Being Lazy Feed

Hello, late night post!

No, I didn't forget to post today.  I just haven't been home to do it!  I didn't walk today.  I felt gross when I got up so I skipped it.  I laid in bed a lot longer than I planned to!  After lunch, I finally got going a bit.  I finished my puzzle that I was working on.  I called my friend because I really wanted Starbucks. lol I'm doing a streak to get stars.  She took me. Yay!  After that, I went back to her house and hung out a bit.  They ordered Chinese for dinner and I went with them to pick it up and helped eat it, too! lol . We played a board game for a bit and then I came home.

I got here and was putting things together and realized I was missing my Starbucks card.  That would never do! lol I texted my friend to see if she was still up.  She was, so I went up and she opened her car and there it was.  Relief!  I walked back home and then pulled out the MBP to type up my blog post.  I did my French in between getting home and realizing my Starbucks card was missing.  I hope to try to start walking again soon.  I just seem to have lost the will and the motivation.  I wake up feeling horrible and just don't want to do anything.  It really sucks. :( . Here is the completed puzzle.  This was a hard one!


Not too long.....

I am feeling pretty icky at the moment.  I woke up feeling bad and took another day off from walking.  I felt a little better this afternoon, but after eating lunch, having a frappuccino, and being in a stressful situation, I'm sick on my stomach. :( . I hope to feel better tomorrow and I plan to lie down after I post this and hope the nausea goes away.  I never ate supper and I don't think I'm going to!

I did get a new puzzle started today.  This one is going to be the hardest one yet, I think.  A lot of the pieces are similar in color and it's all in all an dark puzzle.  I'll get it done though.  I only go the outline and a little in the inside done today.  Here is what I have:


Not a lot, but it's progress!  I didn't get to start on it until late, so I was glad to get done what I did.  I changed the banner picture at the top of my blog. It's a picture of the outside of the ocean front Starbucks at Myrtle Beach. ^_^ I'm loving it at the moment.

Weird day...

When my Fitbit went off to wake me up this morning, I was so out of it.  I felt horrible and I just didn't want to move.  I finally did get up and fix my coffee.  I didn't walk! I should have, but I've felt so gross lately.  I decided to skip today's walk and perhaps go later.  I ended up not going later.  It's sort of a good thing I didn't.

My sister called (which is a rare thing indeed) and said she'd left some bags of groceries on my front porch.  I couldn't hear a lot of what she was saying, so I don't know why she was dropping this stuff off.  It was some good stuff, too!  There were three bags of almonds, two jars of honey, some quinoa, flax sees, basmati rice, and more!  I can use most of the things she brought except for some spicy sauces and several boxes of tea.  I don't drink tea and I never have! lol I can give the tea and sauces to a friend that will use them. I do not like to waste food.  Some of the stuff she gave me was organic, too.  It was some good stuff.  I don't know if someone gave her a bunch of stuff and she had too much or what.  Oh well, I can put it all (well most of it) to use.  What I can't will go to someone who can.

I finished my puzzle today.  I really liked this one.  It was a bit hard, though.  It took longer to do than usual, but that is okay.  I'll post a picture at the end of this post.  Oh, remember how my MBP was acting up last night and i had to do updates?  Well, it was acting up today too.  I went through and deleted a bunch of stuff that I don't use to help it run better.  That seems to have helped. I hope so, anyway!  Here is the completed puzzle.


Sunday Slowness.

Yeah, it's been a very slow day.  I did all my usual Sunday stuff yesterday, so I didn't have any of that to do.  I spent the day relaxing.  I am going to try to get back to walking tomorrow if it doesn't rain.  We'll see how it goes.  

I finished my puzzle.  It was hard to finish!  Pieces were so similarly shaped, that when I got done, I had two pieces left, two holes for pieces, and neither went with the other! lol I finally got the wrong pieces out and in the right places.It's a pretty puzzle.  I'm not sure which one I'll start next.  I only have a stack to choose from. :p

I did my weekly for next week in my bullet journal and I love the color coordination of the Mildliner and the washi.  This layout is my usual weekly.  I love it because I have plenty of room for stuff during the week and the right page is for anything I want to toss in.  Stickers I find, receipts from places I visit, etc.  It works out well.  If I end up not having anything to put on the right page, I'll do a text entry in it.  


