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Paper clip!

My post has nothing to do with paper clips, but I had no title, so there you go! I used to do this a long time ago on my blog when I had no title.  I don't really have a lot to share today as I mainly stayed at home. I did run out this afternoon and ran Goontz through the car wash. I rode around a bit. I decided to pick up something to eat for dinner, too. I called a local restaurant that is an old favorite that I haven't been to in ages. I called in, drove a bit to pass the time, and then went and picked it up. It was delicious and a nice change. It wasn't too expensive either for what I got. I just wish I could have had more sour cream. I like a bit of potato with my sour cream. :p






(Note: This was typed up on 10/22/22 at 8:30. Typepad is having issues so it may not post until tomorrow. D'oh!)

Onions. UGH!

Don't get me wrong, I love onion rings, but they don't like me back, but there you go. No, what I'm talking about today is onions where they don't belong. Where is that you ask? In my fried rice! I've never had fried rice with onions in it before. Today, I was in the mood for Chinese food. I didn't want to leave the house so I was searching on the food delivery sites. I found a Chinese restaurant that I hadn't been to in over ten years. Had a bad experience the last time I visited and never went back. I saw they were new on DoorDash and thought I'd give them another shot as, they had free delivery, and they have bean curd (tofu). So, I order homestyle bean curd with extra tofu and fried rice. I should have gotten white rice as I usually do when I get tofu anywhere. So, it comes, there is delicious, delicious tofu. The fried rice looks great too. But wait! Is that a piece of onion? Hmm, okay, maybe it fell in. NOPE. It has little bits of onion all throughout. Boo! I ate around them as much as possible, but I got enough in me to make me miserable for the rest of the day burping. Ugh!

On a good note, the tofu was amazing. Not nearly enough of it even after I asked for extra, but such is life.  The fried rice was good except for the annoying onions.  Live and learn, I guess! All in all, they didn't completely win me back, but I will probably give them another go sometime in the future, but I'll go in and pick it up to save myself some money. burp Excuse me!

Mmmm, food

My friend texted me today and asked if I had eaten yet. I hadn't as I was still trying to decide what I wanted to fix!  He asked if I wanted to go to a local restaurant. I immediately texted YES! We haven't been to this particular restaurant in a while. It's been at least since before Covid, so a bit over two years. It was delicious as always, but the prices were a bit higher. All in all, though, I enjoyed it.  I got the grilled chicken with teriyaki. They have really good chicken and the teriyaki sauce is delicious! I was happy to have it again. I knew I loved it, but I had forgotten just how good it is. Yum!


I never meant to stop posting. I actually meant to try to post more regularly this year. D'oh!  I was going to post this last night, but I was extremely tired, felt like crap, and just wanted to relax. I even went to be early!  I'm feeling a lot better today, so I thought I would try to get a blog post out so maybe I could get back in the habit of it! My city and area is under a winter storm advisory. It's gone from a dusting to up to 12 inches, to 3 inches, to 6 inches, etc. Who knows what we'll actually get? :p  I am prepared in case. I have my power box thing ready and I'm charging another one I have too. I also have candles set aside, Sterno, and my little Sterno stoves. I'm ready in case we do have a power outage. My one power thingee is almost fully charged, but I cannot figure out where in the heck I put its charging cord. ARGH!  I'll look again later. I was getting frustrated looking earlier. I'm going to relax until lunch, eat that and then look again.

Yesterday, my friend and I went on a thrift trip yesterday. It has been a while! We went to Reidsville and then to Walkertown and Mayodan.  We ate at a little restaurant in Reidsville and then went to Goodwill. We'd already visited the Salvation Army store.  I only got a little green dish, a Starbucks mug, and a little hook thing in there. Of these items, only the green dish will be in the picture below!  After eating, we went to Goodwill. I found a nice Fossil wallet for $1.99 so I got it.  We then headed to Walkertown. They usually have a LOT of stuff in certain areas, but they were very limited on items in those areas. My friend and I figured either someone came in and bought a ton of stuff or they tossed a bunch of stuff out.  It was a big difference. Weird.  I only got three pouches there, two identical ones with cute cacti and a glittery one from Seattle. I also got a little case that had Mtn. Dew on it and it had a pair of earbuds in it and a car charger. Neat!! All but one of the Cactus pouches are in the picture below!

