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Saturday afternoon post

I got in a nice walk today.  I went down Ocean Boulevard to the little 'park' that is right next to the Ocean Park hotel.  I deployed a couple of Munzees there.  I also walked down the little ramp and took a few beach pictures from beach level.  I'll share those and later there is a pic of a little pond? That I have taken a picture of before but always on the other side.  This time I happened to go down the other street and took a picture.  I went to two stores.  Whales (a beachwear store) and Sugar Life.  I got a shirt, a decal and a mask at Whales.  I got a shirt and some bulk candy at Sugar Life.  That was fun.  I didn't make it up to I Love Sugar this trip so I got some bulk at Sugar Life.  The shirt is cute! It wanted the same shirt in white, but the material was really thin and my bra would show. AH! lol

I walked back to Ocean Boulevard and walked back to the hotel.  I got to meet and pet and cute Pitbull on my way back.  Such a cutie!  I deployed a munzee and Sugar Life too, I forgot about that.  Here are the pictures.





Starbucks and a recap!

I had to run out and do an errand today so I went to Starbucks on my way home and it was delicious.  I had a free drink, so I used that and i bought a cake pop, too! :P. As for my recap, well, let's do it!

On Saturday while at the beach, I walked to 17. Well, I had walked all the way across the resort to the little coffee shop they had to get some coffee. It was closed by the time I got there. BOO! So, I decided to walk to 17 and go to a beachwear store or two.  I went to I <3 MB and got a sticker for my car and a decal for a future cell phone and a cute change purse. I walked to Eagles beachwear and looked in the 'everything is 5.99 or less' section. I thought I might find a shirt I liked.  I don't usually find really nice shirts in this section, so I was surprised when I found several I liked in my size!  They had them $5.99 each or three for $12! Since I found three I liked (actually four!) I got three.  Two purple and one blue. I love purple but I didn't have any purple t-shirts. I do now! It's funny because two of the shirts are almost the same.  The blue one has the same little design on the front and a bigger one on the back.  The only difference is the color of the shirt and the color of the iron-on / decal on the shirt.  

We didn't got to any of the Goodwills while down there. We planned to do it on Sunday but didn't.  We did stop at the one in Longs SC though since we missed it coming down. (It was raining hard and we wanted to get to the beach!) I found some cute things.  I got a nice ceramic tumbler from Hallmark with pine needle branches on it.  I also got a handmade wallet, a pack of A5 ring binder address book pages, a little A5 size folio for a notepad with a pen holder, a Hallmark snowman ornament still in the packages, and a Radio Shack weather alert radio.  It works!  I was able to get a PDF of the manual online. It's in great condition and the information comes in clearly.  Very cool!

We stopped in Reidsville NC on our way back and ate at Pete's Burgers and More.  It's a favorite of mine.  After that, we went to the Reidsville Goodwill before heading home.   I found a big ceramic jack o lantern.  He has a 'lid' that is the top of the pumpkin so you can open him to put a candle in. I also found a coffee mug with Myrtle Beach on it. LOL!  Yes, I got it. My friend was nice and let me ring up my stuff with his. :) I love my Jack o' lantern.  He is a cutie!  He has a small chip in his lid, but it's hidden so it's not a big deal.W

We went to his house and he unloaded his stuff from my car and then I headed home to unload myself.  All in all it was nice trip.  Way too short, but I'd do it again anytime!  In case you are wondering, my car did great!  It's had it's first beach trip and it is soon going to have a Gunter decal and a MB sticker. :)

Tuesday Afternoon post

I went for a short walk out to Hwy 17.  It's overcast and it was drizzling just a bit on me. Not enough to have to use my umbrella, but enough where I decided not to stay out too long.  I went to two beachwear stores, Eagles and Beach Life.  I picked up a pair of marked down flip flops at Eagles.  The floor of the room isn't carpet, so it's pretty dirty and my feet are getting dirty.  I can't abide dirty feet!  I saw these flip flops and they were actually cute, so I got them to wear in the room.  I didn't buy anything at Beach Life.  I browsed for a while and then I walked to the McDonald's.  They are not letting you eat in yet, but they are letting you come in and get your food. I got a fry and Coke and went out front.  They have outside tables.  Luckilly for me, they have a couple of them under an over hang so I could eat without getting wet.  A Sparrow came and landed on the table in front of me and I gave him a fry.  I wish I could have gotten a picture.  He was there until a truck pulled up that was waiting on an order and they had pooches.  One of the dogs barked and scared my little friend away. Boo!

