Caramel Frappuccino Feed

Hello from Wednesday!

So, I found a software that does recovery.  Sadly, it only lets you get so much back for free.  The price is expensive so I will only be able to get a little bit.  The good about this program is that I can save the search I don't have to do it again.  It's been scanning for HOURS and it is only at 66%. Ahhhhhhh! I might be able to get some important things with the limited version.  I also plan to keep the program in case I'm able to get a license to recover it all. 

I had to run out for a bit today so I headed to Starbucks! I had a prize from the summer game that was for 50% off a Frappuccino.  I wanted to use it as it runs out tomorrow.  I got a venti caramel ribbon crunch one for half off. It was very tasty!  I got my word count in for NaNo too.  I will hit 10,000 words tomorrow!!!  Whoo Hoo!  I am trying to decide where I want to get myself a pizza. It's now a tradition.  I hit 10,000 words on NaNo, I get pizza!  I'm ready for it now! :p

Starbucks on a Sunday? Perhaps.

I haven't decided yet.  I have my bed linen in the dryer.  The load of clothes I washed and dried last night are mostly put away. I have a little bit more to put away.  I was heating up water to wash my hair while I was folding and carrying my stuff off and it finished so I decided to stop my folding and wash my hair. I'm currently under the hair bonnet dryer.  I am deciding if I want to go to Starbucks or not. I could definitely use some!  LOL!  I am so out of it today.  I hate the time change. My Fitbit went off at the usual time this morning but AGAIN I was dreaming and it was part of my dream.  I woke up 5 minutes later and looked at the clock to see if I had a few more minutes and realized what had happened.  I laid there a bit longer and at the 10 minute mark, it went off again.  I got up groggily and made my way to fix some coffee. I definitely needed it today!

I got my puzzle out and did it this afternoon. It was a bit harder than the yarn one, but I was able to finish it in a few hours.  I'll share it below.  I looked at the 300 piece Puzzlebug ones last night and saw that they are the same dimensions as the 500 pieces ones with just bigger pieces.  That will be fun.  These little puzzles are cute, though!


This one was all different colored scarfs.  It wasn't as hard I was thinking, but it wasn't the easiest puzzle ever either. I did enjoy it though!  I'll finish my hair drying and then get some other things done.  I might go to Starbucks as I stated in my blog post title.  We'll see!  It is warmer today, so it might be a good day to see my favorite Corgi over there.  Of course, being a warm day, it's going to be fun to try and get a hot drink.  If I had air conditioning in my car, it would be okay, but I don't, so, we'll see!  Maybe I'll break down and get a frappuccino. Who knows?


I have been getting by each week with washing my hair without heating up water. It's been cold, but it hasn't been too bad.  Tonight? OMG  I thought I was going to die.  The water was so fricken cold!  I immediately ran to my room after towel drying it and got under the hair bonnet dryer. I had it already on and going so it would be warm when I got here.  I'm sitting under it now and it's bliss.

I had no plans to go out or do anything today, but I saw in my Starbucks app that if I was in a star streak and I needed to get a Frappuccino and I'd get bonus stars. I didn't really want a Frappuccino, I wanted a hot drink, but to fulfill the star streak, I got a Frappuccino.  I didn't want to shock my favorite baristas, so I went to the one at Target. LOL!  I was able to pick up five new cards for my collection, so that was wonderful!  I haven't seen the stars hit yet. I know I've done it before and gotten them at Target locations.  I just hope this time works too. 

I finished my puzzle today and it's really pretty!  It wasn't too bad to finish up.  I am not sure which one I'll do next.  I still have quite a few, but I am starting to run low.  I have three of the Dollar Tree puzzle bug brand ones, the round one, three different 1000 pieces ones, and a variety box.  I'm not sure exactly which ones they are as it shows more on the box than is packaged inside. (thrift store find) . I will be going on instinct when putting those together until I get enough of them done to figure out which puzzle is which!

Here is the puzzle and the newest Starbucks cards for my collection:


Mmmm Starbucks....

I needed some light bulbs today and I needed to recycle, too.  The recycle bins are in the same shopping center lot as Roses and Dollar General.  I figured if Roses didn't have the bulbs I needed, I could go to DG.  Roses had some and they were a good price too! I got a box of the ones I needed and two boxes of the ones I use most.  I needed 40 watt because I have a small lamp and that is the biggest you can use.  Every other lamp or light fixture in my house is 60 watt.  I got two boxes of those.  I also got a package of pens. (as if I need more!) and a box of tissues.  I avoided temptation and passed on a huge container of caramel corn.  I wish I had bought that. lol

So, I was out, I had done my recycling, and picked up my bulbs. My car was doing okay, so I decided to go to Starbucks.  I got a nice Caramel Ribbon crunch Frappuccino. YUMMY!  I needed some Starbucks as it was back in the 80's today!  YIKES! Crazy ass weather.  

I pulled out a puzzle today.  It was the last of the 300 pieces ones I bought.  I did it all today.  It had a lot of different colors and stuff in it, but it wasn't too hard.  It was different cakes.  I enjoyed working on it.  I had planned to do part today and the rest tomorrow, but I took a break and went back and started working on it again and finished it! 


