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Impromtu Thrift!

Yeah, there were absolutely no plans to thrift today.  My friend has been saying he'd put new tires on Goontz since we've driven it so much and it was needed new tires when he got it.  He took it today and got tires.  He then wanted me to drive it to see how it felt with the new tires.  That was nice.  I switched spots with him and we went by Wendy's for me to grab a bite to eat as it was past my lunchtime.  After that, we went to Cookout so he could get a shake.  He mentioned drying on the highway and said something about Eden, NC.  I said, how about Martinsville instead.  That is what we did.  We went to the Goodwill in Martinsville and the one in Bassett (just up the road about 10 minutes).  At the first GW, I found some Avery address labels new in the package, three packs of business card binder pages, (I use these for my Starbucks cards), a purple binder with some divider inserts already in there, a cute little canvas bag, and a plastic kitchen spoon!  That was a nice little haul.  We went to the Bassett one and I found a pair of Dr. Martens in my size that looked almost brand new.  They were $40 and I didn't have that much, so my friend got them and I'm going to pay him back $10 a month for the next four months. Cool!  They are pretty cool, they are a bit shiny and look either purple or burgundy.  Just depends on the lighting.  They are very cool and I've never had a pair of Docs.  Here they are:


Cool, yes? My size, in great condition for a good price, and they are comfy!  I was very pleased to get them.  The only other thing I found in there was a puzzle.  I got it for .69¢. I really need to start working on puzzles again!  While we were out, we went by the car wash and washed Goontz.  Later, we took it by another car wash and I vacuumed it well.  My Goontz has new tires, is clean inside and out and I'm pleased! ^_^

Here is the cute little bag. It has blueberries on it! It has a tag that says, "Stonewall Kitchen" in it.  I just thought it adorable and had to have it. It rang up a whole .99¢!


Impromptu thrift trips are fun!  In other news, my set of Styluses that I ordered from Amazon came today.  I also received my order from eBay of two DS games. One is Scribblenauts and one is an Adventure Time game! YAY! The AT game is, "Hey Ice King! Why Did You Steal Our Garbage??!" :p

The Monkees, again!

So, I watched all but one episode of the Monkees. AH!  I was looking through some information and heard about the television special they did in 1969.  33 and 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee.  That was trippy as hell.  That lead me to more information and there was an 'episode' of the Monkees in the 90's!  Mike Nesmith(MY FAVORITE MONKEE!!!!) wrote and directed it.  It was very cute and I loved watching it. I have no idea how I missed it when it aired!  I also found another clip of them talking about different things.  It was very cool!  I will have to go look for more weird things like that.  

I didn't do much today. I was waiting on a package to be delivered that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. My friend had it re-directed to be delivered here as he suspects me has porch pirates.  It came and he came to pick it up.  I only went out for a short time today to Munzee.  I couldn't find a special Munzee for the daily Zeeops on either choice.  If you deleted one thing, another will pop up.  Sadly, I couldn't do that one because there were no Munzee types that I needed in the area.  This has only happened to me once since I started Zeeops.  Luckily, it just skips the day and gives you a chance of a new option the next day and in the Ops, it's like you didn't miss a day.  I hope tomorrow's mission is one I can actually do!

I wrote a good idea last night and I added some and edited that part and then wrote another portion tonight.  I'm enjoying my story and it's got...79,197 words! Whoo!  That is more than my work during NaNoWriMo!  Of course this was an old story and I had some of it already.  A lot of that changed and things got added in.  I'm still enjoying writing on it so I will continue to do so. It's mainly for me and I am loving it.


I really love Softlips.

