Coffee Feed

Starbucks to start off the month right.

Well, the drink was good, but the ordeal I had getting it.  Let me tell you.  They were busy as usual so I drove around the building to get in line.  Some old hag in a truck came and pulled up from the other side and got right in front of me.  I was not amused but I went ahead and got behind her.  Of course she was smoking. ~_~: I'm glad I didn't have to run the vent.  I kept my window up until I could get to the order box.

This is when the next bit of drama happened.  I ordered a Venti peppermint white mocha with caramel brulee sprinkles instead of the chocolate sprinkles.  This caused some confusion.  I think the girl taking the order was new.  I've ordered this before with no issues. I'm not one to get mad at the baristas, so I just patiently waited while she sorted it out.  She finally got it straight (she asked if I had said frappuccino, no I had not) and I went up in line.  Of course, the old hag in front of me had to order something that took forever.  

I finally get to the window and the girl takes my Starbucks card and I tell her it's with stars. That goes smoothly and she hands me my drink.  It's a peppermint white mocha all right. Only, she gave me a grande instead of a venti! :(. After everything that had happened, I just took it with a smile and went on my way.  It was delicious in any case.  I did not want the line to get any longer.  When I left, they were back further than they had been when I got in line so I was doubly glad I didn't get it fixed. I deployed a Munzee while I was out and then headed home.  

I wrote some on my other story tonight. I have some ideas of some other stories running around in my head.  These are old and much-loved characters so I am happy to get back to them.  

This day is loooong and it's not over yet!

My internal hard drive came today.  I unpacked it and opened the Macbook Pro and pulled out the old drive.  Then, I found that I had to get the screws from the sides of the drive to put in the new one to securely mount it.  I, of course, didn't have the right screwdriver!  I looked online and Lowe's had one that was a multi head one and it was only $10 so I left the computer and ran over there and got it. Easy peasy getting those little screws out then and I have a tool for future use!

I get the new drive in and turn on the computer to do the disk copy.  Well, disk utility is being snarky. I look up information and see it's a glitch with Disk utility in Catalina that causes this and to go get a clone software.  Oh no! I thought, more money.  I found Carbon Copy Clone and it has a free trial. It's a fully functioning trial, In other words, you can do everything as if it's the full version. YES! Thank you, CCC!  If I ever need you again I'll be happy to purchase the full version.  I'm currently in the process of copying the external to the new internal and I'm hoping that goes well. It took some doing to even get everything to start but it seems to be rolling along now.

While I that is running in the background, my mail lady came. (The hard drive came via UPS) My new tags for my car came! YAY!!!!!!!!  I went out to put the back one on and I was NOT going to put the new tag in the damn front window so I got some tools and sat down and worked on getting the tag holder on the front. I had to go slowly and work diligently so that I didn't mess up my bumper.  I also had to bring something outside to sit on because the ground is still wet and pretty saturated from all the rains.  I got the little holder on and then I went and found (after a search)  the screws to attach the plate to the holder.  I had put them in the little compartment in the new car in a Ziploc but of course, I had forgotten ALL about that.  I finally remembered and put my tag on.  I now have a car with front and back tags.  I'm so proud of myself.  My friend kept saying he was going to do it but it's been since July, so... 

I went out earlier before I knew I needed a screwdriver.  I knew via informed delivery that my new tags were coming today and I wanted to take my car over to Starbucks one more time with the STARBUX tags.  I got a Peppermint white mocha (delicious) and I took a picture of the car with the tags and Starbucks in the background.  I'm silly, I know but I don't care!

Of course with all the stuff I've been doing, I haven't written for NaNoWriMo yet.  I guess I'll be writing later this evening.  That isn't a problem at all.  I really want to work on my other story too, but NaNo work comes first!  The video I watched to make sure I was removing and installing the drive correctly gave links to the things he used.  He has a little 'case' to put the internal drive in to make it run like an external. I ordered one hoping I can access the drive.  I don't think I will be able to, but you never know! I'm hoping.  

Here are the pictures I took at Starbucks. :)


If you are wondering what the little blob is in the first picture on the upper right, it's LSP from Adventure Time! Oh, My Glob! lol

Hello from Wednesday!

