Eclipse Feed

Monday again.

It has been a long day.  I did my workouts earlier than usual because I wanted to go outside during most of the eclipse.  I did that but I was disappointed.  I didn't have any of the glasses, so I couldn't really look!  I thought it would get dark, but it never did.  According to NASA, we were supposed to get 91% totality here.  I guess that 9% was enough to keep it light outside!  I didn't really notice much of a difference. Oh well.  I did get to see the cool pictures other people posted.

I went back to Dollar Tree tonight.  I got two cute little notebooks with adorable paper.  I already cut out the pages and trimmed them to make stationery.  It's pretty cool.  One notebook had pink paper with macarons, and one had blue paper with butterflies.  I also got a few other things.