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Layout change

I decided to go back to one of the premade layouts that Typepad offers.  I think this will be a nice layout for Spring and summer.  It's bright and pretty and the Macarons or are they macaroons? are cool! I could have changed my regular layout, but I didn't feel like going through all the steps of creating a new banner and all that good stuff.  I'll use this one for a while.  The old one is still saved, so I can use it if I want to go back.  I probably will at some point and change the banner and background. For now, I'm really loving this one.

I finished the puzzle last night. LOL Seriously.  It was fun.  I wasn't going to start the new one today, but I ended up doing the outline.  That is all I'm going to do for today.  I walked and it was nice out there.  I made a few stops on the way back to pick up things I needed.  I still have a few things I need to get, but I'll go get those sometime soon.  

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but I don't think it is forecast during my walking time.  Hopefully it won't and I'll be able to walk without any issues.  I'm yawning my self to death at the moment and I still have NaNo to do.  So far I have written everyday and I'm ahead on count so far. It's been so much fun to get back to my characters and their world.  I am going to do my NaNo writing after I post this and then I'm going to do some work in my bullet journal.  Below, I'll post the completed puzzle from yesterday and the outline of the new one.  This new one is going to be a doozy!  I can tell that just from putting the outline together.


I really enjoyed the plate one.  I think I'll love this current one when it's done. The picture is so pretty!  It's just got a lot of dark spots and different parts that look a like. I'll get it done though!


So, I woke up today and it was sunny!  I thought, what the hell?  I thought it was supposed to snow and rain! I texted my friend and he said that the sun had just come out and it had been overcast all day.  Well, since it wasn't snowing or raining, but decided to walk and I did.  It was overcast and cold during my walk but it was dry!  Later, after I got home and started on my workouts, it rained a little.  Then, it snowed a little.  Then it sleeted a little! LOL!  I figured it would just be rain and no snow sticking at all.  Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window a few hours ago and saw snow sticking to the grass, the trees and the road!  I am sure it will be gone tomorrow, but it's really coming down tonight!  I was surprised because I went out earlier on a errand and it was mainly rain and a little snow.  Since I was out, I went by Starbucks. :p

I wonder if this will be completely gone tomorrow, actually.  I might not get to walk tomorrow if the majority of it on the road isn't gone. If it is still on the road, it will be on the sidewalks.  We'll see how it goes tomorrow.  I just looked out a bit ago and it's still coming down.  It's actually very pretty!  I'm sort of sad that it didn't happen earlier today so I could sit and watch it!  I just turned off all my lights and opened my blinds. LOL  I can watch it for a bit.  The street looks totally covered and the neighbors car parked on the stree is mostly covered too!  I just took a closer look and it's still coming down!  What is so weird about all this late in the year snow, is that in this area, we don't usually have a lot of snow.  We've had several snow events this year.  Thost are unusual but for it to snow this late in the season is even more unusual!  It's weird to be sitting looking out at snow knowing that in less than a week, I'll be at the beach!  Hopefully there will be no snow there! :p

Well then!

I walked and worked out at the regular times today.  I really wanted to go to Starbucks today, but I never got over there!  I was a bit hesitant since the last several times I've gone, I haven't been able to find a seat.  I knew if I went and couldn't find a seat, I'd be pissed, so I just stayed at home!

I am now on book five of the Zombie series I'm reading.  I am loving that all the books were available on Kindle Unlimited!  I finished book four today and started book five.  The books are really good and they are quick reads.  I am really loving this series!  It's the Killing The Dead series by Richard Murray.  I'm really enjoying it.  This author likes to leave books on cliff hangers! I'm glad I'm able to borrow them all from Kindle.  I'll read these and then look for more books to try on my Kindle Unlimited trial.  As fast as I'm reading these, I'm definitely going to get my trial's worth!

I'm watching the Olympics again.  I'm waiting on the Pairs free skate, but I'm enjoying the other events  That skeleton event is CRAZY! LOL  It's scary just watching.  How in the hell do they steer with their arms back?!  Yikes!

