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Letters but no lattes!

I sat down today and got my letters written and then went to mail them off. It's quite hot outside today.  I should have known when I was trying to sleep last night and it was so warm that I had to turn the air conditioning on!  It's been on all day today, too!  I was walking out the door to mail my letters and realized that one of them didn't have a stamp.  I ran back into the house and got a stamp and then went back to my car.  I drove down to the post office and ran in. I dropped my letters off and then checked my box.  I had five more letters waiting.  Well, four that I'll actually answer.  The fifth was from an inmate. ~_~;  I used to write a few of them, but they always get the idea that we are in a relationship and that is not going to happen. I don't want to date anyone on the outside either. LOL!

I had thought about going by Starbucks while I was out because I have a bunch of stars and I could have gotten a free drink, but I figured with it being Saturday, they would be really busy so I skipped it!  Plus it was hot and I have no air. I prefer hot coffee and today was not the day. If I had air, yes, but I don't.  Oh well! My stars don't run out anytime soon, so I'm good!



So, I have tried to get a refill for one of my meds for the whole week now!  The app and the website for my pharmacy were not working correctly. I also tried to do an automatic call to refill and still nothing.  I had to give up and actually call the pharmacy yesterday.  They said they'd call.  I thought, good, this will finally be over. Today, nothing.  So, I called my doctor's office. They are currently closed because of COVID-19.  I was able to talk to the answering service and was able to get a refill called in.  Luckily, they refilled it this afternoon and I was able to run down and pick it up.  Whew!

While I was out, I decided to take a chance and run over to Starbucks.  The line was pretty darn long, but I was able to get through the line pretty quickly.  I tried something new.  I got a Blonde vanilla latte. It was pretty good! Not as good as my Cascara, but it was tasty!  I'm not sure if it will be my new go-to drink.  I'll try several things and see.  


That puzzle was crazy. It took longer to finish than I thought it would.  It's very pretty though.  I was glad to get that done.  When I got done, there was one missing piece and I was getting irked.  Luckily, I found it so it is complete.  I went out for a bit. I thought I'd ride by Starbucks but wouldn't be able to go because I figured they'd be lined up around the building.  I go and no one is at the speaker!  I thought... hmm... So, yes, I got myself a latte.  It was so sad to look in as I was driving out and seeing all the tables and chairs all stacked up. I hope everything can get back to normal soon.  I totally understand the precautions going on an hopefully they will help. It's just so strange seeing so many places closed!

While I was out, I got a little bit of gas in my car.  I wasn't out or too low, but I figured I'd better get some just in case.  I did that and then headed home.  I didn't want to stay out too long. It was nice to get out for a bit.  I'm hoping my friend will want to walk again tomorrow.  The fresh air on the trail was so nice yesterday.  I figured he would need a day or two to recover. :p


Busy Sunday

Let's see, as of now, what have I done?  Well, I put away clothes I washed yesterday, washed my bed linen, washed my hair, washed dishes, and more! While I was washing dishes, I was heating up water to wash my hair.  It took longer to wash my dishes than I planned and the water was almost too hot.  It would have been awesome for the bath, though.   

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things I was out of.  I went to the checkout via the toilet paper aisle and it was totally wiped out.  The store was a bit busy, but not more than usual for a Sunday afternoon. I didn't notice anything else out, but I only went to a few places in the store so I could get in and get out.

While I was out and about, I went over to Starbucks to grab a delicious latte.  I wanted to get one just in case I am not able to get over there for a bit.  Some places in the city are closing for the next few weeks.  So far no retail places, but you never know and I wanted that latte!   It was delicious and I'm glad I went.  Plus, I was on a star streak so I got bonus stars for going. Win-Win!

I started a new puzzle today too!  It's pretty cool. It's not the Puzzlebug brand so the pieces are different and they are tiny!  It's not too bad though.  I have gotten a good deal of it done.  I could have probably finished it, but I want to make my puzzles last until next month.  Hopefully, by then, everything will be fully functional and I'll have the funds to buy more! Here is the current progress:



Only me!

So, my floor lamp has been blinking on and off lately.  I thought the bulb was about to go.  I checked the bulb and it was okay.  It didn't do it for a while and then today, it was flashing off and on and I couldn't take it.  It was making me sick so I turned it off.  I figured that my lamp must have a short in it.  I look at and find they have a lamp that looks a lot like the one I have.  It was only $8.99 so I drove over to get it.  I got it and one other item I needed, did self-checkout and headed out.  I was right there near Starbucks, so I went to the drive-thru there.  I decided to try something new since they don't have my cascara any more.  I gave the smoked butterscotch latte a try.  OMG, It was delicious! It was sweet without being overly sweet. This is what I loved so much about the cascara latte. This is definitely a new favorite.  I only got a tall to make sure I liked it.  I did! Delicious!

It was after 4 am when I finally laid down and tried to sleep last night so I've been pretty tired and out of it all day.  I did get a puzzle done though. It's a pretty scene, too!  I enjoyed working it.  While I was in the process of working it, my shoes came.  I tried them on and they fit fine.  I was distracted then, so I didn't really walk around in them much.  I'll try them out soon and see how they are.  I think they'll be okay.  They come with a spare set of insoles and a pair set of laces.  Pretty nice for $10.  Now that I see them in person, they are more red than pink.  I think I'll like them, but that all depends on how they feel when I wear them.

