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Colorful drawers!

I decided to give my little rolling drawer cart a pop of color today. It was easy. I cut paper to size and then used different color Post-it notes on each paper to make each drawer have a different color. I really love the way it came out. Here is a close shot of it and a picture of how my desk looks with the cart. It's very neat and orderly. I love it.



I am aware the lighting sucks, but you get the idea! :p

Saturday again

Yeah, boring title, boring post!  I didn't do much today. I did my writing for Camp NaNoWriMo of course. I went out and got the front lawn mown so that is done. I also did a load of laundry. I've been tired all day and I am so sleepy. I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm hoping to break that cycle tonight. The other thing I did today was finally put away a bunch of my thrift finds that have been stacking up. I need more room or that craft cart I mentioned. :p


I got into fixing the drawers on my little rolling craft cart last night. I meant to only pull a few out and see if I could try a fix and then ended up working on every drawer and repairing them the best I could. I truly wish I could get a complete set of replacement parts for it.  Some of the pieces have fallen off over time and I've lost some. I was able to get a lot of repairs done to it and it's looking a lot better. The drawers now fit in their slot and are not all willy-nilly!  I still want to work on it a bit more if I find more pieces.  If I knew what to look for at Amazon, I would look up parts and replace them myself!  Anyway, that is what I got caught up in last night. I didn't even stop for dinner!  The drawers are now a lot more sturdy and I hope to work on them again at some point. I did clean a bunch of unnecessary stuff that had gotten tossed in there over time. That will help too! I want to have an area for all my crafting things.  I REALLY need a place to keep everything together and organized. That is my goal. I would show you the repaired cart, but it's in my messy closet. That is another thing I need to work on. I had it somewhat organized not too long ago and it's back to the way it was. OOPS!  I wish I had the money and the space for that cool craft center that I've seen. It folds up when not in use. It has space for everything! I can dream, right?

Saturday again... I think... ha ha

Yes, my days are a bit mixed up since my friend and I did our Friday trip on Thursday. Oh well, I did do my laundry today as I should have on a Saturday, so that is good. I even cleaned up a bit and washed the few dishes I had. I also FINALLY put away the ton of dishes I washed last Sunday. lol Oops!  Yeah, I kept putting it off, it's done now and I just hope to put away the few I washed today before next weekend. :p

I made more envelopes today. That is so much fun and they look great, too. I already addressed a stack of them and I hope to write my pen pals tomorrow or Monday and get a stack of mail out.  I need to run by the post office and check my box for any new letters. I know I have some, as I get Informed Delivery. I just need to run and get them. I had an unexpected errand today and should have gone by there then, but I didn't. What was the errand? I caught a tiny little mouse in my room today and I carried him to the park to release him. He was so cute!  Want to see him? I carried him down there in an old McDonald's cup. 


Look at that little cutie pie!  I hope he likes his new home and lives a good long life there. :)

Another day done

I didn't go out today or really do much of anything. Well, that isn't entirely true. I did a load of laundry and washed a ton of dishes. I was so glad to get those done. I say every time that I'm going to wash them as I go and I start off doing that and then forget and don't. Oops. I meant to mention that I made a pocket folder for my TN yesterday. I took a regular file folder and cut it to the size of one of the notebooks, then put the pockets in with a part of the folder I cut to make it.  I then taped that together and then covered the outside with washi to give it some character. I think it turned out nicely. It will be nice to have a pocket in there to save things.  I have made similar ones before. A few for my B6 TN and one for another one of my TNs.  Here is this one I made yesterday.


Simple, easy, and cute!  This TN has strings for four notebooks but I don't want to overload it so I am only using three, I used the fourth string to put this one in there between the second and third notebook. I like it.  

Tuesday is thrifting day.

I wasn't sure if my friend wanted to go thrifting today or not. He didn't mention it when we went walking yesterday. He texted me when he got off work today and said if we were going he was going to go straight home from work and then come right on.  He did and we headed out.  We went to Reidsville to Salvation Army first.  I got a pair of shoes for the beach. I'm not a fan of sandals or flip-flops, but I had told myself if I found a nice pair I'd buy them for the beach. I did. They are pretty nice, too.  We went and ate at Bojangles and then went to the Goodwill in Reidsville. I found a blank journal, a wooden snowman thingee, and a Starbucks Bodin french press. ^___^ I am always happy to add things to my Starbucks collection so I was very happy to find this!  We went to Mayodan and I found a cute nurse's clipboard. It's metal and it folds in half to save space, pretty neat, I got some candles in there, a net laundry bag, a disk planner (it's academic for '20-'21 but I can redate it or buy another set to go in it. I have a mini-disk one but I didn't have a full-size one! :) I found one more thing in there.  On the top shelf in one section was a Keurig box.  I pulled it down to look and it was heavy! I thought it was a Keurig at first but then I saw a lot of divider boxes in it.  I thought it might be beads or jewelry-making supplies and it was $10 so I bought it. It IS jewelry-making supplies and beads! It's very organized too, a dream for me as I love things organized. It even has a couple of little bed design mat/boards in there!  Very cool and it has a lot of stuff in that box.  Worth well over the $10 I spend.  I already have a lot of beads and a little bit of jewelry making stuff, now I have tons. I might even try my hand at making some and opening an Etsy shop! ^_^ We'll see.  When I say it's a lot of stuff, it's a LOT of stuff!  Look:]


On the top row, you see the two bead design boards

The two plastic divider cases on the left are jewelry-making supplies, the three plastic handle boxes on the right are beads. Each different kind of bead is in its own little case inside the big case. So organized. and so very neat.  The little bag has a few odds and ends including some beading 'thread' for bracelets. It was a great haul!  We also went to the Walkertown Goodwill. I found a wallet, an old version of Password, another pair of beach shoes, and a black zip-up bag full of ink pads! This was a nice find as I have a lot of stampers and I can always use more ink pads. It was a pretty decent trip. I think I am broke now, though! Lol

It was like this....