So, I found Softlips in the store I was working in way back in the 90's when they first came out.  I have used them every since.  My favorite flavor ever was the Coconut creme that was a limited time one.  My second favorite was the Mint.  I was down to my last package of those and was upset because I couldn't find them listed on their website anymore.  Anyone that had some was marking them way up.  I did a Google search and found that their parent company Mentholatum actually had them in the two pack on their website!  I ordered 8 packs of two. LOL!  They came today and I'm pretty happy!  I tend to keep a tube all over.  I have one on my desk, one on my nightstand, one in my messenger bag, one in my waist bag I walk with, one in my bujo bag, and several in my purse. I will always have some with me this way.  Now if they would just bring back the coconut creme I think I'd be the happiest girl around. I was very happy to see the Mint on the site because you can buy Softlips in a lot of stores, but it's usually just the vanilla flavor that everyone has. It's okay, but I prefer the mint.  The limited edition Birthday cake is good too!  Many, many years ago, this was the late nineties they had one that was lemon sorbet.  I wish they'd bring that back!

I am probably the only person that has so many tubes of Softlips! LOL I even have other flavors, pecan brownie, peach mango, watermelon, raspberry, wildberry, cherry, etc!  I still have two old tubes of the lemon sorbet that are mostly used.  Yes, I'm a total Softlips fan girl! :p . 

A week passes so slowly...

Especially when I don't post! Yeah, I got a week behind again.  I meant to post to this blog everyday when I got it.  I found out something interesting when I'm not visiting it or posting.  It gets no hits.  So, yeah, no one actually reads my blog. :(  Hopefully I can change that.  I actually had readers when I was at Wordpress.  I don't want to move back there, but at least people were reading my blog posts!

Today was the first of August.  I got in a good walk today even though it was really hot out there.  I came in and did the day's workouts.  I didn't get Saturday's or Sunday's workouts done then.  I did them today.  I wanted August to get off to a good start.  I'm all caught up on my workouts.  I'm tired, but satisfied.  I needed to get that done.  It made me feel good.

Yes, I'm still playing Pokemon Go.  I actually played today while walking.  It makes my walk fun.  I actually caught several and hatched four 2K eggs.  I wanted to get all the 2K ones hatched.  All I have now are 5K ones.  I also leveled up today to Level 18! Yay! :)  It's so much fun.  I have hatched a few 10K eggs. One was a Eevee and one was a Snorlax.  I know there were one or two more, but I can't remember what they were.  I have all three Eevee evolutions, too. :)  

Anyway, I guess I'll close.  I hope to post more often.  Hopefully someone will start reading the posts!

Wednesday post time!

I got in my walk today and it was a little bit cooler.  Not much, but enough to help.  I actually slept until my silent alarm on my Fitbit went off.  I went on my walk about an hour earlier than my usual time.  I came home and took my time doing my workouts.  I was able to take a few minutes between them.  That was nice.  I like having the time to relax a bit and not be in a rush.  Sometimes the internet is spotty and the videos don't want to load.  I did that a few times today, but I had the extra time, so I didn't mind.

I got those done. It was core and cardio day. OUCH!  I ate lunch and then got my things together for Starbucks.  I relaxed a little while and then headed over there.  I was able to get my favorite chair immediately.  I had six letters to write and I got them all done.  I was looking forward to playing Pokemon Go while there too, but the servers were down for most of my visit.  They didn't come up until near the end.  I ended up staying a bit longer than I planned.  I almost forgot that I needed to go pick up my prescription at Kmart.  I would have walked there on one of my walks, but they are doing road construction in front of it and it's a mess.  I didn't want to get run over!

I got my prescription and headed home.  I posted to Letters and Lattes and then came here to post.  Now, I'm going to relax for a while before getting in bed and relaxing for the night.  I am hoping to get some reading done tonight. 

Sleep and Pokemon Go!

I am still not sleeping all the way through the night.  I am sleeping a bit later each day, so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!  I have been going on my walk earlier than usual too.  It's just as hot earlier as it is later. I really should go later in the evening.  The heat is killing me!  Today I couldn't wait to get home to my room and air conditioning.  When I got here, I had to sit down and cool off awhile before doing my workouts.  With me going on my walks earlier, it gives me more time to do my workouts and not be in a hurry.  I get them done and then I can relax a few minutes before eating lunch.