What a relief!

It has been a very long day and I'm glad to be able to just sit down and type up this post! I have needed a haircut for a very long time now.  I had a coupon last month for Great Clips, but it ran out the day before I decided to use it. D'oh!  I did NOT want to go to the beach for a week with my hair the way it was.  It was totally out of control.  I had so many 'messy hair, don't care' days! I just put it in a scruncie and went with it.  It was getting where it wouldn't stay in the scruncie so I got a nice cut today.  The process just started my long day!

I decided to go over there this afternoon and get my hair cut.  I looked up their hours and got in my car.  It was doing that thing where it would NOT go over 25 miles an hour. ~_~; I drove all over trying to get it to start running right . A lot of times it will kick in and go, this time, not so much!  So, I drove home and i was so frustrated.  I knew it would probably be futile to ask my one friend . She had to get back to me.  I finally called HER back and guess what? She would take me! Whee!

So, I walk up to her house ready to go, go, go!  She wasn't ready just yet.  So, I walk the mini Doxie whom I love to pieces and then we are ready to go.  Her mom(she lives next door) asked where we were going and she tells her.  She decides that she wants to go too. ^^; So, we have to wait for her to go change and get ready.  We finally got there and checked in.  I got to go back as soon as they were checked in.  They BOTH decided to get hair cuts. ~_~: 

I get mine done and it's so cute!  She cut about 25 pounds of hair off.  It feels and looks SO much better now.  We left there and went to Target.  I had heard that they had the new Mildliner brush pens on clearance at some Targets.  I decided to check just in case.  I went to the school clearance section as that is where I heard they would be. I didn't see any, but I got three cute one subject notebooks, two single packs of Post it notes, and some magnetic pencil thingees (for lockers or such) . I went to the regular stationery secton and looked on the pen aisle.  They had actual Mildliners which was new.  I'd looked several times before. I walked around a bit and then spotted some on the endcap.  They had the 10 pack of Mildliner brush pens for $5.96! SCORE!!!!!  I grabbed a pack and added them to my stuff.  I was so happy to find them!

So, I go and checkout and then I'm looking in the Starbucks at their drinkware.  I call my friend and they are at the back of the store looking for something they don't even have in Target.  I told her so, but she didn't listen! LOL I decided to sit in the Starbucks and wait for them.  I got a frappuccino and drank it and they still hadn't come up front!  I called my friend again and she was on the soap aisle.  I went to where she was and teased her that she needed soap for her ass. lol . We finally corralled her mom and headed for the checkouts.

By then, it was past my usual lunch time and i was hungry! They were too. They decided to order pizza and pick it up on the way home.  This would have caused my lunch to be even later, so I asked them to run me through a drive-thru on the way to pick up the pizza.  They did and I ate while we rode.  I was done by the time we got back to their house, but I stayed a bit.  

I then came home and washed my hair.  I put the bed linen in the dryer and started another load of laundry.  I washed an enormous amount of dishes and then relaxed a bit.  I just put the linens back on the bed and I plan to relax for the rest of the evening.  I'll probably put away my other laundry tomorrow. 

I want to read a bit.  I'm currently reading a really interesting book about The Black Dahlia murder.  I had to make myself put it down last night and go to bed as it was after 3am! Oops! By the way, here is the pack of Mildliner brush pens.  I love them!



There you go!  Now, another installment of How I'm Using Evernote today:  My bluetooth on my MBP is wonky.  It doesn't always connect and it's so frustrating.  After trying it a few times and it still being bitchy, I just save the picture in Evernote on my phone and I retrieve it from Evernote on my laptop!

I forgot to mention that I was able to pick up one of the new Fall Starbucks cards for my collection. Yay!

When your errands lead to Starbucks

So, I had to go to two places. One was Office Max to get some pens.  They have their brand ball point pens on a door buster price of .99 according to the website.  I love these pens. It's a 12 pack and it's usually over $2 a pack.  I had to pick up a few packs at this price.  I went and they were marked $1.49 but there was also a sign that said .99!  I took it to the register and showed the clerk and he rang them up for the price online.  The best thing?  They actually rang up with a discount off of that so I got them for .79 a box!  Yay! I bought four boxes.  That should keep me for a while.  They are the best writing pens.  The ink flows so smoothly.  I love them!  Here is the LINK if you want to check them out. They are the best pens ever.  Seriously! 

So, that is all I got at Office Max.  I then went to Dollar Tree to see if they had any puzzles.  The last time I was in this particular Dollar Tree, they had a bunch . This time they had a lot less.  I was able to find three though!  I got those and a cute jack o' lantern hanging decoration and a big zipper pouch that is adorable.  It has coffee and donuts on it. So cute!  Here they are:


Cute, yes?  You'll see the puzzles as I do them.  I didn't start one today since I went out so late.  The Dollar Tree I went to and the Office Max are right at the Starbucks.  I figured a frappuccino would be a nice end to an errand trip!  It was!  I got that and headed home.  My car acted up a little, but not too badly. It also started up both times that I turned it off, so that was great! 

