm just now getting caught up on everything else. I made myself a good logging sheet that I can use when I'm listening to keep track of what I'm listening to. I will then save these and I can bind them in a booklet later on. 

Thrift fun!

My friend and I went on our usual Tuesday thrift trip. We added Eden NC to the mix since we planned to eat there. I'm glad we did because I found three, yes three Fossil handbags in there. :D I also found a Sony Walman that has TV/Weather/Radio. Neat. It was a whole ninety cents. Score! It works too! The only thing missing is the little clip but I'm not too concerned about that.  I haven't really played with it a lot, but I did confirm that it works. I've only tried out the FM band. I found a manual pdf online so I am going to play with it more in a bit. Here is that little guy:


In Reidsville, I found a few cute things. At Salvation Army, my favorite was a Pac-man glass from the '80s! SCORE! It's heavy glass and it's in great shape!


Cool, yes? At Goodwill there, I found two Starbucks items. A plastic tumbler and a mug. Here they are:


All in all a good thrifting trip. :). There were other things. A scanner thing that I need to research and learn more about. (I will update if I remember), a cute leather coin purse shaped like a dog from Hawaii, and a box with a Hemmingway quote. All in all, fun finds. The box with the quote has pens and pencils on top. It's heavy, not sure what it's made of. 


Hello on Friday!

I am so sorry for not posting yesterday. I had a horrible night's sleep and I was so tired all day yesterday. I didn't really do much of anything! I did write, and that was good, but I wrote a ton, today!  Today, I also went thrifting with my friend. We did the regular Friday route. Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan NC.  I didn't find any huge finds, but I found some goodies. Here is a picture of my finds:


Items from the top left are a sleep mask, a puzzle, a Harry Potter sign, a red planner with carrying handles, a small vintage key wallet, a Happy Halloween sign, some striped socks, a Moleskine, a Starbucks mug with a lid, and a Starbucks VIA tumbler. Not a bad haul, eh?

The planner thing is cool. There is an A5 size binder in there with actual planner pages. It was in the purse section! It does look like a purse, so I can see why they did that.  When I got home, my replacement radio had arrived. Yay! This one was brand new and it came safely. I put some batteries in (I'll get an adapter later) and turned it on. It's going to take a bit to get used to the controls, but I've already figured out a few things. As I said, I used to listen to Shortwave in the 90's so it's not a new thing for me. I played around on the LW (AM band a bit) and I did on the SW band. I actually found quite a few broadcasts! That was fun. This radio had a ton of presets for memory, so I saved several of the channels I found. With shortwave, most stations are only available at certain times, so sometimes it's a search thing. There used to be a great publication that I bought every year that listed everything. It had information on radios too. I miss that book! It was Passport To World Band Radio  and it was great!  I have bookmarked a few sites online that have information and I'll use those. I'm very happy this little radio came undamaged. It's the smallest shortwave radio I've ever had, but I actually like the size, it's very portable and I can carry it to the beach and see if I can get more / different broadcasts there. Today I was listening to a Spanish-speaking channel. I didn't understand anything, but it was fun to listen anyway. I'd love to find a French one to listen to and see if I catch any words. :) So, here is the little guy:


The leather case that protects the radio can be removed. It has to be to put batteries in! Also, the radio itself has a kick stand so you can use that. That front panel on the right opens down and there is s dial with major cities. (You dial to the time zone you are in) and there are a few function buttons. All in all I love my cute little radio!



I forgot to post yesterday, not sure why. It wasn’t a very busy day.  Oh well, I’m posting today, so that is good. My friend and I thrifted today. Our usual Reidsville Tuesday trip since we haven’t in a while. I scored! I found a portable / travel size NeatScan scanner in this store some time ago, not sure when, but I’ve had it a while. So, today, I found a full sized one. I looked them up and found one like it on Amazon for almost $400. Very nice find. This one scans really well and does it fast and well. I am pleased with this find. My cost? $9.99! Nice! I love a good bargain! I have it set up and and ready to use when I need it. I will only have to plug it in to the MBP when I need to scan. Here is what it looks like:


Setup for so easy as I already have the other little one hooked up. I just plugged this in, went in system preferences on the MBP and added it. No muss, no fuss! :D


A list

Ha ha, love the title. :P  So, here is a complete (I think) list of the goodies:


The ten Starbucks items:

One black Starbucks mug

One large holiday Starbucks mug

Two ceramic tumblers (SC and Reserve)