We went to Mayodan last and I was finding things left and right. lol I found two brand new lamps still in the box.  I also found a selfie ring light. I had been looking at them on Amazon to use for filming unboxing, and taking pictures of things I buy to make a brighter picture since the lighting in my house sucks. It was $3 and it had the phone holder, tripod, and power cord/usb charger. Nice! It's not pictured in the photo below but it was used to take all the pictures. :p  I also got a set of two cute Penquin Starbucks mugs, 2020 The year of the Introvert mug, a cute SakRoots wallet (brand new with the strap still with it), a cute candle, and a vintage Jeopardy board game. Great haul. It was a fun trip and we ate in Reidsville on our way back through at Pete's Burgers and More one of my favorite places!  I made a cute spread in my DPC journal as a memory page of the finds.  As I said before, not everything is shown, but it is the majority of my items.


Cute, yes? I love my DPC planner and all my thrift goodies!

Where did she come from?

I introduced a new character in my current book today. I didn't plan on adding any more characters anytime soon or at all, but there she was! That is three new characters in this book.  I think she is the last, but at this rate, who knows? :p I had some of the yummy leftovers for today's lunch.  I made myself a feast yesterday! I had ham, potatoes, green peas, mac and cheese, corn pudding, and King's Hawaiian rolls. Delicious and I didn't have to share with anyone! I still have leftovers today! I will finish them up tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.  The ham was delicious and the corn pudding was amazing.  It's been a lot of time since I made any. SO good and so easy! It was my favorite thing that I made.

Write ins are fun!

I attended my first virtual Write-In tonight for NaNoWriMo! They are always fun. It was weird waiting until the evening to write since I've been getting it done earlier in the day. I did make up for that time though. I went to the grocery store! I needed some things, so I went and stocked up on a bunch of goodies.  I hope to not have to go back again until after Thanksgiving. Well, I do need to pick up two things before then, but that will be a quick in and out and early enough where there aren't crazy holiday crowds!  I should have gotten those two things today but I forgot.  No problem, the next day I'm out, I'll run by and get those. I want to make myself a nice little Thanksgiving feast. I did that last year but the little turkey I got was horrible.  This year, I was able to get a small portion of a spiral ham. I love spiral hams and it's small enough to fit in my toaster oven to heat it up. (At least I think so!)  Having no actual working oven makes things a bit difficult!  

I don't plan to have a lot of food for just me, so the little ham and a few sides will be great.  Also, bread. Got to have bread. I will either get dinner rolls, croissants, or King's Hawaiian rolls. Either way, I go, it's going to be delicious! While I was at the store, I also got the ingredients to make a hash brown casserole. Yum!  I'm hungry now! :p

PS I bought myself a little treat:



Yeah, I know, exciting title, huh? It's been a boring day. I overslept this morning. I don't know if I turned off my Fitbit alarm and just forgot or it didn't go off, or I just slept through it. LOL!  Luckily, I was only about half an hour late, so that wasn't too bad. It threw me off all day though.  I did write, but not as much as I usually do.  I didn't leave the house either.  I was naughty and ordered from DoorDash.  It was extremely fast and very delicious! I ordered from a local Chinese place that I love called Long River.  My food was so delicious! I was going to order from the Mexican restaurant on UberEats, but the delivery fee went up so I checked on DoorDash. They don't have that restaurant, but I was able to get Chinese, so I was happy with that.  My friend doesn't like a lot of different foods, so I get these when I'm on my own.  I know, this is a very exciting post, isn't it? :p

D'oh what a bad food day!