Starbucks again!

 It was double star day at Starbucks, so I went over there and got a frappuccino!  I love double star day.  I also got another order in today. The green cards that I ordered on eBay came.  They were only give to shareholders.  I  just added two to my collection. One to display and one for backup.  It's so pretty!  I took a picture of the two of them to share.  

I started a new puzzle today and I took a picture of that too.  My friend brought me my birthday gift a little early.  What is it? A Fire stick! Yay!  It will replace my Roku.  Well, I have to make sure all the stuff I used on Roku is available for there.  I'm sure it is.  I have only loaded a couple of things so far.  I have Prime since it was an Amazon thing, that was already there, and I put Stirr on it.  That is the channel I watch game shows on.  I need to add my Hulu and see what other things I need to add.  I will do that tomorrow as after I post this, I'm going to relax for a bit.  I haven't slept well in ages and I really need some sleep tonight!


Tuesday trials....

So, not really. lol I did have to mow the front lawn and that is a bit of a trial. :P I also needed to mail off one thing I forgot to mail last night.  Instead of going to the post office, I just went to a box that I usually use on my walk.  I drove to it. ^^; I really need to start walking again! 

I dropped that off and then decided to go to Starbucks to the drive thru since my car was behaving.  It did fine and I got a delicious beverage! After I drank it, I did the mowing.  I did another chore that I hate today.  I washed dishes!  When I have hot water, it's not as bad.  I just don't feel like my dishes get as clean in cold water.  I had a LOT of them as it's been awhile since I washed them.  While I was washing those, I was fixing a frozen pizza for dinner.  I have never found a frozen pizza that I like as much as the Palermo pizzas I used to get. The grocery store I go to stopped carrying them.  They were amazing.  They tasted like a fresh, pizza parlor, pizza.  I don't know why my store stopped stocking them.  I read that another local store had them, but I checked and no go. Boo!

I started a new puzzle today.  I didn't get a lot done. I got the outline and some of the candy apples done. It's a puzzle with colorful candy apples.  It looks like it would be really hard, but as i'm doing it, it seems to be easier than I expected.  It's not EASY, but it's not as hard as I expected which is nice!

I got something so cool in today's mail.  Well... from the FedEx truck, actually.  What is it, you ask?  Well, Evernote swag! ^_____^ . I messaged Evernote and asked about swag and they sent me some!  That was so cool! I got a very cool long sleeve shirt. It fits, but it's tight.  So now I have a motivation to get back to losing weight! :) . They also sent several cool Evernote stickers and a cool Evernote post-it pad.  I love all my goodies.  I am going to scan all my stickers in so I can make myself backups so I can use them on stuff. ^_^   There is one that is the coolest.  It has the Evernote elephant on a black background, it has two green arrows pointing at the elephant and it says, "Say hello to my little friend" LOL I LOVE IT!  

Before I post the puzzle picture, here is my "How I'm using Evernote today." So....

How I'm using Evernote today:  I have linked IFTTT with Evernote and I'm using that to add a lot of cool things to Evernote.  I love it!  If you have any suggestions for things to add in Evernote or IFTTT let me know! 

Another way I'm using Evernote today:  My bluetooth is being bitchy from my phone to my MBP so I send the picture to Evernote. :)


Puzzle, puzzle, puzzle!

I worked on the puzzle today and got a little more done.  I found that there are more outline pieces missing than I thought. Phooey! I feel like I didn't get a lot done on it today, but I know I did more than I think I did.  Hopefully i can finish it tomorrow or the next day.

I did some more edits on my NaNo project.  I have some things I need to work on when I start the next book. I am glad to have all my character profiles done, though.  Guess what I found out today?  Scrivener has a built in character name generator! What!? Yes, it does! I'm so glad to find out about that.  So cool! 

I went to Starbucks tonight and hit the drive thru.  It was 50% off Frappuccinos, so I got a caramel ribbon crunch. Soooo delicious!  My car did okay, but my gas light came on. Boo!  I went back out later this evening and put a few gallons of gas in my car.  That should see me through until I can fill up.


Friday and thrifting!

So, first of all, I didn't walk today.  I still don't feel great.  I don't know what is going on with that.  I stayed in and had planned to stay in for the entire day, but my friend texted and said he wanted to go to South Boston to eat at Dini's Bros.  It's very rare for us to go out and eat two days in a row, so I was surpirsed.

We went to the Goodwill up there first.  I found a game still sealed in the package called Coffee Talk. It looks pretty fun!  I also got a puzzle and a little Fossil change purse!  We came back to town and went ot the local Goodwill.  I got a small green umbrella, a little block with a smiling sun on it, and a cute snowman/cupcake candle.  I came home and did some more on my puzzle. I should finish it tomorrow.  It has so much of the same colors throughout, it's been a hard one to work.  The one I got today is of a Scottish castle. It was too pretty to pass up.  Hopefully all the pieces are there!


I went over to Starbucks when I got back from going out with my friend and got a caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino. :p It was delicious!