A green tumbler with a handle

a holiday tumbler (I found this exact same one recently and there may be a picture of it on my blog further down)

A 'make your own' tumbler (this one you unscrew and put in a picture or whatever you want)

A stainless smaller tumbler with a cork bottom (no lid)

Really big stainless tumbler (this one has seen better days)

24oz cold cup (no lid)


Everything else: MacBook, Sherpani crossbody bag, Hello Pumpkin mug, Corgi mug, Fossil wallet, ceramic jack o lantern, metal jack o lantern, roll stickers, 'tul' disc notebook cover, rainbow pencil case for a binder, and a Narwhal plush.  What a haul, yes? Whew, glad I finally typed it all out. lol

I didn't mention it yesterday because I was so out of it, but we did go to one Goodwill yesterday.  I got two t-shirts (in the $1 bin), a small Nike backpack (in case I ever start walking again), a mini Myrtle Beach bag, some Sugar Daddys, and a mini Sak Roots bag.  We went to eat and decided to run by a nearby Goodwill that we don't get to very often.

I am not sure if we'll do our regular thrift run tomorrow. To be honest, I'd be just as glad to stay home and skip it! Ad for today, I had to run out and mail something and I also mowed the front lawn.  It took longer to get the stupid mower started than it did to mow. That made mowing more frustrating, Yay! ~_~  I'm going to try to relax the rest of the evening and then see how tomorrow goes. I've written a good bit in my current story, and I may write a bit more. I'm not sure yet.I am very happy that it's back on track and I'm also happy the front lawn is mown! :p


Oh dear, there is so much stuff.

My friend got off work early today so we started in Reidsville and then went to Greensboro. I found SO. MUCH. STUFF. I'm extremely tired from all the crowds and the long hours, so I am not going to do a picture post tonight. I hope to get a bunch of pictures tomorrow.  As for the things, I found TEN Starbucks items.  Mostly tumblers, but there were a few mugs.  I found a rolling drawer cart (something I've been hoping to find on a thrift trip) and a MacBook from 2007! LOL, It boots, but the screen is cracked BUMMER! :(  I couldn't see that when I bought it. It was also missing the charger and battery, but I was able to test its booting up with my charger.  I am sad it's broken, but it was only $15.00. I have never seen a MacBook of any kind when thrifting so I had to have it. It's in a good home, now. There are a bunch of other miscellaneous things, A Corgi mug, a random mug,  a couple of jack o lanterns, and more. I'll do a legit full post tomorrow and post a list. It was a fruitful trip and now I hope to not go thrifting again for years. 

I'm seriously tired af! I haven't written yet and i promised myself that I would not miss a day of writing even if I just write a few lines, so as soon as I post this, I'm going to try to write a few paragraphs and call it good. I'm too tired to get into a lot of serious writing tonight. :)


A few finds...

Here are a few of yesterday's finds.  I found a still sealed Pusheen blind box at one of the Goodwill stores.  This is what was in it:


So cute! She is a keychain.  The little towel she is sitting on is removable. The other items I wanted to share were these two Paris-themed canvases. They will go nicely with the other smaller Paris-themed canvas I got recently.


One of the other items I found was in a plastic bag. It's some kind of sleep headband with sound. I thought that was pretty unusual. What I didn't know is that it was stuffed in a bag with a black beanie that has speakers built-in.  So, I got a sleep band and a 'headphone' beanie.  Neat. I haven't tried either out yet, but they look complete/new. I'm currently charging the beanie because I'm curious! :p


Small thrift

My friend and I went to one of our favorite places to eat today so we went to a couple of Goodwill stores, too. I didn't a lot. At one, I got two books, an old HTML one and a Wordpress one.  At the other, I found a few little things and one huge nostalglic one! What was that? Well, when I was little, I had a cool thing from Whitman that was 56 games in one box. I've found modern versions of this, but nothing beats the old one that I had.  It was lost many years ago, but I found one today and it's MINT. It looks almost brand new and it's from 1976. Nice! I even remember some of the little game 'boards' in there. Cool!  Here is the box, it's in such great condition.


I'm very happy that I found this. It was so much fun to see it again after all this time. :) By the way, I paid .99¢!