So, I found a software that does recovery.  Sadly, it only lets you get so much back for free.  The price is expensive so I will only be able to get a little bit.  The good about this program is that I can save the search I don't have to do it again.  It's been scanning for HOURS and it is only at 66%. Ahhhhhhh! I might be able to get some important things with the limited version.  I also plan to keep the program in case I'm able to get a license to recover it all. 

I had to run out for a bit today so I headed to Starbucks! I had a prize from the summer game that was for 50% off a Frappuccino.  I wanted to use it as it runs out tomorrow.  I got a venti caramel ribbon crunch one for half off. It was very tasty!  I got my word count in for NaNo too.  I will hit 10,000 words tomorrow!!!  Whoo Hoo!  I am trying to decide where I want to get myself a pizza. It's now a tradition.  I hit 10,000 words on NaNo, I get pizza!  I'm ready for it now! :p

Day one complete!

I actually got a great start to this year's NaNoWriMo.  I have 2230 words!  It was easy to get back into the story and the characters.  I thought it would be harder since I've been working on my other story, but I jumped right in.  I am going to write some on the other story tonight, too. I have been busy today.  I went to Starbucks in the early afternoon and then came back here and wrote.  I put away the laundry I washed yesterday and washed my bed linen. It's in the dryer now.  I washed my hair and I'm currently posting this while sitting under the hair bonnet dryer.  I washed dishes, too.  I am extremely tired today.  My sleep last night was horrendous.  I woke up around 7 and had so much pain I couldn't go right back to sleep. I got up for a little bit and walked around and came back to bed and laid down.  I was finally able to get back to sleep, but I kept waking up.  It was not the best night.  

My day would have been great after getting Starbucks, but they gave me the wrong thing! :( I was so disappointed.  They were extremely busy so I didn't want to have to go in or go back through the line so I just came home with it.  They never and I mean, never get my order wrong. This was just not the day for that!  I am still doing daily Zeeops via Munzee and I was able to take care of today's mission while I was in line at Starbucks! lol My mission was to get 200 points by deploying or captured Munzees.  I have a virtual at Starbucks and I magnetized it for an hour.  It will bring Munzzess to the Munzee you magnetize and you can capture them.  They will be random ones so I can capture my own Munzee because it's not 'mine' for the times the random ones come.  It lasts for an hour or until three Munzzees are captured.  I was able to do that while in line. That was easy peasy and I'm glad because after getting the wrong drink, I was just ready to be home!

I am going to sit here until my hair is dry and then I'll worry about what I'm going to fix for dinner.  I'm very hungry, but I don't have anything I want.  I might break down and make a hash brown casserole, but I'm a bit reluctant since I JUST washed dishes! 


So, I didn't get to write yesterday because of being gone for so long.  I made up for it today.  I pounded out 3485 words!  If I can do that on my NaNo work during NaNo, it's going to be a breeze! LOL!  I was on a roll! I'm sitting at my MacBook Pro in my window where I usually work on NaNo. It was sunny earlier, but it is starting to cloud up a bit. The sky is starting to look dark and we may get some rain.  I'm glad I got my groceries earlier!

I wasn't going to the store today.  The grocery store is usually a madhouse on Saturdays, but it wasn't bad at all today.  I was able to get in and get what I needed with no problems and got lots of goodies.  I got plenty of good food and I got a few snacks too.  My brand of creamer was STILL out, so I found another one that is similar to mine.  Can't run out of coffee or creamer.  Even though I just opened a new bag of whole bean coffee, I bought another bag.  It's good to have extra on hand just in case.

As for food, I got the stuff to make my favorite meal, a hash brown casserole. I actually got enough to make two.  I found a brand of barbeque that I hadn't seen before and it was marked down because the date on it was in three days.  I thought I'd give it a try. My last attempt at store-bought barbeque was a disaster! It was just gross.  Runny and mushy and just ...bleah!  Hopefully, this will be better. It certainly looks better!

Welcome October!

It's the first day of the best month of the year. It is tradition (well except for a few months in early Covid times)that I go to Starbucks on the first day of the month to start the month off right.  I realized today that I had used my bigger amount of stars for a latte on National Coffee day.  I then realized that my card only had a little over a dollar on it. D'oh! Then I remembered that a Cafe Misto (which I've never tried) is only 50 stars.  I had enough for that, so I ordered in app to make sure it would only be 50 stars.  I made my first mobile order.  I added a few extras and I still got it for 50 stars.

