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Day One done!

I have completed the first day of NaNoWriMo! I wrote earlier today and then realized that part of its sucked. I knew there was going to be a kick off write-in / meet up tonight with the group I do the weekly write. Ins with during NaNo. Sadly, I found out that it was on Zoom and not Facebook. I don’t have Zoom and don’t want it, so I will just wait and go to the first write in on Thursday night. :). By the way, I cut a huge portion of today’s writing, edited, rewrote a part and ended up with 21 more words than my first total. I also found some cute digital stickers on Etsy that are NaNoWriMo inspired. 

I totally forgot that I always go to Starbucks on the first. Guess who didn’t get any Starbucks today? D’oh!!!!!!!

November done! :)

I set up November last night. I got the entire month of daily pages done and my trackers too. I almost went ahead and did December, but I didn't. :p. I didn't get to it as soon as I had planned last night either, so that had something to do with it.

My friend and I did our usual Reidsville trip today. I found three matching Starbucks mugs from 2008! :D. They are cool. I've never seen these before and I found three. That was a happy find. This is a picture of the exact same one I found on Google.


I almost missed it. I went up that aisle and looked at the cup as an afterthought, then, I thought I saw "Starbucks" on it. Look again and sure enough, it was! I have found two Starbucks cups before, but never three. Also, I love that these are from 2008! They are in terrific shape to be that. old. A nice addition to my collection!

Setting up November!

Yes, it's time to set up November in my digital planner. The one I used for 2022 does not have daily pages, so I create a month at a time and put them in there myself. She actually has templates for the daily pages to choose from. I grab my favorite one and then add the day and date to them. I  then will have them in order for the month. I'm going to work on that as soon as I post this. I am not sure what theme I'm going with for November. I'll look through the million sticker sets I've bought and figure it out. :p

The planner I'm planning on using next year has the dailies already done. I bought it in July to see if I liked the planner as much as I thought from seeing it and I do. I love it! I will be using that in 2023 (well the new one for 2023) and love it. I might still use an undated planner from the other place as I like to have monthly pages and she has them. :)


I totally forgot to post yesterday. I don't know what happened with that. I did my grocery shopping yesterday and that was a pain so maybe that was it! lol. I really needed to go, so I'm glad I did. I bought some chicken to make in the Instant Pot. I thought it was. nice size package with a bunch of chicken breasts in it. It was packaged with three HUGE chicken breasts. I mean HUGE. LOL. They were so big, that I used two in the IP with some bbq sauce and froze the other one.   I will fix it later. I SHOULD have cut it into small portions but I didn't think about it at the time. Oops.

I washed my dishes today and that was another thing I needed to do! I have to mow the front again either tomorrow or Sunday.  I don't want to do that either, but it has to be done.  I am glad I remembered to blog today! My favorite digital planner shop on Etsy, DPCDigitals released the CUTEST sticker sets today. I bought them and I love them. I decorated today's daily page with some of them. Her stuff is literally SO CUTE and she has a ton of freebies on her website too! Check that out if you are new to digital planning and want to try it out.

So tired

I slept horribly last night and I've been dragging all day. I really needed to go to the grocery store, but that did not happen. I am hoping to go tomorrow, though. I did get some writing done and it might not be my best because of just how damn tired I was!  Oh well, I can go over it tomorrow and edit it. At least I wrote. That is the important thing! 

I did get all my daily pages set up in my journal for next month. It's ready to go and looks so cute. I just love all of DPCDigitals things! I'm using a 2022 planner, I add the dailies myself. She gives you four different templates to make your dailies, so each month I pick the template and put it in there and that is what I use to digitally plan. It's fun and easy.

Sunday is for Starbucks

Well, when the Sunday falls on the first of the month it is!  I went to Starbucks to get my first of the month jolt start. I got a nice Peppermint white mocha and yes, it was delicious!  I finished Camp yesterday. The story has a lot more to it, so I'll pick it back up in July for that Camp. As for now, I'm back to the work I was doing before Camp. It wasn't as hard to get back into it as I was thinking. I meant to do a review of a lot of it last night and got caught up in another old story I wrote. Oops! Oh well, it didn't affect my writing today, so that was good. I actually got a bit over 1800 words done on it, so I am pleased!