I am now back at the room sitting on the balcony.  It's nice and cool out here with the ocean breeze.  I was a bit overheated when I got back here but I'm feeling nice and cool now.  I will probably sit out here a while.  I hope my friend wants to go out and eat soon.  A single order of fries isn't going to last me long at all! lol. I took a few pictures while out.  I'll share some!



Saturday afternoon!

So, I'm sitting on the balcony now that it's a bit cooler in the shade out here.  I'll probably be here until we go eat and then back until I pack my things tonight.  I've been for a short stroll on the beach and I took a ton of pictures. I'll share some if the wifi will let me.  It's been doing quite well in the last few minutes, so hopefully it is going to be okay.  I posted to my Evernote blog and it went through fast.  That means for now, the net is working! :P

I went down to the ocean and put my feet in the water.  I love to do that.  I picked up a few shells that I spotted as I walked.  I don't collect shells like I used to as I have SO many, but I will still pick up ones that are unique or catch my eye.  Last night's late night walk netted quite a few and a big rock!  It's pretty cool.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of some of the shells and things when I get home.  I'll also take pictures of all my goodies that I bought then too.  After buying that hoodie yesterday, I'm low on funds.  I'll be okay though!  I really shouldn't have spent that much on the jacket, but I really liked it and I knew I would regret it when I got home if I didn't.  Plus, it was 20% off! lol

Okay, so, enjoy some pictures.  I'll probably post again this evening after we get back and I'm back out here. I've already done today's French lesson, so I don't have to worry about that later. ^_^


Friday afternoon ... later....

Hello again! I went for a walk.  I went out to 17 and went to a few beachwear stores.  I went in Whales,  Bargain Beachwear, and Eagles.  I found a hoodie I loved at Whales, but walked down to the other stores to see if I could find a better deal.  I didn't find a hoodie exactly like it, so I went back to Whales. lol . I've always wanted one of the red Lifeguard hoodies.  This place had them and they also had some that said Beach Patrol.  I liked that even better!  Also, the Lifeguard ones are usually pullover, this is zip up.  I love it.  :)

I am going to have to do a tracker in my bullet journal for all my MB hoodies. LOL!  I already have one for Starbucks tumblers and Fossil handbags.  I have....six MB hoodies, I think?  I feel like I'm missing one. :p OH I am lol I have seven.  Two grey, two blue, a pink, a yellow, and this new red one!  I found one of the grey ones at the goodwill at home! 

I took some pictures to share while out.  I came back by the little park that is next to our hotel and took over the Pokemon gym there. :P . I had it the other night, but it was taken over.  It's back to Mystic blue again.  Take that random dude. lol . ANYWAY Enjoy the pictures I took and I'll check in later!


Tuesday afternoon

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I just got back from a long walk.  I walked to the Pavilion area.  We are a lot further down here than we were in June. It was a hike! lol . I got down there and walked all over the Gay Dolphin.  I found a smooshed penny machine that I've never seen before. YAY!!!!!  I got two different designs. I love them.  I also found something I looked for several years ago and could never find.  A iron on patch! That was so weird.  I looked and realized what it was and grabbed it up! lol

I got a few more small things and then went across the street to I Love Sugar.  I got a small bag of assorted goodness. lol . They have bulk candy.  I got a bit from this bin and that. It was an eclectic mix!  I left there and headed back across the street and walked down a bit to an arcade/game center.  I went in and got a Coke and then I saw the little snack bar.  I went and got some fries and went back in and ate them.  Yummy!  It was a nice break.  After that, I started back.  I stopped at a Bargain Beachwear on my way back.  After that, I stopped once to sit on a bench on the Boardwalk before leaving the Boardwalk and getitng back on Ocean Blvd to come the rest of the way home.

I got here and I was going sloooooow.  My poor feet are hurting.  I have blisters and I'm raw in several places! LOL . I came in and took a cool shower (bliss) and put on clean clothes.  I'm feeling a bit better now, but my poor feet are not happy with me! 

Here are some pictures I took while out.




Hopefully on the mend.