I went over and got in line at the drive-thru and told them I had a mobile order.  I got to see one of my two favorite Baristas. I haven't seen her since before Covid.   It was good to see her.  I got my Misto and tried it.  I am not sure what I think.  I added some stuff and I think that affected my opinion.  If I order one again, I'll try a different combo.  It was ... I liked it, but I didn't?  It was strange.  I will try it again without one thing I added. I think that is what threw me off.

Anyway!  It was nice to try something new and I got my first of the month Starbucks. :) I'm not sure what the rest of the day will bring.  I don't have anything planned.  I hit a Pokestop while I was out so I don't need to worry about that.  I actually got it at the old Starbucks location that is nearby.  They still haven't updated the Pokestop to the new location.  I even put in a request in the PoGo app to change it but they haven't.  The location moved THREE years ago. D'oh!

National Coffee Day!

It's National Coffee Day!  I guess you know where I went to celebrate.  Yes, Starbucks! I hit the drive thru and got some hot delicious coffee.  I asked the Barista as I was leaving when they'd allow dining in again and she said they already did!  As long as you are wearing a mask when you are not eating or drinking.  I'm psyched!  I like to do at least one writing session in Starbucks during NaNoWriMo! :D 


Monday morning post

Hello, hello!  I got to bed around 1 am last night but I didn't sleep very well.  I woke up at 7:30 or so and got up long enough to take a early morning picture of the sky:


Pretty!  I don't get up early enough to take pictures like this so I was glad to get it.  I laid back down and tried to sleep.  I turned off my Fitbit alarm when it went off.  I still laid there a while and I finally got my booty up! I made a mediocre cup of coffee.  At least it's coffee! LOL!

I went out just a few minutes ago and took these:


As you can see it's a beautiful day here.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing today. We ordered Denny's from UberEats last night and it was delicious!  I built my own sammich! :p. Grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce, cheese, and bacon.  It was delicious! My friend ordered a burger and he said his burger was delicious too.  It was sooo good.  I know we'll be visiting Denny's while we are here. lol

I wanted to add one more picture. I took this last night on the beach with the Pixel.  I used 'night vision' on the camera settings.  I think it turned out nicely!



Welcome September!

It's the first day of September and it's starting off okay. It was cooler today so that was nice.  I had to run out and pick up a package for a friend and I needed to pick up my prescription.  I did that and then I headed to Starbucks!  I got myself a nice latte and then went and captured two Munzees and deployed one.  I headed back in after that.  My friend came after work to pick up his package and brought some KFC to share. Yum!  I even got to keep the leftovers. Score! :p

I took a picture of my delicious latte on my dash with Starbucks as the background.  Enjoy!


It was tasty if a bit too sweet. (My fault entirely!) I wish they'd bring back the Maple pecan latte! I want one!  

It's my birthday!

What did I do to celebrate?  I went to mail back my old phone.  I checked my box and had some letters.  I washed my car because it needed it and I was too lazy to do it at home! I left there and went to Starbucks.  I got my birthday drink.  I sipped on it and went to the park to sit by my favorite tree for a bit. I hung out in the park a bit and then went and got gas for my car.  I filled it up / topped it off and it was only $8 so that was nice.  I did take some pictures.  Two in the post office and one of the darkening sky when I was sitting in the park.




I thought it was going to rain, but it never did. The sky was pretty though!  My friend texted me from work and said he was bringing by a hoagie from a local place.  Steak and cheese. It was delicious!  It was a good birthday lunch.  What's for dinner?  My favorite, hash brown casserole! :D. Yum.  That is too delicious meals today.  The Starbucks was pretty darn good, too! :p

Sunday and Starbucks!

I went out this afternoon and went by Starbucks and treated myself to a latte and a sandwich!  I got a vanilla latte with caramel and a double-smoked bacon sandwich. Delicious!  I also washed my car while out. It has rained the past few days and I noticed mud on my car.  It was from where it rained so hard that it splashed on the car.  I decided while out to wash it.  I could have brought it back here, but I went by the car wash that has the 'all washes $5' and they were fixed and running!  

I didn't do anything else while out.  I ate my sandwich near the Starbucks and then headed to the car wash.  I sipped on my coffee and still had a little when I got home which I enjoyed in the car while watching my resident groundhog.  The little cutie came out from one of my outbuildings.  He tried to climb a little tree out there and fell off.  Poor guy!  He was okay, though.  He is such a cutie!