New colors again?!

Yes, I changed the background and colors of the blog again.  I guess one day I'll be satisfied and quit changing it so much.  I am liking these colors.  I love the blue and the background is pretty.  I hope to keep this one for a while!  Who knows with me though.  I might change it all again tomorrow!

I got in my walk and did my workouts today.  I hadn't posted my workouts to Insta in days so I caught up with that.  I finished my book last night and went to check on Gwendy's Button Box to find out that the file (I checked it out from the library) was an audio book not an ebook.  Phooey!  I will keep looking for a ebook copy I can borrow.  For now, I'm going to the true crime book next.  

I want to do some things in my bujo.  I'm going to have a coffee tracker where I rate different brands of coffee that I try.  I have only tried a few so far, but I plan to try new ones more often.  At the moment, the only ones that can go in there are: Maxwell House medium roast, Starbucks Pike Place Roast, Seattle's Best Henry's blend, and Dunks.  I just got a bag of Dunks but I haven't opened it yet so I can add it in there but I can't rate it just yet.  I have quite a lot of my Pike left before I open it.  I want to try many different coffees.  I recently found a free sample online and I've sent for that. If you know of any place that gives out coffee samples, let me know!  If you are Starbucks, send me all the coffee! :P

I want to look for inspiration of things to add to my Bujo.  I am going to Pineteriest after posting this and wee what I can find.  I want to add more fun things to it!  There are a lot of bujo ideas on there.  Hopefully I can find some things that I'd like to add to my bullet journal.  Wish me luck!




So, I changed the background of the blog and I changed the banner a bit.  I love it!  I did not forget to post yesterday.  When I came to do it, Typepad was having issues.  You could see the blogs, but you couldn't log into accounts.  It wasn't fixed before I went to bed so I wasn't able to post  

I walked today and it tried to sprinkle on me a little bit towards the end, but it didn't do too much.  I only had to use the umbrella for a few minutes.  My prescription was ready and I could have picked it up on my walk, but I didn't know until I got home!  I ent a bit ago and picked it up.  It's so weird getting used to a new pharmacy.  They have a drive thru at this one, but it was pretty full so I went in.  Inside was full too!  It probably would have been less people earlier in the day.  I'll try to remember that next time!

Since I had to go out and wait forever at the pharmacy, I decided that I could use some Starbucks therapy. :p  I went to Starbucks and got a cascara latte.  I went in because I wanted to see if they had the new Valentine's cards out.  They did! I got one of each of the six they have for Valentine's day this year.  Five are heart shaped with different phrases and one is a regular card with Happy Valentine's day on it.  I was happy to get them all.  

When I got home from my walk, I intended to do my workouts, but I got distracted by something else and didn't do them.  I will do them, it will just be later on this evening.  That way I can take my time and not have to worry about getting done before lunch.  

I'm loving the new look of the blog.  I think it's pretty. What do you think?

Fading roses. This garden's over.

I just finished my NaNo for today!  I might write a few more words and make it 2000 it's only at 1928 at the moment.  I didn't mean to get to it so late tonight, it just happened.  I was still able to write, so that was good!  I got my walk in and walked a bit further than my usual.  I then came back here and did my workouts. It was all cardio today and the 100 burpee burnout was on there.  Not only that, but two of the other four videos had burpees in them.  YIKES!  I did it though.  After that, I had a bit of time to relax before fixing and eating lunch.  

I am really tired. I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. I hope to catch up on some sleep tonight.  Yeah, I know this is a short post, but at least I posted, right? :p


I have started reading some blogs lately.  I decided to start adding them to the sidebar so everyone can enjoy them too.  Three are all blogs I've found recently.  Boho Berry and Blogilates I've been following for a lot longer. If you have any suggestions of blogs I may love, let me know.  So far my blogs are mainly coffee related and one bullet journal related.  ^_^