Yes, I am aware!

Yes, I know I didn't post yesterday. Sorry about that.  I didn't do much of anything yesterday!  I skipped my walk because I thought my friend and I might walk.  He was off from yesterday until Monday.  He didn't want to walk, so I missed out on my walk.  Oops!  It was made worse by the fact that I couldn't walk today because of rain and the threat of bad weather.  Oh well! I'll walk tomorrow and it will be okay.

To show you how lazy I was yesterday, I didn't even do anything for Camp NaNo!  I made up for it tonight.  I wrote over 1000 words.  I'm almost to 15,000 now and I only set the goal for myself of 20,000 so I'm doing quite well.

I went out this evening to hit a Pokestop as I was on a streak and I didn't want to break it.  I went out yesterday long enough to do that too.  While I was out today, it had started clearing off, so I headed to Starbucks. :P . I went through the drive-thru and got my favorite, a cascara latte.  It was delicious as usual and I had a nice convo with the barista at the drive-thru about he new award program. (No one was behind me and we were waiting on my drink!)

My puzzle is not going very well.  I got ONE piece in yesterday and today? Two. ^^; Seriously.  It's so frustrating!  When I get one, it takes so long to get it that I get tired of looking and give up. lolI told my friend tonight that I was tempted to toss it back in the box again! :P

I've been looking up old puzzles on eBay. I've found a bunch I really like but with shipping, the price is too high!  Just about every puzzle I see that like has a price tag of at least $8 and the shipping is usually $10 or more.  Plus, I am always looking for sealed boxes.  I don't want to do one and find a piece missing!  That is so frustrating.   I love that people have some really cool older puzzles on there that are still sealed.  I see many I want, but with shipping, I just can't afford it.  It's funny, I saw one puzzle that I bought at Dollar General for $5.  They only wanted $3 for theirs but the shipping was at least $10.  Oh well, I'll keep looking.  I prefer puzzles with actual pictures instead of illustrations.  There are some gorgeous ones in the Big Ben brand on eBay.  Big Ben is the brand of the puzzle I did earlier this month with the white bark trees.  I know they make good quality puzzles.

I'm sort of down in the dumps this weekend.  Why?  Well, for the past two years, my friend and I have gone to North Myrtle Beach on Easter weekend.  We didn't go this year.  I would so love to be there!  Well, the trip at the end of May, beginning of June isn't too far off.  It just seems like forever!  I am working on a packing list for the trip in my bujo and I already have the majority of my beach fun bingo set up. I just need to pick three more things to add to the board for it to be complete.



As if I need more journals!  I got two today.  My friend and I went to Ollie's.  I was hoping to find a puzzle or two.  I didn't get any puzzles, but I got a lot of other stuff including two journals.  One is a small one that says Coffee Makes Everything Possible.  I only got it because of that. lol  The other is something I had heard about and never expecting to find in a discount store.  It's a Novel Journal.  It's a 'lined' journal.  The lines are actual words from an actual classic novel!  Mine is The Wizard of Oz.  I adore that book so I had to have this.  This same thing is on Amazon for around $15!  I love it.  I got those journals and some cute A post it notes.  I also got some leggings, socks, tech gloves, a hat, a Scooby Doo activity book, and some other things.  The Scooby Doo activity book included two rubber stamps and an ink pad.  One stamp is Scooby and one is Shaggy.  I couldn't resist. :P . Here is a picture of the journals and the sticky notes:


I didn't even get the puzzle out today.  I had one of those days.  I totally planned to walk, too.  I didn't.  I did finally get out of the house this evening when my friend came to take us to eat.  We went to a new restaurant that opened not too long ago. It's in the location of a place we used to go to a lot.  They moved to a bigger location and someone else moved into this old place.  We both really liked it.  I loved being able to go back to that building.  I think it will be on of our new favorite places.