I went in the house and got the trash together and carried it to the can. I put it on the street for the trash trucks tomorrow.  I also noticed some branches down and carried them to the street too.  The grass needs mowing again, but it's still wet, so I'll have to wait until at least tomorrow for that.  I came in and put away the laundry I washed yesterday, tossed the bed linen in the dryer, washed my hair, and then sat down for a bit.  I got a lot accomplished.  I might read some, I'm not sure. I finally finished my current read.  I started in early last month!  I didn't pick it up as much as other reads, so it took me a long time to finish.  I am probably going with a zombie or post-apocalyptic book next.  I usually devour those pretty darn quickly!

OH! I forgot to mention that yesterday when I went to Reidsville, I set off a 'blast' on Munzee. It is the one that will capture up to 50 virtual Munzees that are in the area of up to a mile (or a bit over, I forget). Anyway! I did it and I got 50 virtuals.  Cool!  I was going to go around and deploy some physical munzees today, but I wanted to give everything a chance to dry out a little more!

Oops, impulse!

I just ordered another Fossil bag on eBay.  It was one I was looking at when I bought the cute little striped one.  I got an alert today that a bag on my watch list was about to end via auction. It was cheap and still at the opening bid, so I decided to bid on it. I won with the opening bid. Yay! It's another fabric one and a pattern I've wanted for a while now.  I'll take pictures when it gets here.

I ran to the grocery store today to get a few things I missed when I went earlier.  I participate in a program they have that when you buy x amount of something in different departments, you get some money back on a future trip. (Example, spend $30 in frozen, get $5 back.) I had enough rewards today that my total was free.  That was crazy! I didn't mind though! 

I got myself a treat at the store today. I bought a pint of ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but coffee ice cream. Yummy!  I used to get a coffee ice cream from Starbucks, it was in grocery stores. It was SO good.  I decided to give this a try.  I wish Starbucks still made it.  I haven't tried this yet, but I'm hoping it's good.  Coffee ice cream? How could it be bad? :P

Friday morning post

I am up a little early as I couldn't sleep. It's is another beautiful day here! The forecast was for thunderstorms and rain all day.  I'm glad it was wrong!  I took one picture of the beach and one of my setup here.  I am not sure what I'm doing today.  We'll see.  I might walk out to 17 again or I might walk up Ocean Blvd. or I might do a beach walk.  I haven't decided yet.  For now, I'm going to sit and relax a bit. I'll fix something to eat, drink some coffee and then decide!



Thursday morning post

Hello there!  It is nice and hot today at Myrtle Beach! The weather last night said it was supposed to be raining this morning, but it is definitely NOT raining!  I am not complaining one bit.  I was going to post this from the balcony, but it's hot as hell out there and I could barely see the screen. :p

I came in and I am not in airconditioned comfort but I can still see that beautiful ocean! It's definitely a lovely day and a big contrast to yesterday!  I am not sure exactly what I'm going to do today.  Walk or relax or...?  We'll see!  Right now I'm cooling off.  

I took three pictures today to share. Two of the ocean and one of my chair with my Macbook Pro and Starbucks tumbler of coffee.  Sadly it's room coffee and not Starbucks coffee, but you make do! :P




Wednesday afternoon post

Well, we went out and went up to North Myrtle Beach.  We went to the Goodwill up there and my friend went to a pawn shop and a guitar store.  We also went to Tuesday Morning.  I got washi. (like I really need more!) and a few other things for journaling.  I spent $18 and I have no idea how. LOL

I only got a package of Scotch tape at Goodwill.  LOL, It was new in pack two-pack of scotch tape for .50 so I bought it!  I didn't get a chance to look at a lot of other stuff because the section I like to browse in was full of people.  I was about to lose my temper, so I left!

On the way back into Myrtle, we passed a Starbucks with a drive-thru that wasn't busy and my friend stopped so I could get a latte.  It was delicious, too!  They didn't have cascara syrup either, oh well.  The drink I got was pretty darn good.  Another freebie with stars! I took a picture of the tops of some tress outside the pawnshop while waiting.  I also took a picture of the ocean from the room when we got back.  It's calmed down quite a lot.