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So, I went thrifting yesterday with my friend.  We did our usual circuit. Reidsville, Eden, and Martinsville.  I didn't get a lot of stuff, but I got a few fun things.  I found three different jack o' lanterns, (one was a stack and it was still in the box!), I got a cute Hallmark branded snowman dish, a snowman soap, he was so strange looking I felt sorry for him and felt he needed a home. I got a coupon organizer pouch thing, a pouch with a galaxy print (an Ipsy pouch), a cupcake mug, a wireless keyboard, etc.  I found a vintage puzzle still in the box sealed!  I also got this little snowman thing.  It's a snowman that sits in a glass and it's supposed to have a floating thing that you float on top after filling it with water and a layer of oil and light a wick. The floaty thing and the winks are missing, but the snowman in the glass is cute and it came in its original box from 1979. Nifty!  I think that is everything except a little organizer box for Zip disks. Now that is a blast from the past!  It was new with the plastic still on it. I didn't need it, but I got it anyway.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.

When I got home, I checked online to see if I could get some blue lights somewhere while they are having after the holiday sales.  Target was out as I had already seen.  I checked Lowes and they had some and they were half price!  They weren't available to pick up in-store, but they were available for shipping.  I went ahead and got six strands.  I'll have an extra just in case.  Also, these are a different brand than the ones I always get at Target.  I hope they last longer, but we'll see!

As of now, I've done all my regular Sunday things.  The only thing left is to put the bed linen back on the bed.  I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things that they were out of when I went last week.  I also needed a few other things. I got the other things, but they were still out of the two things I needed. D'oh!  That is so weird.  They are either not getting stock because of Covid, or the stockers just aren't filling the shelves.  Hopefully I'll get the things I need soon.

For now, I am going to put the linens back on the bed and then write. I wrote a good bit two days ago. I didn't write last night and I am really wanting to get some writing done tonight.  Bed linen and then writing!  One more thing.  I took a picture of my 'new' Fossil bag in my car the other day.  It's so pretty in natural light.  My Fossil bag sitting in my Goontz. :p



So, my friend texted today and asked if I wanted to go eat. I said YES of course! :p. I didn't know where we were going, but I didn't care.  So, he comes over and we head out to Reidsville.  We were going to eat at Carmella's but they were closed.  So, we went to the Salvation Army store and and then to Pete's Burgers and More to eat. Yum!  At the SA store I found a Sak bag and a Fossil purse.  Then, after eating, we went to the Goodwill and I found it... the holy grail... a beautiful, handbag.  A Fossil satchel bag in a BLUE.  My favorite brand purse and my favorite color.  Do you know how fast I snatched that up?  I was going, Oh my God, Oh my God! All throughout the store. LOL!  It's lovely!  Look at it:


Of course this picture doesn't do it justice but it was dark when we got home, it was dark when I bought it, too! lol. I am in love with this bag. It's so pretty. I have been looking at satchel bags for a while now.  This one is perfect. It's in excellent shape. There are a few wear marks on the corners, but nothing overly noticeable. I am going to be moving my things into this bag tonight.  I looked it up and found a picture of one brand new. They retailed for ..... $218.00!!!!!  I paid $5.  I'm a happy camper!  I got a cute Reese's mug in there and a jack o lantern and a little wristlet that is Karma brand.  It's cute and I've never seen this brand before.  I found one like it for $30 on eBay.  I love finds like these.  I am so in love with this Fossil bag.  It's so soft and supple and it's so pretty.  It was a great find. OH! I also found a cute sweater but it's in the wash.  A good haul from an unexpected trip to thrift!

Let's go back in time!

I remembered today that I said weeks ago that I would share a picture of the Fossil bag I bought on impulse.  I got it and I never did a post and shared it. It's smaller than the striped bag but I was able to get all my stuff in it without much trouble.  The only difference is that there is no pocket on the back. I always put my phone in the back pocket on any purse I carry.  It keeps it separate and keeps it safer from scratches.  This little bag doesn't have one, but it fits IN the purse.  I keep my TN in a cloth bag inside my purse, so I am able to put the screen next to it to keep it safe. It all works out well.  Here is the bag.  I love the print.  It's so cute and fun!


I wish it were a bit bigger, but I like it anyway.  I saw that fabric on a much bigger Fossil bag and though it was really cute.  I ran across this one and it was just too cute.  Sadly, it was listed as being a larger size.  The listing said it was 10' across and it's about 8'  :p

Oops, impulse!

