Dick and Willie Passage Feed

Thursday again...

So, I got in my regular walk today.  I came home and did my workouts.  My friend suggested we eat and walk, so I waited to eat lunch.  We went to one of our favorite local restaurants and ate.  It was good, too!  Afterwards, we went to Martinsville to hit that trail again.  We parked where we did last night, but went in a different direction.  It was pretty along the way we went.  So far it's been my favorite part of the trail.

We stopped by the Goodwill up there before walking. I only found one thing.  I love the card game Phase 10.  I found a tin with Phase 10 Masters. Its a different way of playing Phase 10.  I thought that would be fun so I got it.  It was a whole .59! My friend and I that used to go to Starbucks alot would play card games in there.  I had a bag in my car with Uno, Skip bo, Phase 10, and other card games.  I figured we could try this out sometime.  

I didn't go buy groceries or any of my other first of the month things. I did pay my bills.  I have to go get groceries, supplies, stamps, and gas tomorrow.  I decided to wait since my friend wanted to walk, and I didn't feel like going today anyway!  I almost went to the grocery store this evening, but I didn't want to bother so late. I'll go tomorrow after my walk and workouts.  I am going to budget myself so I don't go crazy overboard this trip.  I spent WAY more than I planned to last month!


I am tired!  I got in my regular walk today.  I came home and did my workouts and my French lessons.  I am trying at another site to add to my French learning. My friend texted and said he'd pick me up at 5 and we'd eat and go for an adventure.  He also told me to wear my walking shoes!  I did.  He picked me up and we went to a local restaurant and then went to Martinsville, Virginia to a walking trail.  It's called the "Dick and Willie Passage"  No, I'm not making that up! :P  It is a nice little trail. We only walked about 1.5 miles of it and turned around and came back so our walk was a little over 3 miles.  It's a nice little trail and definitely something different!

We did that and then came back to Danville.  He dropped me off a few minutes ago.  My poor feet are so tired and they hurt.  I am trying to decide it I want to go soak in the tub or just plop on the bed with my Kindle!  I haven't decided yet. My Fitbit has left Roanoke Virginia.  It's UPS smartpost, so UPS won't deliver, USPS will.  That makes it take an extra day.  As of now, it says that it should be delivered on Saturday. I am hoping it updates and comes tomorrow.  I tried to get the delivery changed to the local UPS office, but it wouldn't let me change it.  Oh well.  I just want it to get here.  I want to try it on and see how I like it!  AHH!

I'm so totally sleepy.  I had four cups of coffee today.  Two at home and two at the restaurant.  They have good coffee.  I would have had three cups, but we didn't stay long.  We wanted to get to the trail.  We stopped at a Goodwill in Martinsville and I got a ceramic Jack o lantern, a bowl, and a vintage book from Southern Living magazine books.  It still has all the cards in the back to give to your friends so they can buy the book. It's from 1984!  It's pretty cool. It's called: Marcia McAlister's with house in hand...I love old stuff like that. It originally was 9.95 plus shipping. I paid a whole .49!

I found it on Amazon if you want to see!  It's listed for a lot more than I got it for. :P  HERE