My regular Sunday chores are moving along nicely. I have my hair washed, my bed linen is in the washing machine. I need to get the laundry out from yesterday from the dryer so I can move the linens over.  I took the trash out and took the can to the street as it's stuffed.  It's a huge can, so I only have to actually put the can on the street once a month or so.  I am going to be putting away the laundry after I finish this post and get the bed linen in to dry. I want to do some work on my digital planner in GoodNotes.  DPCDigitals, my favorite shop for digital goodies dropped some cool things in the newsletter so I want to import them into GoodNotes and play a bit.  I just need to get the laundry sorted first and then I'm free to play a bit until I have to put the bed linens back on the bed. I'm trying to get things done earlier today so I'm not putting the linens back on the bed after 10 pm! :P


My friend and I decided to head back to Reidsville hoping we'd be able to find the pot for my Instant Pot. No luck on that, but I did find the little condensation catcher behind some things on a shelf! :D The same guy that checked us out last night was there and we told him about the missing items and that we'd found this one. He let me keep it since it went with the pot. I was very happy to find it. The replacement inner pot I bought comes tomorrow and I can't wait to try it out. :) The only thing I won't have that came with it originally is the rack for steaming and I'm very unlikely to use the steamer anyway. Maybe someday I'll find one second-hand. For now, I'm happy. I did find some cute Valentine's day cards in a little pack. I am going to send those to my penpals when I write letters soon. That will be fun to add. I hope they like them. I do, they are cute!

I added an Instant Pot section to my digital cookbook last night. I think I mentioned this last night, too.  Oh well! I did put on a recipe in there last night. One for cooking a batch of brown rice. I'm going to look up something fun and simple to try tomorrow. I don't have any brown rice in the house now, so I can't try that one. :p I do have some frozen chicken and some sauces, I might try something like that. I wish that replacement pot would come. I want to try it. Ahhh!


Tuesday Thrift

My friend and I did a small thrift today.  We went to Reidsville to Salvation Army and Goodwill. I found a cute SakRoots bag and a small tube of washi at Salvation Army.  At Goodwill, I found a little immersion heater. You can warm up your coffee with it. I will probably never use it, but it was only a dollar. I did see something in there I've wanted for a long time. An Instant Pot. They had one that looked practically brand new. They wanted $15 for it. I was going to pass even though I really wanted it.(Low on funds) My friend got it for me. Yay! I didn't realize until I got home that it's missing two things. Well, three, I knew that it had no power cord, but I had a spare, so that wasn't an issue.   It's missing the little pot you put in to cook in and the little thing that snaps on the back to collect the condensation. That, I'm sure isn't a big deal, but the missing pot is! I was able to get on on Amazon cheap since I had a gift card. It's coming on Thursday. I can't wait to try it out! I plugged it in and it comes on so I'm positive it will work. The protective plastic is still on the front display, too. I'm so happy to finally have an Instant Pot! It's the small one, a 3 quart one. Since I live alone, this will not be an issue! I am already searching for recipes and I added an 'Instant Pot' section to my digital recipe book. Now I just need to fill it. :) This little guy retails for about $70 so even with me having to get the pot, I got a great deal. I will add a category to the blog named Instant Pot and use it when  I mention it or things I make in it. I can't wait to get started. :)



No thrift

We thought about going today and decided against it. We probably would have been okay as it's almost 7 and so far we've only gotten rain. Oh well. I was nice to not have to go out today.  I am going to play around with some new releases I bought from DPC Digitals on my Mini and I have more writing to do. I was in the zone writing earlier and was interrupted so I'm going to have to get back into it to write more. I should be able to, if not, I did get a bit over one thousand words. I have been writing a lot more than that daily, but that will be okay if I can't get back in the groove. 

I decided instead of sitting at my desk until bed, I just moved everything to my bed. LOL, I have my laptop here and my Mini and everything I need so that is good. See.


After I post this, I'm going to try to get back in my writing groove. I want to do that and I also hope to see some snow tonight! :)

Wednesday, right?

Yeah, it's been one of those weeks. lol, I didn't leave the house today. It wasn't as nice today as it was yesterday.  It almost got up to 60˚ yesterday. A heatwave! Today's high was 41˚ so yeah. Oh well, that's winter for you! I didn't do much today. I did write and I am starting a digital cookbook on my iPad Mini! :)  I bought a notebook from DPCDigitals and I am going to make it into a cookbook. She actually has cookbooks, but I wanted a bit of a different design, so I bought one of her notebooks and I'm creating my own. It only has two recipes as of now. I have many more that I want to add that I have saved in Evernote.  The recipe page looks so neat, I love it. I like that I can design it however I want.  

I copied the picture of the dish from the website that had the recipe. I then copied the text and pasted it into GoodNotes. It looks great. I love creating digitally because it saves paper and I can fix mistakes so easily.  Here is an example of one of the pages:


I zoomed in and cut out the actual notebook around the page.  I think this looks great and I can have a consistent look throughout.  The font is KG Seven Sixteen if you are interested. I got it at one of the free font sites. I think it's a cute font. The recipe is from the Taste of Home website. The tiny text at the bottom says Recipe from Taste of Home website. I hope to do that on recipes to show where I found them.