I just ordered another Fossil bag on eBay.  It was one I was looking at when I bought the cute little striped one.  I got an alert today that a bag on my watch list was about to end via auction. It was cheap and still at the opening bid, so I decided to bid on it. I won with the opening bid. Yay! It's another fabric one and a pattern I've wanted for a while now.  I'll take pictures when it gets here.

I ran to the grocery store today to get a few things I missed when I went earlier.  I participate in a program they have that when you buy x amount of something in different departments, you get some money back on a future trip. (Example, spend $30 in frozen, get $5 back.) I had enough rewards today that my total was free.  That was crazy! I didn't mind though! 

I got myself a treat at the store today. I bought a pint of ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but coffee ice cream. Yummy!  I used to get a coffee ice cream from Starbucks, it was in grocery stores. It was SO good.  I decided to give this a try.  I wish Starbucks still made it.  I haven't tried this yet, but I'm hoping it's good.  Coffee ice cream? How could it be bad? :P

Missed posts...

Yes, I know I didn't post yesterday. I planned to, but I did so much yesterday, it was hard to keep up! :P

I washed my bed linen, I fixed my bed (it fell again), I washed a TON of dishes, I washed my hair, I took out the trash, I carried branches to the street, and I put away the laundry I washed yesterday.  Phew. I'm tired just telling you about it. I also fixed my box fan.  It stopped working Saturday night and I was scared it was dead for good. It's really old. It's a metal box fan with controls.  They don't make them like this anymore!  

I took the back off yesterday and used a hand held vacuum to clean out the build up of dust and dirt from over the years.  I cleaned everything I could reach and then put it back together. It worked!  I was very happy that it works.  I love that thing!

Today, it rained and it actually cooled down a bit outside.  That was a nice change.  It cooled down so much that when I ran out in the car this evening, I didn't even have to turn the air on!  That was nice. IT won't last long, but I'll take it while I can get it.

I recently bought a very cute Fossil bag on eBay and it came today. It's a bit smaller than I was thinking it would be, but it fits everything just fine, so that is okay. It's also crossbody and I love those.  Here it is:


It's very cute. It has a lot of pockets.  There are two on the outside under the front flap, three inside the bag itself, a pocket on the back (that fits my phone perfectly), and a zipper pocket on the flap. (Easy access to my lip balm!) Of course, as usual, the picture does not do it justice.  



So, my friend got off work early today. He hadn't heard back from the dealer but decided to go anyway. We drive all the way up there and the lot is EMPTY.  The dealer is gone.  No cars, just an empty lot.  WTF?  So we call the number and it's out of service. D'oh!  There is a lot next door, so we go and look at their cars.  The guy comes out and my friend tells him that we had been looking for the lot next door and the guy says they moved.

He gives us the new address and we head there.  Nope, that isn't the place. We go back and they say that it was the correct address but the car we were looking for was not there and we still don't think that was the correct place.  He said they moved and re-branded.  I think he was full of it! We did get to visit a few Goodwill stores, so the trip wasn't totally wasted.

I found a Fossil bag and a cool Gumby mug in the Goodwill store in Roanoke.  All in all it was a frustrating day.  We drove all that way for nothing.  Oh well, the search continues.  I didn't sleep well at all last night. It was extremely late / early morning when I finally got to sleep and I woke up before my alarm at 10:30, so I'm super tired.  I hope to sleep well tonight.  


It's another one of those days where it doesn't feel like the day it is. LOL The snow was mostly gone today when I got up. I knew it would be like that, but it was still disappointing.  There is still some left in shady areas, but as soon as it warms up, it will be gone too.  It was so pretty while it lasted.

I drove down to the post office today and mailed a huge stack of mail.  After mailing it, I checked my box.  I got a letter from a friend, a new potential penpal, and some junk mail.  The potential new pal is iffy. It's a guy, and I have several male penpals, so that isn't an issue.  The verbiage of his letter is troubling.  When a guy describes himself and says he hopes we become 'good friends' sends warning bells off in my head.  I post in my pen pal ads that I am looking for friends ONLY but guys seem to overlook that.  The few guys I do write are cool and we are good friends and they know I am not interested in all the junk! LOL!

While I was out, I ran by the grocery store and picked up a few things I needed and they were busy as hell! I was lucky and they opened another register and I followed another lady over to it.  She had a buggy full and I had three items and she told me to go ahead.  That was nice!  I was joking with her and the cashier that with how busy they were I was scared they were calling for snow again! 

I started a new puzzle today and it's pretty. It's going to be intense tomorrow.  I got the sky, tree line, and the water finished, but now I have to do the boats and the buildings.  It's very busy and colorful.  I'm enjoying working it though.  