So, on today's walk, I found quite a few new Pokemon.  I also found several of the ones I had.  I got enough Eevee candy to evolve one of my Eevees too! :)  I love finding 'new' ones.  I was in the process of capturing one Eevee today when I got this screenshot:


It was too cute not to share!  Here are my top Pokemon at the moment.  I'm leveling up slower than I would like, but I'm getting there!


Last night, I drove to the park to pick up some 'supplies' at the Pokestops there.  Someone had set a lure at one of the stops, so I sat there for about 10 minutes catching.  That was fun.  I was just going to go through, grab some stuff and go home, but I saw the lure and thought, why not?  I noticed a lot of other people walking around the park.

I love seeing people out and about playing the game.  It's so cool that is getting people out of their houses and active.  One of my friends is a total couch potato/room dweller and I've gotten him out twice to go on the hunt. :)  I use my daily walk as an opportunity to catch and to hatch! :P

Sleep, it alludes me!

This is day three of waking up way too early!  Each day this happens, I have just gotten up and gone on a earlier walk. It's a little bit cooler, but not too much.  Today, I used Pokemon Go during the walk.  I used it for most of the walk.  My battery was at 22% when I got home. LOL!  It's okay, I charged it while doing my workouts and relaxing.  I was able to hatch several eggs and picked up some 'new' Pokemon along with some extra of others.  I also tried to hit all the Pokestops along my walk.  It was fun!  I have gotten where walking was a chore.  I do it because I want to continue to be fit, but it's such a pain sometimes.  Playing Pokemon Go while I walk makes it more fun.  I don't want to skip a walk. I want to go and play! :)  

I am hoping to get back to my regular sleep schedule.  I'm going to try to go out and walk earlier.  My normal routine is to get up, check out things on my phone for a while, get up, eat, and watch a couple of episodes of Judge Judy and then head out for my walk.  I may just get up, relax a bit and then eat and go.  This way I will get done in time to do my workouts before lunch.  I also won't have to worry about hurrying if I feel like I'm getting behind.  It will give me extra time.  This is important as it's so darn hot!  Hopefully I will sleep right through tonight and not wake up until the silent alarm on my Fitbit goes off!  Wish me luck.

Good grief!

So, it was supposed to rain all day today.  I had decided to take the day off from walking and go out with my friends.  I get up and prepare to go with them and notice that the sun is out!!!!!  I was not amused.  If I had known it would be nice, I wouldn't have made plans with my friends.  Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow, too!  One thing though, we went to the library downtown.  I walk past the library every day on my walks.  While we were in there, it rained a little bit.  After we got back to their house to drop stuff off and head back out, it rained some more.  So, technically, it DID rain today.  Oh well.  I have got to realize that taking days off every so often isn't going to hurt me.  I feel guilty when I miss my walks.  I just work on the feeling guilty part!

After I came home from being with them, I did my Blogilates workouts. It's Friday, so it was stretch videos on the calendar. Those were nice.  I enjoyed them.  I still can't do splits. :(  Someday!  I hope to work on them and try to get into them.  I am still several inches from the floor.

While my friend was downtown, she stopped by the post office so I could run in and check my box.  I had four letters! YAY!  I was happy to see my mailbox looking so full.  I'll have plenty of letters for my Starbucks trip this week!

At the library, I got a few true crime books, three computer books, (web design ideas, blogging, CSS)  I would like to learn CSS.  The others I figured would be good choices to read to develop ideas for the blog!  I also signed up for a free online class that teaches CSS and HTML.  I already know basic HTML, so that will help.  I did a little on the class tonight, but I'm going to continue on another day when I'm fresh. I also need to get a notebook out of my crazy supply stash of them to use! :)

I also got five Adventure Time books at the library!  I love the books.  They are usually all color comics based on the show.  There is a Fionna and Cake one and a Marceline one.  I can't wait to read those.  I've checked out all the others one they have. :p

Okay, I am going to relax for a bit and then take a bath before bed.  Well, I'm hoping to be able to take a bath.  With all the rain we've had lately, my basement may be flooded.  If it gets too deep, it extinguishes the pilot light on my water heater.  If it will run hot, I'll be able to take a bath.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Layout change, yes?