I never meant to stop posting. I actually meant to try to post more regularly this year. D'oh!  I was going to post this last night, but I was extremely tired, felt like crap, and just wanted to relax. I even went to be early!  I'm feeling a lot better today, so I thought I would try to get a blog post out so maybe I could get back in the habit of it! My city and area is under a winter storm advisory. It's gone from a dusting to up to 12 inches, to 3 inches, to 6 inches, etc. Who knows what we'll actually get? :p  I am prepared in case. I have my power box thing ready and I'm charging another one I have too. I also have candles set aside, Sterno, and my little Sterno stoves. I'm ready in case we do have a power outage. My one power thingee is almost fully charged, but I cannot figure out where in the heck I put its charging cord. ARGH!  I'll look again later. I was getting frustrated looking earlier. I'm going to relax until lunch, eat that and then look again.

Yesterday, my friend and I went on a thrift trip yesterday. It has been a while! We went to Reidsville and then to Walkertown and Mayodan.  We ate at a little restaurant in Reidsville and then went to Goodwill. We'd already visited the Salvation Army store.  I only got a little green dish, a Starbucks mug, and a little hook thing in there. Of these items, only the green dish will be in the picture below!  After eating, we went to Goodwill. I found a nice Fossil wallet for $1.99 so I got it.  We then headed to Walkertown. They usually have a LOT of stuff in certain areas, but they were very limited on items in those areas. My friend and I figured either someone came in and bought a ton of stuff or they tossed a bunch of stuff out.  It was a big difference. Weird.  I only got three pouches there, two identical ones with cute cacti and a glittery one from Seattle. I also got a little case that had Mtn. Dew on it and it had a pair of earbuds in it and a car charger. Neat!! All but one of the Cactus pouches are in the picture below!

We went to Mayodan last and I was finding things left and right. lol I found two brand new lamps still in the box.  I also found a selfie ring light. I had been looking at them on Amazon to use for filming unboxing, and taking pictures of things I buy to make a brighter picture since the lighting in my house sucks. It was $3 and it had the phone holder, tripod, and power cord/usb charger. Nice! It's not pictured in the photo below but it was used to take all the pictures. :p  I also got a set of two cute Penquin Starbucks mugs, 2020 The year of the Introvert mug, a cute SakRoots wallet (brand new with the strap still with it), a cute candle, and a vintage Jeopardy board game. Great haul. It was a fun trip and we ate in Reidsville on our way back through at Pete's Burgers and More one of my favorite places!  I made a cute spread in my DPC journal as a memory page of the finds.  As I said before, not everything is shown, but it is the majority of my items.


Cute, yes? I love my DPC planner and all my thrift goodies!

Saturday stress!

Well, not too much, but yeah. I washed dishes today. It's one of my most hated chores, but I did it!  I also got my laundry washed and dried. I will put the laundry and dishes away tomorrow!  I wrote for today's NaNo and I also played around with fonts on my iPad. I want to pick the perfect font for my use in my digital planner in GoodNotes.  I found several very cute handwriting fonts and I'm trying to decide which I like best.  Loading fonts on the iPad is not as easy as on the MacBook Pro! On there, I just drag the file into FontBook. On the iPad, I have to install each font individually. Frustrating, but it gets them on there! 


Ready for 2022!

I bought my 2022 digital planner from DPC Digitals today! She released the new dated 2022 planners and is having a big sale.  I looked through all the planners over and over and before I picked the one I did. I got the Boho color scheme planner AND I also bought a pack of Boho stickers. Yay! I can't wait to play with my new planner. I've already done a few things in it and it's so pretty and it's going to be great. Here is a link to the planner I chose:

While you check that out, look at her other stuff too! She has the best stuff. Planners, stickers, notebooks, etc.  You will not be disappointed. ALSO, she also has a ton of freebies on her website that you can check out, too! DPC Digitals  Enjoy!


Hello from Monday!

Another day down. Last night after I got off of here, I loaded the new stickers from DPC to my iPad mini. They are so cute! I love all of her stuff. I added a category on here for DPC Digitals. I hope to go back through and use it for any post I've mentioned them. If you want to check them out yourself, go


You can also find the link in my link list on the side. The site has a link to the Etsy shop and a TON of digital freebies. There are a lot of things on there and it's a great way to get into digital planning.  You can thank me later! :)