Yeah, you read that right! So, I had to mow my front lawn today. BOO! I needed gas for my mower, so I had to go out and get some.  I got a happy meal at McDonald's while I was out.  I paid extra for the six-piece one and they gave me a cheeseburger. ~_~; They were very busy and lined up around the building so I just ate it.  That was bad enough, but then, later, I was going to get UberEats from the local Mexican restaurant that I like.  They were on there last week and today they weren't listed. So, I went looking for something else. I decided to do an online order at Firehouse Subs and just go get it myself.  I ordered the steak and cheese which is delicious.  I get it without the peppers, onions, and condiments. I only get steak and cheese and add extra provolone.  Well, I picked it up, brought it home, opened it up and it had onions and peppers. BOOOOO!  I had to pick them out. Luckily there was no mustard or mayo on there. That would have totally ruined the whole experience.  I don't like mustard and I actively HATE mayo. UGH!  

At least I had some leftover pizza for dinner.  At the end of our thrifting trip last night, we stopped back in Reidsville and ate at Carmela's and split a pizza. I had three slices left of mine and that was dinner.  It was yummy!  In other news, a friend of mine has Covid and has been having a bad reaction to something she is taking and broke out in hives and had to go to the hospital.  Luckily, they medicated her and sent her home. That was a relief. Another horrible thing happened.  One of my longtime online friends lost their son in a car crash.  I feel so bad for the family and my friend.  I wish I could do something for them.  It's a very sad situation. It's been on my mind all day.  

I wrote a little today but not too much.  Only 1118 words, but that isn't too bad.  It was just not a good day for writing.  I had so much on me with worrying about my friends and then the food fails that happened to me.  It was just not the best day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better! One good thing did happen today.  I received an order from eBay of some Starbucks cards and I ordered several more that I need for my collection. Now I'm going to post this and then re-read what I wrote for today and then relax until bedtime.  Goodnight from me!

Hello February!

Today was the first day of February in this new year of 2021.  I did my usual thing. I went to Starbucks! The line was pretty crazy, but I got my drink  I think I could have gone in, but I wasn't sure so I just hit the drive-thru.  I got my drink (the blond almond milk honey flat white). It is pretty good. I think I really like it.  I got that and went to do some Zeeops in Munzee since I didn't leave the house yesterday.  I got my daily Zeeops and then headed home.  I stayed in the rest of the day.

I got a nice bit of writing done just before I came here to post.  I stayed up too late last night and did not want to get up today, so I'm going to try to go to bed at a reasonable hour. If I actually do is up in the air! :p I'd like to as I was so tired this morning.  I don't know if I mentioned this, but when I was setting up this year's bullet journal, I added a two-page spread to the end of the month for 'memories'.  This one had some things I downloaded and printed off the internet.   I had a Biden / Harris 'sticker' for the inauguration.  I also had the picture of Bernie and his mittens because that was so funny and it was such fun seeing all the places people put him after President Biden's inauguration.  I also cut out a few other things to paste in including some coffee things and I cut the little 'fry man' from a package of Pete's Burgers and More fries.  They don't have branding on their stuff, but the small fry bag has a little potato man surrounded by fries.  We ate FIVE times at Pete's in January so I added him! :p  I think I'm going to like the memories page. It will be fun to add things to it.

As for now, I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to relax for a bit before bed.  I want to re-read what I wrote and see all the things I need to change! LOL! 



Guess where I went today? Yes, the grocery store.  I got so much good stuff.  It was a successful trip. I was actually able to get everything I was looking for.  Well, there was one thing I might have bought if it had been there, but it really wasn't a big deal.  I did buy something new to try.  I got this package of three thin crusts for pizza.  They are small, about personal pizza size. I also got some pepperoni and cheese and sauce.  I'm going to make one and see how I like it. I'm sure it will be good.  I am glad they had the little crusts as my toaster oven isn't big enough for a regular pizza.

I wrote a good bit tonight and I was happy to do it.  I had a scene in my head of another story I want to write. The scene is so clear in my mind. I wrote notes for myself on it and put it in Evernote.  I will write this scene someday. It won't really fit in my current story.  I had another story I started many years ago. This would go with that if I pick it back up.