Tuesday Thrift

I found a few goodies today when my friend and I did our usual Tuesday thrift run.  At Salvation Army, I got a sign that I have been meaning to buy the last two to three times we went in there. I finally picked it up today. Here it is:

I love it! I am going to hang it with the tin Paris sign I found while thrifting not too long ago.  I found one other very cool item in there. It's a wristlet that was brand new, it's Maruca brand. All their items are handmade in Boulder Colorado. I love this wristlet. It retails for $45.00. I paid $3! I love a deal and I love this little pouch/wristlet. It's definitely going to get some use as soon as the thrift store smell airs out. It's so cute! here is that front and back:


So cute and I will love using it.  Lastly, we went to Goodwill. I found three things there, but I'm only sharing a picture of one as I didn't take a picture of the other two items. :P  I got a 'neon' crescent moon lamp, a fiber optic light-up penguin, and a little metal tin with Jack 'o lanterns on it.  All three are very cute items. Here is the lamp:


I love it!  It wasn't a huge trip or a lot of finds, but it was a lot of good finds.  :)


Thursday Thrift

My friend is off tomorrow, so he texted me today and asked if I wanted to do our usual Friday thrift, today. I did, so we did! Yes, I wrote for Camp first! So, we went to our usual, Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan. I found a small leather wallet in Salvation Army and nothing in Goodwill Reidsville.  At Walkertown, I found several nice things!  Some time back, I found a nice, working Brother label maker. I saw two refills in there tonight. I wasn't sure they'd fit as I didn't know the number of the refills I needed. For $3 for the two of them, I figured I would take a chance. They are the ones I need. Yay!   I was happy to find that. Last week when we were in there, I found a little mini notebook that I really liked. They had another so I got it too. They had a HUGE pencil/pen zipper case and I got it and it was $2. Nice!  I also found a cool kit that scores and cuts paper to make envelopes. I am so happy with that find. Price? $3! Yes!  

At Mayodan, I found a small brown leather Fossil bag, a S'ip bottle with Doxies on it. A couple of t-shirts, a green Starbucks mug, and a ceramic North Carolina Starbucks tumbler. Nice!  Here are a few of the mentioned items: PXL_20220415_031727239.MP

In the picture of the envelope maker, you can see a cute little mini envelope I made to test it out. It works so well and it's going to be great to use. No more boring envelopes for my pen pals! LOL


Regular Friday Thrift

My friend and I did our regular Friday thrift. I found a few goodies, too!  The highlight is a Fossil handbag and a Starbucks stainless tumbler.  The Fossil bag is actually listed on their site currently. It retailed for $198.00. I paid $4.99. SCORE! there was also a black leather Coach bag that I bought. I'm not sure if it's legit, but it's nice and it was the same price as the Fossil. There was another Fossil, but i have similar ones to it so I passed on it.  The one I did buy is pretty cool. I love finding things like that.  I wonder if the Coach is legit? It IS real leather and it great shape.  I don't really know how to find out. 

I did my day's Camp NaNo writing before we went.  I'm now not for from 15000 words! Pretty good when I wasn't sure I wanted to slip back into this story.  I hope to get a nice relaxing day in tomorrow and of course, I'll write. I may go get my pizza tomorrow, we'll see. It all depends on how I feel then. For now, I'm going to relax until bedtime. I'm so sleepy, but as soon as I lie down tonight for sleep, I'll be wide awake. Boo!

No pizza, yet!

I might have gotten pizza today, but my friend and I went to eat out. We went to two Goodwills afterward. I got two Ziploc bags of crafting supplies and one Ziploc of jewelry-making supplies.  I also got a ceramic cauldron, a pink ceramic Eiffel Tower statue, a blanket, and a wireless charging pad for my phone. Not a bad haul.  My friend found the blanket knowing I'd been looking for new ones. He got that for me. It's nice and it's pretty new looking.  I will save it for a backup. It's good to have it.  It's the kind I like too.

I did write today and actually got a good deal done. A bit over 1800 words. I'm on a roll! I will pick up tomorrow where I left off on this and go on.  I left it in mid-scene as I'm trying to pace myself. This will make tomorrow easy as I can just pick up where i left off. :) I just went through tmy thrift receipt and It's not adding up. I either forgot a few things I bought, so I got overcharged. I'm leaning towards I forgot something as I put the things away when I got home. The jewelry stuff when with other jewelry stuff I have, etc.  I'm still in the dark about two items. Ugh! I hate the fact that I just bought this stuff not long ago and already have forgotten. D'oh!