Classical music Feed

Shortwave Sunday

I ordered a retractable antenna for my radio. I have one from years ago, but I could not find it anywhere! It was supposed to be in a box with all my Shortwave literature from years ago. Everything else was in there except that! The antenna came today and I have been trying it out. I don't think it makes a huge improvement, but it does help. Of course, the ceiling in my room is low. I would like to try it elsewhere. 

I did all my usual Sunday chores and wrote a bit between all this.  This evening, I was scanning the bands and was delighted to find some classical music. I stopped and listened. The announcer came on and he was British. I listened until the broadcast stopped. It was an hour of Classical music from a station in the UK! It seems that this program, Encore, is aired over a Miami station here in the states. Very cool. I'm glad I caught it! I have found several stations in Spanish, and I'm really hoping to run across a French one.  Also, a station from anywhere in the world with an English speaker would be cool, too. The Spanish stations are fun, but I have no idea what anyone is saying. I have pulled in several clear English language broadcasts but they are religious. D'oh! I'll keep the search going. That is the fun of SWL (Shortwave listening)

I didn't write as much as I planned today, but I got 1300 words and I set it up for tomorrow's writing so that is great. The rest of this evening, I'm going to try to relax. I'm still not sleeping well. I hope to change that tonight!  

November means NaNoWriMo!

I am off to a roaring start on Nano, too!  I already have 2600 words written!  Yeah, I got on a roll.  I had my coffee, my Macbook, and my iPod playing Classical music.  I might stop now and just continue on tomorrow.  I think I've gotten a good start.  I may cut the first part out and put it in after the part I've written.  I think the book would start off better with that at a later point.  I may just cut it and work it in after the part I've written.  I just introduced two new character and I'm happy with them already.  I guess I should take a break.  I'm already over my projected words for the day.  It's good to start out strong.  I'm going to edit what I have to see if I want to cut the first part out and redo it or just add it towards the end of what I've written.  I can't decide if I want to leave it the way it is.  

I have a major plot line planned for things that are going to happen in this book.  I have a character that is going to come in and cause all kind of problems.  I'm not sure how quickly to introduce him though.  We'll see.  Plus, I still haven't picked out his name yet! LOL!  I have a background for him, I just don't know what to call him yet.  Okay, I'm going to see if I need to rearrange that first part and then go update my first word count for this years NaNo! :D

By the way, I did my walk and workouts today as usual.  It was nice out there.  One of the places I walk is on a sidewalk through a nice neighborhood.  I saw a lot of candy wrappers from last night's trick or treating!  Same on these kids for tossing their litter down.  I DID find three things of wrapped candy that some kids dropped.  I check out the packaging, no holes, so I ate it. :p  I also found a little set of cute pumpkin stickers that some one had dropped.  Yay for cute stickers! :)