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Layout change, yes?

Yes.  I decided to make a layout change today.  I think it looks pretty nice.  I'm always wanting to change everything.  I hope to keep this one for a bit.  I like the colorful macaroons.  I wish I could just customize it a bit more.

I had two letters in my mailbox today!  One was from a regular pal, and one was from one that I mailed a letter to last month hoping to be pals.  She wrote back and does want to be pals! Yay!  She is from Spain and her handwriting is so pretty.  I feel bad about how bad my handwriting is.  I'll just have to decorate her envelopes to make up for it! :)  It was cool to have mail today.  I will probably sit down and write letters either tonight or tomorrow.

When I go to Starbucks to write my letters, I've been using an old messenger bag.  I have wanted to get a new messenger bag for ages, so I started looking for one.  I figured it would be my go to bag.  It's also to be my 'pen pal' bag.  I found one in military green on Amazon that I loved.  I almost bought it in Khaki, but I love that military green  color so much, I couldn't resist.  I also ordered three patches while ordering it.  I am going to have a cool bag with iron on patches.  

I got the idea of patches from my membership at the Letter Writer's Alliance. (LWA)  In the membership kit, they send a cute little patch with LWA on it.  I thought it would be cool to put it on a bag.  Then, after finding the perfect bag, I ordered a few more patches.  From Amazon, I ordered a Zombie response team patch, a Starbucks patch, and a patch of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time! :)  I also ordered a larger LWA patch from LWA.  I can't wait to get my bag and patches and plan how I'm going to place them.

I have an old Air Force jacket of my Uncle's that my aunt gave me several years ago.  She was just going to toss it! NO!  I said, I would love to have it.  I may take some of the patches off of it and add it to the bag.  I think that would be cool and it would be a nice tribute to my uncle.  He passed in 2003, two years after his sister, my mother, died.  

I have been thinking if I had anymore patches.  I realized I had one of an Afro Ken.  Afro Ken is a character by San-X out of Japan.  I have several stuffed Afro Kens and a mug with them on it too.  The patch is small, but it's cute so it's going on the bag too.  Now I just need something Blogilates!  I have a cloth 'tag / patch' in my jacket I ordered.  I make carefully take it out of my jacket and add it to the bag.

Yes, I will take lots of pictures of the bag when I get it and when I put all the goodies on it.  I can't wait.  It's pretty big, so it will hold all my pen pal stuff for taking with me.  Also, it will make a great travel bag/overnight bag/goodie bag.  

Goodies for me?

I forgot to mention in the last post that I made an order from  I really want a pair of leggings from her new line.  Hopefully I can order some of those next month.  This month I got a pair of booty shorts (for workouts only), a cute Popster necklace and the tank I've been wanting ever since she first introduced it,  "I don't squat. I Plie."  :D  I love it!  

I really hope to buy a pair of her Pointe leggings in periwinkle next month.  I almost bought the long sleeve version of I don't squat... but it will be warm here before too much longer. I can't wait to get my new goodies.  I've never had booty shorts, I probably won't be modelling them for Insta. :P

Hello 2016!

So, the year is off to a good start.  I got in a nice dry walk. lol It was overcast but there was no rain  The sun even tried to peep out a couple of times.  I got home and did the stretches on the calendar.  Friday's are 'rest' days.  Usually a couple of stretch videos and a healthy food vid.  I did these and enjoyed them.  My legs haven't stretched that much in a while. :p I also did the day one of the #30daywaisttrainer challenge.  I am thinking of doing the Call me Maybe squat challenge after posting this.  I love that one and it's fun. I started using my #blogilatesfitplanner2016 today and I love it!  It's so pretty. I'm using a purple fine point sharpie and it looks nice.  I have to work on my inspiration board.  I've already started that.  I think I'll get off here, do the squat challenge and work on my inspiration page.  Then, at eight, I get to have dinner. Yay!


I shouldn't have eaten all that food today.  UGH I feel so icky.  I had leftovers that my sister brought me and I ate leftovers at a friend's house.  I ate way too much.  I will get right back on track tomorrow.  Thankfully all this crazy holiday stuff is over.  No more over indulgence!

I got in a good walk today.  I was overcast again, but no rain.  It did mist for a few minutes which only got my head and glasses wet!  I got home and did four of today's workouts.  I ate too much lunch and did the other two.  

I need about 23432423 gallons of water to flush all this crazy food from my system, but right now, I couldn't swallow anything else.  Yikes! lol I see that in January, Cassey is having a #30daywaisttrainer challenge.  I am ready!  I love when she has 30 day challenges to go with the workout calendar.  I've printed mine out and I'm ready to go.  I also can't wait to use my #blogilatesfitplanner2016.  Here is to 2016!


Today was insane.  I got an early start to my walk.  I got home from it and did the #Snowbunnyblast Hiit routine on today's calendar.  I may or may not have been able to move much after this.  I had incentive though!  The mail had arrived and I received my #blogilatesfitplanner2016.  It came in today's and mail and it's even more beautiful that I thought it would be.  It's full of beautiful pastel colors.  I absolutely love it.  I can't wait to start using it in 2016.  I have loved my 2015 one, but this one is so much prettier.  It's just sooo nice.  I will do a picture post next of some of the pages.  This beauty is my gift to myself for the Yule season.


I got in my walk today and then came home and did my workouts.  It was ab day. OUCH!  I did every one of them though.  Ialso ordered this beauty:




It's the new #Blogilatesfitplanner2016  It's even prettier than last years fit planner and that is saying something! I can't wait to get it.  It's my one indulgence for the year.  I will use this beauty every single day.  I want to see it in person. The 2015 one was great and It helped a lot.  Yes, I use apps too, but with a paper planner, you can go back to any day or date quickly.  I love being able to go back and see how far I've come. If you want to order your own, go here: Shop Blogilates