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I totally forgot to post on Saturday but planned to make up for it yesterday. Sadly, Typepad was down. It was down earlier today too. Luckily it's back up now. I hope this will post. If not, I'll have it posted later. Today is my favorite day of the year! Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to you! I did my tradition for the day. I went to two local historic cemeteries and took some pictures. Unfortunately, they had crews working in both! This was the first time I'd encountered that. I was able to get some good shots, though. I'll share of few of the very cool mausoleums in Green Hill cemetery.



Pup went home.

My little visitor went home today.  I'll miss that sweet little face.  They took a loooooooong time to drive back from the beach.  Where we go is further and it takes less time! LOL, They finally got back and then I had to wait longer and finally they came and got Cocoa. I had some things I needed to do, so I left after that.  My friend and I wanted to thrift today, but they got back way too late for us to go.  I went out and did a few things and then decided I'd run by the grocery store. I was afraid they'd be extremely busy, but they weren't too bad, so I went and got some things I needed.  I'm set for the weekend. I am planning on staying in the entire weekend. I plan to relax, write, and just enjoy being home!  Happy weekend to me. :p

I went by the cemetery where my parents and grandparents are and checked on things.  While I was there, I noticed how pretty the sky was. here is the picture I took:


Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

I have a tradition where I go visit one of the cities old cemeteries on Halloween.  I totally forgot last year, so I made up for it this year by going to three!  I also ended my day out by stopping by Abreu-Grogan park to take a few pictures. It's right on the Dan River.  I thought I'd made an album and share my pictures. I took a few in each cemetery.  I didn't take a lot as I have plenty of other trips.  I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Halloween.


Halloween 2020

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Last minute prep!

First of all, Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to you!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  I got in my walk and came home and rested for just a bit and then drove to two local cemeteries.  It's a Halloween tradition for me.  I always visit at least one old cemetery on Halloween.  I went to two and then headed home.  I almost got Starbucks, but it was close to lunch, so I came home and ate.  

I have just finished re-reading my first book and I'm about to re-read the second one.  I want all my characters to be fresh and in my mind for tomorrow.  I can't believe NaNo is tomorrow! Whoo! I'm happy about it though!  I am ready.  I was reading my first book on the Kindle and realized I had the wrong 'copy' of the first book.  I found the correct one on my computer and fixed that.  I took notes on things I need to change.  I've done small editing on both of the first two books but not major editing, yet.  I want to write down everything so I know what and where to edit when the time comes.

I did a bit of a leaf page in my bullet journal.  I went in my yard this afternoon after the walk and cemtery visits and collected some leaves.  I glued them in my bujo and then used mod podge to make sure they stayed.  I added some Halloween stickers.  It's a little Halloween spread that is totally different.  I like it!  Here is the spread and a few pictures from each of the cemeteries I visited.