Before I share the picture of the puzzle progress, I'd like to do an update on "What I'm Using Evernote for Today."  Well, I made a simple tracker in Evernote to keep track of all of my Fossil bags!  I have three columns, the bag, where purchased, and notes.  I can keep track of my bags easily this way and it's a great reference.  I know I've said it before but I love my Evernote!



Another thrift trip!

We did a repeat of last Saturday and went thrifting again.  I didn't get a lot of stuff this time, but I did get some goodies!  Two puzzles, a candle, a pouch that matches my first Lily Bloom bag, notecards, an iPad mini case, and a 'new' Fossil handbag!  It was a pretty good trip. I love the Fossil bag, it's pretty!  It's definitely a summer bag and it's pretty. I took a picture of the outside and a view of the floral pattern on the inside.  I'll share those below along with a picture of the other items.

We got back a bit earlier this time than we did last week, so I did start a puzzle.  I got a good bit done on it and It's looking pretty good.          It's from Yosemite national park. One of the corner pieces seems to be missing!  I'm not sure if I dropped it and just haven't seen it yet, or if it was just missing. I have a extra piece from another puzzle that I will use if I can't locate this one.

Here are my goodies and the puzzle:


Hoo boy am I tired!

I was up until around 3 am finishing my latest read (Zombie fiction). It was so good! I just found the second book in the series and loaded it to my Kindle to start tonight.  The first book was great, I'm hoping book two will be just as good.  

So, I got up at my regular time today and texted my friend.  He was in the middle of something but said he'd be on in a bit.  He got here around noon and we headed out.  We went first to Reidsville, NC to the Salvation Army store, the Goodwill store, and two pawn shops.  He went in those, I just thrifted.  In the SA store, I got a S'well bottle for .49¢!  Those things are expensive new!  I also found a Fossil purse!  It's the brown one you'll see in the pictures below.

We went to the Goodwill in Reidsville and I found a Starbucks mug, which I love, and a little table/container.  It was new in box.  The price new was $20 and I paid $8! I have a picture of it below too.  I put it together when I got home.  It will be a nice little storage unit.  

After leaving Reidsville, we went to Eden NC.  At the Goodwill there, I only got a little wicker Snowman basket.  He was cute and only .49¢.  We found a Salvation Army store that we'd never been to before and I got a ceramic jack o' lantern, a puzzle, and some watercolors.  The puzzle is the one with the fall trees. 

We ate while Eden at a little drive up place we love.  They have delicious cheeseburgers!  We left Eden and headed to Martinsville, VA.  We went to the Salvation Army store there that we found last trip.  I found another Fossil bag.  Last time I got a Fossil bag there I spent $1.50.  This one was $10!  It was red leather and I loved it. I kept debating on and finally just bought it.  $10 is not expensive and I actually love this bag. I'll carry it.

We went to two more Goodwills.  One is on the other side of Martinsville but not too far away and one is in Martinsville.  At one, I got a cute Jack o' lantern container and a pair of Ked like shoes.  The grand total? $3.50. Whoo hoo!  At the last Goodwill we went to, I found a cool tote bag that I loved, an Ipsy zipper pouch, and a cute Cake pop puzzle.  

All in all it was a good day! I got two 'new' Fossil bags, that little bin thingee, some puzzles, jack o' lantern goodies and more.  And now for the pictures!



I love fireworks.  They are fun to watch.  They are not so fun to work as a puzzle. LOL!   I started my last Dollar Tree puzzle today and it's fireworks.  I bet you figured that out already, yes?  Anyway, I got a good start to it.  I was happy to get as much done as I did. Here is my current progress:


Pretty good start, yes?  I think so too!  As I was working on it today, my friend texted and asked if I wanted to go eat at the place we were going to the other day that was closed. I agreed and we went.  It was delicious!  It's a local barbeque place.  I got a plate that had pulled pork, french fries, hush puppies AND two sides!  It was a LOT of food and it was delicious!  I ate everything except some of my fries which my friend ate.  The two sides were macaroni and cheese. (delicious)   It was a filling meal and I'm still full! 

So, when we got back here, he was going to try to jump-start my car.  He was able to get it going and I drove it for a while to help charge up the battery.  He checked and he said the alternator was powering, so I might have just had a low battery.  I hope that is all it is!  It drove well while I was out.  When I pulled into the driveway, I went to turn it around like I always do and it cut off.  Luckily, it started right back up and I was able to get it parked.  I ran it for a bit longer and then turned it off and went in the house.  Hopefully it will start up fine tomorrow.

Oh! I took a quick picture of the 'new' Fossil bag outside while waiting on my friend. Here it is: