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Thursday morning post

Hello there!  It is nice and hot today at Myrtle Beach! The weather last night said it was supposed to be raining this morning, but it is definitely NOT raining!  I am not complaining one bit.  I was going to post this from the balcony, but it's hot as hell out there and I could barely see the screen. :p

I came in and I am not in airconditioned comfort but I can still see that beautiful ocean! It's definitely a lovely day and a big contrast to yesterday!  I am not sure exactly what I'm going to do today.  Walk or relax or...?  We'll see!  Right now I'm cooling off.  

I took three pictures today to share. Two of the ocean and one of my chair with my Macbook Pro and Starbucks tumbler of coffee.  Sadly it's room coffee and not Starbucks coffee, but you make do! :P




Storms are fun!

We had a few storms go through here today.  Nothing crazy, but we did get a lot of rain in a short amount of time. I was sitting on my back steps when a drop of rain hit me.  I got up and went inside and it was a good thing I did because right after that, the bottom fell out!  It stopped and then cleared off and then a little later another storm came through and did the same thing.  The sky was so pretty right before.  I'll share a picture.



The first picture was one side of the sky where it was dark, the other was where it was still sunny!  Pretty cool.  

I got my words in for Camp NaNoWriMo just before posting here.  It was just over 1700 words and now I'm less than 1000 away from 15,000! Whoo hoo!  By the way, my Kindle should be here tomorrow! I can't wait to try it out. I think I'm really going to like this little upgrade.  I use Calibre on my MacBook Pro to load free books I get from sites that offer free books that might not be on the Amazon Kindle store.  You can find a lot of books that are in the public domain and download them legally and for free.  With Calibre I can add them to my Kindle.  Also!  I was able to put my own books on there by converting them into the right format to work with the Kindle. Very cool!