Yes.  I decided to make a layout change today.  I think it looks pretty nice.  I'm always wanting to change everything.  I hope to keep this one for a bit.  I like the colorful macaroons.  I wish I could just customize it a bit more.

I had two letters in my mailbox today!  One was from a regular pal, and one was from one that I mailed a letter to last month hoping to be pals.  She wrote back and does want to be pals! Yay!  She is from Spain and her handwriting is so pretty.  I feel bad about how bad my handwriting is.  I'll just have to decorate her envelopes to make up for it! :)  It was cool to have mail today.  I will probably sit down and write letters either tonight or tomorrow.

When I go to Starbucks to write my letters, I've been using an old messenger bag.  I have wanted to get a new messenger bag for ages, so I started looking for one.  I figured it would be my go to bag.  It's also to be my 'pen pal' bag.  I found one in military green on Amazon that I loved.  I almost bought it in Khaki, but I love that military green  color so much, I couldn't resist.  I also ordered three patches while ordering it.  I am going to have a cool bag with iron on patches.  

I got the idea of patches from my membership at the Letter Writer's Alliance. (LWA)  In the membership kit, they send a cute little patch with LWA on it.  I thought it would be cool to put it on a bag.  Then, after finding the perfect bag, I ordered a few more patches.  From Amazon, I ordered a Zombie response team patch, a Starbucks patch, and a patch of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time! :)  I also ordered a larger LWA patch from LWA.  I can't wait to get my bag and patches and plan how I'm going to place them.

I have an old Air Force jacket of my Uncle's that my aunt gave me several years ago.  She was just going to toss it! NO!  I said, I would love to have it.  I may take some of the patches off of it and add it to the bag.  I think that would be cool and it would be a nice tribute to my uncle.  He passed in 2003, two years after his sister, my mother, died.  

I have been thinking if I had anymore patches.  I realized I had one of an Afro Ken.  Afro Ken is a character by San-X out of Japan.  I have several stuffed Afro Kens and a mug with them on it too.  The patch is small, but it's cute so it's going on the bag too.  Now I just need something Blogilates!  I have a cloth 'tag / patch' in my jacket I ordered.  I make carefully take it out of my jacket and add it to the bag.

Yes, I will take lots of pictures of the bag when I get it and when I put all the goodies on it.  I can't wait.  It's pretty big, so it will hold all my pen pal stuff for taking with me.  Also, it will make a great travel bag/overnight bag/goodie bag.  

Tuesday tribulations...

So, I guess you thought I wouldn't post today, right?  Well, I meant to post way earlier, but a lot has gone on today and I'm going to tell you about it!  First of all, I got in my walk.  It was 76° yesterday and today it was 52°!  It didn't feel too cold though so my walk was fine.  I didn't have any mail at the post office though.  I came home and did my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more. It was ab day.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!  A friend came to work on my car.  He has to get another part and then hopefully it will be fixed!

I received a package via FedEx today.  It was the beautiful craft cart I ordered from  The frame didn't take any time at all to put together.  The drawers took forever!!!  I got them all done and then realized that I had done a few of them inside out. ~_~;  My OCD wasn't having it, so I had to take those apart and fix them!  I did and now it's full of my stuff.  It looks great.  I love that it rolls.  I am keeping it in my closet at the moment.  I can just wheel it out and move it anywhere I need it.  It is so colorful and pretty!  Here are a few pictures I took.  One right after I put it together and then one with all my stuff in it.  



Awesome, yes?  It hold so much stuff.  I have more room in it.  I haven't filled it completely yet.  I love how colorful it is.  I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to put together. :p



I went to bed last night with a headache.  I woke up today with a headache.  I got in my walk and got an even worse headache.  It was cold and drizzly.  I think the weather was a big factor in my headache.  Now, as I sit here typing this, I have a headache. PHOOEY on headaches!