I heard from my disk support peeps. I got the drive wrapped and ready to go. I dropped it in a UPS box tonight.  It will be picked up by them tomorrow and be on its way. I don't know if they'll send a replacement with the files (if they are able to recover them) or ahead of time.  They gave me a number to keep track of everything on the website so that is good.  I hope they can get my files back.  I'll be happy to have a new drive to back up my stuff.  I don't want this to happen again!


So, I went thrifting yesterday with my friend.  We did our usual circuit. Reidsville, Eden, and Martinsville.  I didn't get a lot of stuff, but I got a few fun things.  I found three different jack o' lanterns, (one was a stack and it was still in the box!), I got a cute Hallmark branded snowman dish, a snowman soap, he was so strange looking I felt sorry for him and felt he needed a home. I got a coupon organizer pouch thing, a pouch with a galaxy print (an Ipsy pouch), a cupcake mug, a wireless keyboard, etc.  I found a vintage puzzle still in the box sealed!  I also got this little snowman thing.  It's a snowman that sits in a glass and it's supposed to have a floating thing that you float on top after filling it with water and a layer of oil and light a wick. The floaty thing and the winks are missing, but the snowman in the glass is cute and it came in its original box from 1979. Nifty!  I think that is everything except a little organizer box for Zip disks. Now that is a blast from the past!  It was new with the plastic still on it. I didn't need it, but I got it anyway.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.

When I got home, I checked online to see if I could get some blue lights somewhere while they are having after the holiday sales.  Target was out as I had already seen.  I checked Lowes and they had some and they were half price!  They weren't available to pick up in-store, but they were available for shipping.  I went ahead and got six strands.  I'll have an extra just in case.  Also, these are a different brand than the ones I always get at Target.  I hope they last longer, but we'll see!

As of now, I've done all my regular Sunday things.  The only thing left is to put the bed linen back on the bed.  I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things that they were out of when I went last week.  I also needed a few other things. I got the other things, but they were still out of the two things I needed. D'oh!  That is so weird.  They are either not getting stock because of Covid, or the stockers just aren't filling the shelves.  Hopefully I'll get the things I need soon.

For now, I am going to put the linens back on the bed and then write. I wrote a good bit two days ago. I didn't write last night and I am really wanting to get some writing done tonight.  Bed linen and then writing!  One more thing.  I took a picture of my 'new' Fossil bag in my car the other day.  It's so pretty in natural light.  My Fossil bag sitting in my Goontz. :p


Sunday, no Starbucks. :p

I might run over there later, but I might not.  As for now, I'm drying my hair.  I went out earlier to Munzee and then decided that since I was right near the grocery store, I would get some much-needed groceries.  I got myself plenty of good things to eat, some extra coffee (just in case!) and they actually had my creamer. One bottle that is now mine! :p. I got all the things to make a hash brown casserole but one. They were out of shredded hash browns! Store brand and Ore-Ida. I would have gotten the Ore-Ida if they had them, but alas, no hash browns.  I do have all the other stuff now, so I just need those.  I also got two boxes of cheesy hashbrowns Hamburger helper. I like it for something different every now and then.  I don't use hamburger, I use Morningstar Farms veggie crumbles in it. It's very tasty! Guess what they were out of?  Yes, MSF veggie crumbles. Ahhh!  They were out the last time I looked for them too.  I will check another store and hopefully get those and the hashbrowns.  The funny thing about the stuff for HBC, the one thing they are usually out of is the cream of potato soup. They had tons of that today so I stocked up and got enough for two casseroles (four cans).  I also got the sour cream and cheese.  The sour cream is good until February and I'll have long since made and ate both casseroles before then! :p

I was happy to get a bag of coffee. I didn't get any the last time I went to the store and although I'm not out, I'm getting low. I do not want to run out of coffee!  It's getting harder and harder to find whole bean coffee in my store.  They have plenty of ground.  I also bought a box of K-cups for times when I don't have my re-usable filters clean or I just want a quick cup without grinding, filling, etc.  It's Green Mountain coffee which I've had many varieties of and have liked. I don't think I've tried this particular one before, but I'm sure it's good. It's the Nantucket medium roast.  I usually can't go wrong with a medium roast.  Plus, as I said, everything I have ever tried from Green Mountain coffee, I've liked so I think I'll like this too!