I have felt a little better today, but I'm not where near back to normal.  I mainly stayed around the house and didn't do a lot.  I did some work on organizing my Starbucks cards.  I got some new ones at the beach so I wanted to get those all sorted and put in my binder.  I also went through and found that I had some ones with pin intact.  I changed all the ones that I had in my collection that weren't like that.  I also had some 'special' cards and I put them in the other binder.  I was glad to get one task done today! 

I finished one of the books I was reading too.  I just have to finish the one I started on the Kindle waaay back in May.  It's sort of meh, so it's been slow going.  I might skip it and start something else. I haven't decided yet.  I'm just not getting into the story.  I'll give it a few more pages tonight and see if it picks up.

I do have a picture to share.  On the night of the storm at the beach, I walked to the SkyWheel/Pavilion area on the beach like I had been doing and went up on the boardwalk to the Gay Dolphin. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that, but just in case. :P . When I left the boardwalk and got back on the beach, I took this picture of the Skywheel.  I think it's my favorite picture I took of it while there:



Friday Afternoon

Sorry I didn't post again yesterday or this morning.  I got a late start today! I got up when my Fitbit alarm went off at 10:30.  I decided to lie in bed a little longer.  The next time I looked at my Fitbit it was 12:30. D'oh! lol . I got up and ate some leftoever pizza (we ordered one late last night) . I got ready and headed out towards 17.  I wanted to go to the Dollar Tree and to Beach Life.  I ended up going to both of those, plus a Dollar General, a Pacific beachwear (Where I found a decal I'd been searching for), the Nostalgia store, Whales beachwear, and I think that is all?  It was much harder walking on 17 than on the boardwalk.  Even if the Pavilion area is going to be crowded tomorrow, I think I'm going down there tomorrow and avoid the day I had today.  I got so hot that I felt like I was dying.

I came back here and got in the shower and took a quick cooling shower and put on clean, dry clothes.  I'm feeling much better now!


I am hoping it will be a while before my friend is ready to go out.  I need to rest and relax in the cool.  I have one picture from last night and two pictures from today's walk to share.  I'll try to post again tonight.


The first picture is from the beach last night.  The second is inside of Whales beachwear and the third is from Ocean blvd. looking towards the ocean as I was coming back.  It's so pretty down here!


Thursday morning.

Hello!  I'm sorry about that short post last night.  It took so long for me to get the photo uploaded that once it did, I just published the post and gave up! lol . The picture doesn't do the bag justice, but there you go.  After we got back here, I went to a quick walk out to 17 to the Bargain Beachwear.  I was disappointed as it wasn't as big as I'm used to.  It was disappointing really.  I did get a couple of discounted decals and a shirt that was $5.99 . It wasn't my size, but it looked big enough.  

I left there and walked back across 17 and then headed back to the room.  The street I walked through to get from Ocean blvd to 17 was sort of creepy, so I went back a few streets up and came back that way! :p . I came back here and waited for the fireworks that never came. :( . They didn't shoot them off. Boo!  That was disappointing!  I decided to walk, so I walked on the beach down to the Sky Wheel area on the beach.  I walked a little bit past that and walked to Pier 14.  I took a few pictures under it as it's lit up underneath at night and then headed back.

Today's plan is to go to the Pavilion / Sky Wheel area and visit my favorite stores.  There is going to be a festival going on tomorrow and this weekend, so it's going to be crazy crowded down there.  I want to miss all of that! I'll try to take a lot of pictures down that way to share.  Here is one from under Pier 14 from last night.


Wednesday afternoon

Hello!  I am sitting on the bed in my room waiting on my friend to get ready.  I went for a short walk this morning because he wanted us to get out early today and go to all the Goowills we haven't been to and to the pawn shops for him.  I am always glad to go to Goodwills!  I might find more puzzles. :p

I walked to a Wing's beachwear store on 17.  They were supposed to have a penny smoosh machine, but they had taken it out. Boo!  I walked back and went in another beachwear store called King's. I got a mug that had a little chip so it was marked down to 3.99.  I also got a few decals.  I left there and headed back here. 

We should be heading out pretty soon.  I am hoping to find some goodies today.  We are probably going to get at Dairy Queen for our dinner.  Yum! I'm ready, bring it on now! LOL!  Last night, I walked on the beach all the way down to the Skywheel area! LOL .   I took this picture of it from the beach:


I took several and was going to post another, but it took me ten minutes to get that one to show. lol  I'll post again this evening. ^_^