My walk was the longer one today because I had to go to Kmart for my prescription.  I found a package of fitness socks that felt really thick and looked comfy.  I bought those too.  I got home and it was time to eat, so I went ahead and did that. I got an upgraded modem from Comcast in the mail, so I decided to get that set up before doing my workouts.  I got that going.  It's pretty cool.  I replaced three things with this one device.  Pretty snazzy.  After I got that set up, I did my workouts.  

Today was the 'rest' day so it was stretches.  Those were good.  I needed them.  I also did the Call Me Maybe squat challenge again and the #30daywaisttrainer. I got some housework done and did some other things that needed to be done.  I got an email from Sonic that they were having Adventure Time toys in their Wacky Packs (Kids meals).  I wanted the toys, but not the meals. lol  I set a goal for myself that I would not eat ANY fast food in January.  Not even for a cheat meal.  I didn't want to go and try to buy them outright.  Plus, I'd have to get over there and it's a long way across town.  I did the next best thing.  I looked them up on Ebay and got he complete set. ^___^ Now, I am going to relax a little bit before bed.  I don't have anything else that I need to do tonight.  I'll either watch some television or read for a while.


I finally got to the mall to get my hair cut.  A friend of mine and I went to eat lunch and then her hubby dropped us at the mall.  I got my hair cut and then we went to Hot Topic and Spencer's.  I found a really cool Jake the dog mug in Spencer's.  It was 25% off so I bought it.  It's adorable.  Want to see?  Here you go:




Isn't he cute?  I love Jake.  I couldn't resist. Or course he is too cute to use for drinking.  I'll probably just display him. PS Yes, I walked and did my workouts. :)

Yes, I know...

I'm well aware that I didn't post yesterday.  I had intended to.  I got in my walk and did my workouts.  It was Friday so that meant stretch / relax day on the calendar.  That was much needed!  I went to a friend's house to help them with the Thanksgiving leftovers.  I ended up staying until after 10.  I watched Stakes with them.  They hadn't seen it yet.  After we watched that, I headed back here.

As for today,  I walked as usual and then did my workouts.  It was cardio and legs today.  I felt like falling over when I was done. :p  I was happy to have completed yet another day.  I said I wanted to get through November and not miss a day, and so far I haven't.  Only two more days to go.  I can't believe it is almost December.  It seems like 2015 was just starting and now we are getting ready to head into 2016!


Yeah, that should be me on the floor.  I just finished my daily workouts.  It was cardio and leg day.  I also walked 8.7 miles before I came home and did those.  I felt great having done them, but also tired.  I haven't slept worth a darn lately and it's catching up with me.

Today, as I was walking, someone had to stop me to talk.  I wear earbuds so people WON'T talk to me.  They just don't seem to get it.  I am walking for fitness and health, not to socialize!  This used to happen all the time when I walked on the local trails too.  Headphones (or earbuds in my case) in means, do not talk to me.  How hard is that!? UGH!  Anyway!

On top of that, I stopped and picked up a couple of things on my way home. I got a package of hot dogs. Yeah, I know they aren't healthy, but they are cheap and I'm broke.  I realized after I got them home that they were expired. ~_~;  They smelled and tasted okay and I cooked the hell out of them, so I think I'll be okay.  I froze the rest and I'll just take them out as I use them in the next few days.  I hate that they were expired.  I usually check stuff like that, but for some reason today, I didn't. I would have taken them back, but I would have had to walk back up there and I didn't feel up to it.  I'm sure they are so full of preservatives that I'll be perfectly okay!  If you don't see me post in the next few days, I'm dead from the hot dogs. :p

So, now that my walk and workouts are done, I plan to relax.  I wanted to get my blog post in since I missed out on yesterdays. I have been playing Fallout Shelter a little too much. It's so addicting.  Stupid game. lol ALSO!  I saved up all of the Adventure Time special that aired last week and watched it all last night.  Stakes it was called and it was about Marceline.  It was really good.  I want to know who the hell is drawing these episodes.  Jake looked weird, Finn's hair was really shiny, and everyone else just looked a bit off.  The only character that looked 'normal' was LSP and that is saying something. :P Okay, enough fan girl babble.  I want to get some relaxing done and play more Fallout Shelter.