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Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

I have a tradition where I go visit one of the cities old cemeteries on Halloween.  I totally forgot last year, so I made up for it this year by going to three!  I also ended my day out by stopping by Abreu-Grogan park to take a few pictures. It's right on the Dan River.  I thought I'd made an album and share my pictures. I took a few in each cemetery.  I didn't take a lot as I have plenty of other trips.  I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Halloween.


Halloween 2020

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NaNoWriMo Day Two and a Day Trip Too!

I am done with NaNoWriMo day two!  I also went on a day trip to The High Bridge Trail. It's located in and around Farmville VA.  The trail head we got on was at Rice, VA.  There is a almost half mile long bridge that is 125 feet  over the Appomattox River.  It's a beautiful spot.  I took a lot of pictures from the bridge and some along the parts of the trail we walked on.  I came home and got my NaNoWriMo words done for today.  Still on track and I'm a bit ahead. ^_^


I forgot to mention that on the way up, we were stopped by a herd of cows in the middle of the highway! lol . I tried to get a picture before they mooooved, but this is the best I got:



I finally gave up on the puzzle today.  I had to re-do part of it and I still don't think that part was right.  I was trying to do another part and it wasn't working out.  I hate to give up on one, but this one is going back in the box for now.  I might get it out again someday.  I have those ten new ones, so it's not like I'll be out of puzzles to work!  I put the pieces in plastic bags inside the box so there will be no lost pieces.

So, I gave up on that.  I went to Food Lion to pick up one item that I needed and spotted a section with local stuff.  I saw a jar of Caramel Peanut Delight and had to try it! :P  It looks good, I hope it tastes as good as it looks.  I took a picture of it to share and a picture of a little bit of fall I found in my yard today. ^_^


Walking! :D

My friend texted me today and asked if I wanted to walk. I did, so we planned to go after he got off work.  I had already done my workouts and other things, so I was ready.  We only walked a little over 4 miles, but it was nice to be walking.  It was actually quite hot out there and we went in the later evening.  I'm hoping we can get a few more walks in before the time change and it gets dark even quicker.  I'd like to add my own walks to the mix. I just need to get up and do it!  I know I can.  I did for several years every single day.  I need to get my motivation back to do that.  I know that would get my weight loss kick started and I could work back to where I was and then hit my goal weight.  That would be so amazing.  I am thinking of treating myself to something from Cassey's PopFlex line when I get to my goal weight.  I want to get to a certain size and order my things in that size.  I know I can do it! 


It's been a long day and I don't really feel like posting.  I try to post everyday regardless of how I feel.  I got notification today that I got my free birthday drink on my Starbucks card.  I tried my best to get my friend to go, but she wouldn't.  I didn't want to drive over there as it was so damn hot and I have no air.  I never could convince her to go, so I went by myself.  Since it was so hot, I went in and got my drink and sat in there for awhile.  The air was feeling pretty good in there!  I had my free drink and I was naughty and got a chocolate chip cookie. :p  Oh well, I've been really good all week.  I deserved a treat.

It got really busy!  I am not a Friday night person, so I wasn't used to all that! I didn't mind though.  I got my favorite little table in the back corner. That is always nice.  When I left, I noticed a rainbow and took several pictures of it and then headed home.  I have been doing chores around the house and now I'm sitting down trying to cool off.  The only room in my house that has air is my bedroom so the rest of the house is hot!  I am looking so forward to fall!

Is it Fall yet?

It was another hot walk today.  I wish I had more places to fill up my water bottle.  I think that would make my walk a whole lot easier.  When I was able to walk on the trail, there were three different water fountains that I passed.  I could fill up more than once and that was nice!  It's just so hot out there!

I stopped by the post office but I only had a 'postage due' card in there for a letter. I didn't have any money with me, so that will have to wait until I do! I just hope they won't send it back before I can get it.  I came home and did all but one of my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more.  I was going to get the weed eater out and get the front lawn done, but it rained for just a little bit.  I used that as my excuse to not do it!  I keep hoping my friend will actually come and help me out like they said!  It's a pain for me with the weed eater.  They have a riding lawn mower. ~_~;

I hope to get off this computer right after this and relax with my current read.  I want to finish it so that I can carry it back to the library. I am thinking of re-reading The Dark Tower again soon.