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Hello from Monday!

Another day down. Last night after I got off of here, I loaded the new stickers from DPC to my iPad mini. They are so cute! I love all of her stuff. I added a category on here for DPC Digitals. I hope to go back through and use it for any post I've mentioned them. If you want to check them out yourself, go


You can also find the link in my link list on the side. The site has a link to the Etsy shop and a TON of digital freebies. There are a lot of things on there and it's a great way to get into digital planning.  You can thank me later! :)


Yes, it's Sunday and I did my usual. I washed my hair and my bed linen so they would both be clean! :p I also paid all my bills, got lunch out while doing errands, and bought two cute sets of Halloween stickers from DPC Digitals. I love all over her stuff. It's all so cute! I am going to import them into GoodNotes after I get the linens back on the bed. That is next on today's to-do list.  I would have liked to toss a nap in somewhere but I didn't! I also wrote a bunch today. I was on a roll. I love when that happens. I wrote 3712 words. Whoo hoo!

Monday early evening post

I'm currently on the balcony with my laptop, iPad mini, phone, and other assorted goodies! I haven't left the room yet today.  I took a little nap earlier after that first post. I have eaten leftover pizza and we ordered some cheesesteaks and I finished mine a bit ago. I've been sitting out here enjoying the sounds and sights of the ocean. It's lovely again today.  I wrote. I got a good deal done and I plan to write some more. I did write yesterday, but it wasn't very much as I was so tired. I was glad to get more done today.  I took a nice bath today. Whoo-hoo! That was very nice as I can't do that at home.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of tonight. I'm planning on staying out here for a while. I've been using my digital planner and having a great time making a memory book (digitally) of this trip. I love digital planning!  I will walk on the beach later as I did last night. Last night it was mainly walking out, put my feet in the ocean a bit and come in. I hope to stay out a bit longer tonight as I'm more rested after my nap. I needed that nap!  So, here are a few pictures for me to share with you and I'll be back either later tonight or tomorrow. :)


Starbucks on a Sunday

I've used that as a title before. :p  So, it's the first of the month. I went to Starbucks. I got a tall flat white and it was pretty damn delicious.  Our local Starbucks is out of a lot of things.  I was trying to figure out what to get before I went. I settled on the flat white. It was very good!  I got to start in the monthly digital planner and it's so nice.  I also bought seven digital sticker sets from DPCDigitals! :) I have put a bunch of them in GoodNotes but I have more to go.  I'm really liking the digital planner I got from them.  I am pretty sure I'm getting one of their dated 2022 planners.  I think I'm going totally digital for 2022. I can even make a digital bullet journal. That will be fun!


Doesn't that look delicious? So much foamy goodness.

I'm not dead!

I am so sorry for not posting in so long. I don't know how the time got away from me. I was thinking it had only been about a week, it's been almost two! D'oh!  There have been a few thrift trips since I last posted.  I found some goodies as always.  I realized my Starbucks tumbler collection was growing at an incredible rate, so i decided to do something about it!  I have a china hutch in a room in my house that was full of miscellaneious dishes.  I cleared those out and it now holds the majority of my Starbucks tumbler collection. There are still about 10 that I didn't put in.  I also did put in mugs or ceramic tumblers.  It looks nice and there is plenty of room for more. I put the French press in there, too! (The Starbucks one of course)

I have been writing on my Camp NaNoWriMo work and have long since past the 50,000 mark.  I am trying to decide what I'm going to do for actual NaNoWriMo in November. I have been re-reading some of the last zombie book I wrote and I may right the next book in that series. I just have to figure out what happens next. 

Again, sorry for not posting in so long. I have been enjoying the heck out of digital planning and I adore eerything I have gotten from DPCDigitals. Either the freebies or the things I've bought.  I get to use my one month planner I bought from them on Sunday. Yay!  I will try to remember to put a link to them in my links on the sidebar.  If you are new to Digital planning, they are the best. You can get so many freebies and their stuff in their Etsy store is very reasonably priced. Check them out!

Digital planner bliss?

Well, I found this one site that does a LOT of digital freebies and when I say a LOT, I mean a lot!  They have an Etsy shop too. I have gotten a ton of freebies from the site and I've bought two sticker packs from them and a one-month planner. I love everything!  They are great. All the things are so pretty and colorful and I love them. I'm going to use the month planner in August (and set it up again for each month until December) I hope to get one of their undated ones or a 2022 one. We'll see.  So far I'm loving everything.  I bought a coffee sticker set and a weather sticker set.  All the designs are adorable.  The freebies are excellent, too.  Want to check them out? Of course, you do! 


DPC Digitals 

You will NOT be disappointed! Here is a fun page I made with some free and paid stickers from the shop:


How cute are those stickers?????


I am still searching for the best digital planner.  I have several I've looked at on Etsy. I can't decide which is the best for me. I've been searching for free ones too to try out different types. I might end up making my own. I did make myself a daily page, so I might put together a planner for 2022.  If I can't find a premade undated one that I love, that is probably the way I'm going. I might look into dated 2022 ones too.   I have found a lot of cool sticker freebies and several nice undated planners, but none exactly like what I want.  I'll keep looking and I'll be searching Etsy again, too.  

Looking for the perfect one....

I have been looking through a bunch of digital planners, both paid and free. I'm trying to find the perfect one. I found a few I really like on Etsy. Two from the same shop.  I like two of her planners that are very similar. I can't figure what is different about them except for colors and maybe a few things in them. I wish there was a comparison thing for them.  I did find a few freebies and loaded them to the iPad so I'll be checking those out later. I'd like to find the perfect undated planner that I can use over and over.  Just make a new clean copy each year. I know what I want and I know I'll know when I see it. The two I'm looking at are almost perfect, but I can't decide.  I am trying to go digital to save money and paper.  There are so many digital planners out there! Ah!

Digital planning is fun!

I've been having fun with it that is for sure. I've found some great freebies to try and I've made a few things of my own.  I created a 'daily' page that I've been using for a few days. It's pretty simple, but I really like it.  I have also drawn a few stickers for myself! I can't draw very well at all, but I was able to make myself a jack o lantern sticker, a snowman sticker, a coffee cup sticker, and my tracing, an LSP sticker! :D  I want to try a Jake one too.   Maybe I can learn to draw better. I am also working on my handwriting. It's not great with a pen and paper, but it's worse with a tablet! :p I'm enjoying it though. 

If you want to get an email when I post, I have added a box on the right for you to sign up to do that. Enjoy!