I actually had the blog posting option open on my laptop last night to post.  I was working along on some of my writing.  I had gotten my days NaNo session done and had worked on the other story I've been writing.  I got on a roll on that one and when I finally took a breath and looked at the clock, it was after midnight. D'oh!  So, I didn't post here last night as I planned, but here I am tonight.

I have been gone all day on a thrift run.  My friend got off at noon and he and I went on our thrift run, Reidsville, Eden, and then Martinsville.  I got a lot of goodies and some useful things, too! I found a wireless mouse almost exactly like the one I have brand new for $2.99.  I don't need one now, but it never hurts to have a spare.  It is Logitech just like the one I use every day with my MacBook Pro.  I like the wireless ones a lot.  I got four candles, a lot of crafting stuff (card stock, scrapbook papers, a whole bag of assorted stampers, and some envelopes and notepads.  I also got other assorted things. It was a good run. In the last Goodwill, there was one of those metal pencil/pen holders that had pencils in it.  Brand new, Ticonderoga pencils just chilling in it.  I picked it up and got the pencils and the container for .99¢!   I love Ticonderoga pencils so 24 brand new ones in a pencil cup? Yes, please!  One of the useful things I got was a George Foreman grill in the Salvation Army store in Eden. The inside looked brand new.  Mine has gotten where the coating is starting to come off (the non-stick stuff). I saw this one for $7.99. I plugged it in and the light came on so I figured I would take a chance with it working.  I was going to replace mine with a new one but this was a lot cheaper!  If it works, that will be great.  It was a fun trip and I came home and unloaded all my goodies, looked through them, and then got to work on today's NaNo session.  I hit my 10,000-word mark yesterday! Yay!

I may write a little on my other work.  I am running another disk recovery app on the Mac. I'm hoping it will let me recover at least my old Scrivener files and THIS time, I'd definitely going to back them up on Dropbox and the MBP! I started the lately scan today before I left and it's still running.  That is over ten hours so far! Sheesh! The bad thing with this one is there is no progress bar.  I hope it's still scanning away.  Who knows?

Traveler's Notebook in the park

I finally got to take some pictures of my new TN and I also took a few photos of the Foxy with the new 'dashboard' I created!  To get more info on each picture just click on it. It explains what is in each picture.  I hope you enjoy!


A5 TN and B6 Foxy Fix

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Slow Sunday

It's Sunday yet again and I'm currently washing my bed linens.  I was about to toss them in the wash when I realized that I washed a load of laundry last night and left it in the dryer after it dried so now I have to get that out to finish my bed linen. D'oh!  I was in the kitchen (where the washer and dryer are) and was about to start my bed linen drying when I realized.  I already had my pot of water on the stove to warm for washing my hair, so I just decided I'd wash it, dry it and then fold the laundry and dry the bed linen.

I started a new puzzle today.  It's a Puzzlebug one and I'm happy about that.  They just seem to be the best quality puzzles I've found that I can get at Dollar Tree.  The pieces are a decent size, they interlock well, and they are nice.  I'm currently working one with a lot of sky and a lighthouse.  I got a good portion done before stopping.

As soon as my hair is done drying, I will be working on putting away laundry.  Yes, I'm currently sitting under the hair bonnet dryer.  See my setup:


That is the puzzle in the background. Here is what I've done so far:


It's going to be another pretty one.  After I get the laundry put away and my bed linen in the dry, I'm going to relax for a bit.  I might read or work on more things to add to my Foxy Fix.  I love that thing so much.  The first time I ever saw a FF that was the Sugar Coconut, I fell in love.  I wanted a Foxy and I wanted a Sugar Coconut.  They aren't on the site anymore so I'm thinking it's a retired color.  I would see them from time to time on buy/sell sites but never a size I wanted of if it was the right size, it was too expensive.  When I saw this one, and the price with shipping being $20 I couldn't believe my luck.  It's b6 and that is just a bit smaller than A5.  I like A5 size and this is so close that it's perfect.  I am so happy I found the right size notebooks for it.  I just want to make another folder.  Since I have three inserts, I would like to have three folders.  I have the two folders I made in the Foxy.  One is behind notebook two and the other is at the back behind notebook 3.  I want to make one more and put it behind notebook one.  They are so easy to make with file folders that I already have on hand.  :)

Saturday again...

Well, my friend said we might walk today and I was looking forward to that.  We didn't walk.  D'oh!  Oh well!  I did some crafting.  I made a folder for my Foxy Fix and I modified the one I made last night.  I now have two cute handmade folders.  Both were made from file folders.  I used washi on both and some scrapbook sheets on the other.  I think they turned out quite nicely.