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Beach Bingo!

For the past few trips to Myrtle Beach, I have made a Beach bingo card in my bujo.  I did it again this year and I finished decorating it and filling it in today. All the washi I used was actually bought while at the beach!  I love the way it looks.  Here is my completed bingo board:


I used my Canon Ivy to print three pictures for the left page.  I think it turned out well!  I love all the blue.  The marks on the bingo board are a star stamper that I bought while at the beach and I just colored in the center to make them more visible.  I like it!

I found a surprise today while in my kitchen. I went to give a drink of water to the succulent that I have had for years.  It is blooming!  It has two pretty little flowers on it.   I took a picture of that too! ;p


I didn't know it would bloom because I have had it a very long time and it never has before.  It was a nice surprise. I hope it gets more blooms in the future.  I have had it in that window ever since I got it because it does so well there.  I am scared to move it anywhere else!

Back to the fun!

The fun of what, you ask?  Puzzles! I started one the ones I got from Dollar Tree and it's so much better. The colors pop and I was able to get a good start on it.  I have the outline and two small sections.  I really enjoyed doing it so far.  I think when I pull that other puzzle back out, I'll try to work it in a bright light environment.  I think that was he biggest issue.  The pieces were so dark that bad lighting led to a harder puzzle to work.  Of course the pieces fitting in the wrong places wasn't helping either!

I made the weekly in my bullet journal for the first week of October.  I decided to go ahead and do the habit tracker for October, too.  Then, I ended up doing the entire months weeklies!  It's orange themed for October and there are a LOT of jack o' lanterns all over the place. :P   My poor bujo is getting so bulky!  The spine is a lot bigger than it was when I started it!  Poor thing.  It's all that washi and now the little Canon Ivy pictures.  Next years will probably be even worse. :P . I plan to one day to move my bujo to a traveler's notebook.  I think that will be cool.  Although, I adore my Leuchtturm journals.



Hello again!

Sorry about yesterday. I totally planned to post and then I didn't.  I realized it after midnight.  Oops!  Oh well, I didn't have much to share yesterday anyway!  I didn't start a puzzle yesterday, but I did start one today.  I didn't get very far because I got hit with a migraine and I've been trying to just relax.  Earlier it was so bad I was sitting in very dim light.  That is not productive for puzzle working!  I did finally get the outline done and a little bit of the inside.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get a lot more done.

I found some zink paper on eBay that is another brand. They had 20 sheets for $6.  I thought I'd buy some just to see.  The price is great.  I just hope they work well.  My prints aren't getting much better... well.. some pictures look really good and some are just meh.  i don't know what to do to improve them.  I found a suggestion to run the starter paper / card thingee through and did that a few times, but I don't really see a difference.  Oh well, the pictures are nice enough for journaling.  

When I fill up my trip journal, I'm going to start a new one in my traveller's notebook.  I will be using the pictures in there along with in in my bullet journal.  Since I bought some extra paper, I might use the Ivy more for a bit.  I wanted to save the majority of the paper I had for the new beach trip.  If this paper works well, I'll buy more as this seller had more.  I actually got 40 sheets.  I figured for the $6 (and that was shipped!) . I'd go ahead and buy two.  So, I have forty sheets from my original package un-opened, and 8 or 9 sheets in the printer.  I also have the four packs of 10 sheets of the 'new' paper.  

I've been watching web cams from Myrtle this week and this is the first day it's even looked like bad weather. It's been raining down there all day and it's really windy.  I'm hoping that is all they get.  Some rain and wind.  I want everything back to normal so I can go! My friend got his refund today, but they didn't refund as much as they were supposed to.  I hope he is able to get that sorted out. I really want to go back.  I wasn't even down there 12 hours on a week long trip!  We always say our trips fly by, but that was ridiculous. :P

OH! I buy a lot of Mountain Dew and I've been doing the Dew Nation Rewards for a while now.  I've gotten two t-shirts from them.  I also got a cool beach lounger today.  It's funny that it came when I would have been at the beach!  I wanted a Dew hoodie SO BAD but they sold out of those QUICK! By the time I saw them, they didn't have any left. BOO! Hopefully they'll restock.  I also got a thingee for the car to mount my phone.  The one I got last year at the Dollar Tree broke recently.  I am not complaining. It lasted almost a year and it was only $1.  This one is made differently so hopefully it will work better.

Here is the puzzle so far, remember, I haven't done much.  You can see the beach chair in the background! It folds up and even has a shoulder handle.  It's nifty!


I have a secret!

I've been using Inbox ever since they did away with it.  How?  I used the last version before the update that killed it.  Sadly, today, it died.  Now I'm desperately looking for a decent alternative.  I've tried quite a few and I like some things about a few of them, some things about others, but in general, I hate them all! :(  I just want Inbox back.  Right now I'm giving Edison, Spark, and Gmail a try.  I am not a happy camper at all!

I do have some good things to share today!  I started another puzzle and got a little bit done on it and I got a package in today's mail.  What was it?  Well, I'll tell you! I have been looking at mini printers for a while now.  I thought it would be fun to have one for putting pictures in my bullet journal.  I found a deal on Amazon for a Canon Ivy, a case, and a package of the zink paper that it uses.  The items all together were right at $140.  More with tax.  I had a $100 visa card that I got recently and wondered if there were anyway to get these three items with that.  I found someone with an Ivy on eBay for $60!  It was brand new in the package.  I was happy since it retails for $129. You can usually get it for about $100 if you look for a deal.  This was a really great deal!

So, I found that I could get that.  I then went on Amazon to see if I could get a pack of the zink paper and a case for the remainder of the Visa card.  I was able to do just that!  I got the Canon Ivy printer, a 50 pack of paper, and a case.  All for just under $100!  Score!  The case and paper came from Amazon yesterday and you know it was annoying not having the printer!  It had an estimated / guaranteed delivery date on Saturday.  This would work because I wanted to carry with me to the beach.  Instead of it coming Saturday, it came today. Whee!

So, it gets here.  I anxiously 'unbox' it and find that it is, in fact, a Canon Ivy and it's brand new.  It's white and mint which is the one I wanted from the first time I saw them.  I tried it out immediately!  It works great.  The pictures aren't  the highest quality, but they are pretty good! I am going to enjoy being able to add pictures to my bujo as I go along.  I also hope to add some cool beach pictures in there, too!

So, I got my Canon Ivy today and I love it.  I took some pictures of it and the puzzle to share so let's get to that, shall we?