My friend had plans tonight, so I knew he wouldn't want to walk.  I hope he wants to go tomorrow.  I'd like to give them a try.  Ah! I got distracted by Starbucks earlier and forgot to finish my thoughts about the lamp.  So, I get it put together and plugged in and guess what? It is doing the same thing as the old one!  I noticed when I bought this one that it is supposed to take a three-way bulb.  The old lamp did too, but I never had an issue.  Well, I turned it off and ran up to Family Dollar and bought a three-way bulb and put it in the lamp.  No blinking!  So, I didn't need a new lamp, just the correct bulb.  That is okay, I can definitely use the old lamp in another room.  I just need another 3-way bulb.  I only bought one to make sure that is what the problem is. 

At Family Dollar, I also got a small table lamp. It was marked down to $4.  I have two just like it. I put it away for a backup.  Couldn't pass it up at that price.  I also got a few other things I needed and I got a couple of bags of Cheez Doodles. :p I
love my Cheez Doodles!  

So, there is a novel for you.  Here is the pretty puzzle:


Oh dear!

What a day! First of all, I was so tired when I got up even though I went to bed a little early last night.  I started a puzzle this afternoon and was working away on it when my friend texted and said he wanted to walk today.  I said, okay!  We did and it was nice.  We didn't get to walk a long way, but we did walk for about an hour and it was nice to get back into it.  He dropped me off and I called my other friend to see if she perhaps wanted to go to Starbucks. :p   She said she was going to carry her son so he could pick up food so I rode with them and we went by Starbucks too!  Guess what they don't have anymore? Yes, my cascara syrup. I was so sad.  I decided to try something different.  I got a blonde cafe latte.  It was okay, but it wasn't as good as my beloved cascara. I'll be on the search for the perfect replacement!

Since I was interrupted, I didn't finish the puzzle today.  That is okay, I'll finish it tomorrow.  I would have finished it today if hadn't gone out and then as soon as I got home turned around and went out again!  I'll post a picture of the puzzle below. I'm also going to share a few pictures of the trail.  I was able to get a picture of one of the fallen bridges.  It's been messed up for well over a year!  The other bridge that is gone was too far behind barriers for me to get a picture.  



That bridge is toast!  I hope they are planning to fix it along with the other one.  The other bridge was a wooden one with metal sides.  This one was was concrete.  It just washed away in the hurricane rains in 2018.

Starbucks on a Sunday? Perhaps.

I haven't decided yet.  I have my bed linen in the dryer.  The load of clothes I washed and dried last night are mostly put away. I have a little bit more to put away.  I was heating up water to wash my hair while I was folding and carrying my stuff off and it finished so I decided to stop my folding and wash my hair. I'm currently under the hair bonnet dryer.  I am deciding if I want to go to Starbucks or not. I could definitely use some!  LOL!  I am so out of it today.  I hate the time change. My Fitbit went off at the usual time this morning but AGAIN I was dreaming and it was part of my dream.  I woke up 5 minutes later and looked at the clock to see if I had a few more minutes and realized what had happened.  I laid there a bit longer and at the 10 minute mark, it went off again.  I got up groggily and made my way to fix some coffee. I definitely needed it today!

I got my puzzle out and did it this afternoon. It was a bit harder than the yarn one, but I was able to finish it in a few hours.  I'll share it below.  I looked at the 300 piece Puzzlebug ones last night and saw that they are the same dimensions as the 500 pieces ones with just bigger pieces.  That will be fun.  These little puzzles are cute, though!


This one was all different colored scarfs.  It wasn't as hard I was thinking, but it wasn't the easiest puzzle ever either. I did enjoy it though!  I'll finish my hair drying and then get some other things done.  I might go to Starbucks as I stated in my blog post title.  We'll see!  It is warmer today, so it might be a good day to see my favorite Corgi over there.  Of course, being a warm day, it's going to be fun to try and get a hot drink.  If I had air conditioning in my car, it would be okay, but I don't, so, we'll see!  Maybe I'll break down and get a frappuccino. Who knows?

Monday funday!

Well, sort of! It was overcast today and it was drizzling when I was out earlier but it wasn't too bad.  I got my puzzle finished today and I was sitting here thinking I'd love to go to Starbucks and get a latte.  I also wanted a birthday cake pop!  I went over and got both.  My cascara latte was delicious as always and the cake pop was amazing, too!  Nice combination.  Yum.

A funny thing happened after I finished the puzzle today.  I usually tape them together after working with them.  Today I didn't do it right away and when I came in my room with my lunch, I went to grab the puzzle and put it on my desk until I could put it where I keep them.  Well... I hadn't taped it.  Oops! Luckily, I only messed up a small corner so it was a  quick fix.  I'm glad I realized what I was doing before I messed the whole thing up!  



I guess you know where I just got back from, right?  I decided to go to Starbucks to get the complete set of heart-shaped gift cards.  I got them.  I also was able to pick up nine other new cards.  That was a good trip!  I almost missed one of the heart-shaped cards and the nine cards.  I had looked through all the ones at the counter and found four out of five of the heart cards.  While I was waiting on my drink, cascara latte, I saw the ones I had missed.  They were at the back with some of the tumblers and stuff.  There had been a couple there when I came in so I couldn't see the cards.  I was happy to find my last card to complete my set and to get the new cards.  It was great and I got a cascara latte! :)