I had to wash dishes so I could have room to wash my hair.  I put a pot of water on to heat up on the little hotplate I bought and it warmed up while I washed dishes.  I then washed my hair and it's drying now. I wish it would hurry up because I'm ready to fix lunch! :p. I did pick up a ham and cheese sandwich in the deli while at the store, so I'll have something good to eat with no prep.  I just don't want to go to the kitchen while my hair is still wet at the rest of the house if pretty damn cold!  The funny thing is, it's in the 40's today and when I left the grocery store I had my air on coming home! lol. That was weird.  I didn't need the air once I got home and got my stuff put away. My kitchen is too cold for that. :p


So, my friend texted me today and asked if I'd like to go to Reidsville and eat at Carmela's or Pete's. I said, YES!  He came over and we went and we ate at Carmela's. They are an Italian place that is great.  I got fettuccine alfredo. I have been wanting some good alfredo for quite a while now, so I was so happy to get this.  It was delicious.  Just look at it:



Makes me hungry all over again! :p. After we ate, we went to the Salvation Army store and the Goodwill over there.  We didn't go to Eden and on to Martinsville, this was a Reidsville only trip.  I found a 16 oz Starbucks holiday mug from 2013 in the SA store. I also got a case for my iPad Mini for $1 and I got a little scrapbook 'kit'.  It's the scrapbook and inside it has stickers and papers to use in it.  I looked it up online and found the same thing at Amazon for $24. I paid $2 so I think that is a great score! I think I'll save it and use it after the next beach trip.

At Goodwill, I found a Kate Spade wallet! It's in perfect condition. It's only missing the clip-on wrist strap which I wouldn't use in any case.  It's nice and I was happy to find it.  I only have one Kate Spade thing and this just made my day.  I also got two mugs. One with a penguin and one that is a jack o lantern! :) Both are adorable and for display, not drinking.  The Starbucks mug I found at SA is for drinking. It's in excellent condition. It was a small thrift run and a small thrift haul, but it was a good one.  I enjoyed getting out for a bit and I love the things I found. I tried my phone in the Kate Spade wallet and it fits fine! I love that I can just toss my debit card, license, and phone in it and go.  Good for when I don't want to carry a purse.  

By the way, Big Sur is no longer laggy. In fact, it's pretty damn fast! I love it.  Everything is so neat. I have read some sites and watched a few videos on it to get tips and tricks.  I want to do more of that tomorrow.  While we were in Reidsville, I was capturing a lot of virtual Munzees as we came to them.  That was fun! I was able to get some unique stuff that isn't around here so that was even better.  There are a LOT of virtual over there.  A zillion times more than are here in Danville.  

Food, food, and more food!

Guess who went to the grocery store today?  Yes, me!  I spent a LOT of money but I got a LOT of groceries.  I tried to get a nice variety of things. I have been tired of eating the same old things so I trie to mix it up.  I only bought three frozen dinners this time.  I got a lot of other stuff that needs to be prepared and some heat and eat things.  I also got some staples.  I'm pretty much set for groceries for a while.  It was a lot of work. Shopping, loading, unloading and putting all that away, but it will be worth it for sure.

It stopped raining sometime overnight, so I didn't have to worry about that while shopping.  I still can't believe all the stuff I got. It saved a ton on deals and I also have $9.00 to spend later.  My store has a shop and earn program.  I earned enough in three departments to get $3 back in each. I love that program! It helps out a lot! One of my purchases also gave me a $1.o0 coupon for my next visit.