Frappuccino Feed

Inspection done!

I went back to my place today and I was able to get my inspection.  After that, I went over to Starbucks and got a Frappuccino and a cake pop! Yum.  I didn't stay out, but I did go back out this evening.  I haven't driven the car at night yet and was curious about how well the headlights worked.  They are amazing.  I could see SO much better than I could on my old car.  It was a huge difference.  I'm quite happy!  It was so much easier to drive at night when I can see properly!

I ordered a vinyl Gunter decal for the car and it came today.  I'm going to figure out where I want to put it on the car tomorrow.  I want to wash the car first.  I plan to do that tomorrow afternoon.  I went out this evening and got the weed eater out and got the majority of the front lawn done. It looks so much better.  I still have a small area to go over tomorrow.  I'm glad it's mainly done.  

I took the bag the cake pop came in and glued it to one of my inserts I bought for my Foxy Fix. Looks nice.  I like to decorate the inserts when possible. :)



Sunday Afternoon posting!

What a trip! I walked on the Boardwalk to the Pavilion area and beyond! :P. I got down to the first Starbucks that I pass (Bayview Resort) and I stopped in and got a frappuccino.  I drank it on their outside tables and it was delicious.  I then walked back on the Boardwalk and went to The Gay Dolphin and wandered around in there. I love that store. I got a shirt, some vintage postcards and a little bag.  I went from there across the street to I Love Sugar and got almost a pound of candy! I got everything I was looking for except one thing.  They were out of those.  I then walked to the oceanfront Starbucks. 

I got a water and a bag of chips.  I wanted to sit in for a bit so I bought the chips and the water.  It was nice to sit in a Starbucks for the first time in ages.  Being an oceanfront Starbucks made it that much better.  I enjoyed my time there and then moved on so that others might have a chance to come in and sit.

I stopped by Pier 14 and looked around. I found a little crochet manta ray. He is teal/turqoise and he is so cute!  I had to have him. I bought that and then headed back.  I stopped at 2nd Ave. Pier, but I didn't go on or in.  I came back here and took a quick cooling shower and put on clean clothes. My friend is getting ready and we are going to head out for some food soon.  Not sure where but probably fast food.  It will be yummy!  Here are a few pictures to share. I'll share more later.


Yikes on several bikes!

So, today I needed to go pick up a prescription and I desperately needed to check my post office box. I called my friend but she had an excuse as usual, so I went myself.  My car acted up something fierce all the way to the post office!  I got my prescription at the drive thru at CVS and then headed to the post office.  I forgot to carry my spare key, so I had to turn the car off.  I went in and got a stack of mail. lol

My car started right up, so that was good.It began to run a little better too, so I decided if I kept running okay, I would try to hit Starbucks on my way home.  i figured after the stress of getting to the post office, a Frappuccio would be lovely. It was. :p . 

I worked on that crazy puzzle for a LONG time today an finally just gave up on it for now.  I put all the outside pieces in a ziploc and the rest in another ziploc.  I will do it in the future, but I don't have the patience at the moment.  I got out one of the other puzzles I bought at the beach. It's a picture of New York and I did that whole puzzle. It was only 350 pieces and it was panoramic. That one was fun to do.  

I've gotten addicted to Arby's beef and cheddar sandwiches.  I really wanted one tonight, but I didn't want to try to drive across town in my car.  First of all, my car acts up, and secondly, they are sometimes out of roast beef! Sheesh!  I went to Hardee's to give their roast beef sandwich a try.  It was a descent tasting sandwich but not at all what I'm used to.  It was better when I put some bbq sauce on it. lol . I didn't hate the sandwich, but it's not really for me.  I'll stick with Arby's for roast beef and Hardee's for burgers or chicken sandwiches.  They have a sandwich called the Big chicken fillet that is delicious!


Puzzles and Starbucks. :p

I finished my puzzle tonight.  I knew I was going to finish it so I went to Dollar Tree to see if I could find any puzzles.  I had stopped at Family Dollar on my walk and they didn't have any!  I decided to go over to Dollar Tree this evening.  I found three that I liked.  I bought all three! :)  I also went by Starbucks while I was out. I couldn't resist!  I had two free drinks, so I used on of them.  I took a picture of the new puzzles and the completed one.  The puzzles are all 500 piecies.  One is bowls, one is plates, and the last is a chair with flowers.  They had some 1000 piece puzzles, too, but I didn't see any I liked.  Plus, I have one coming in the mail soon. :p  I found one I like a lot on eBay and I had a coupon for $3 off an item so I bought it.  Here is the completed puzzle and the three new ones.  I will start the Puzzlebug one tomorrow.  (It's in the red box) I've seen Puzzlebug puzzles on websites before but I've never done one.  I wanted to see how they were.  You can't beat $1!


Saturday and Starbucks!

I decided today that I should take my pen pal letters to Starbucks this afternoon.   I was hoping they wouldn't be too busy and I'd be able to get a seat.  They weren't, and I did!  I sat at one of the little tables.  My favorite table was taken.  I wrote all but one of my letters and was on the last one when I decided to move to the comfy chairs for a bit.  I had gotten there and saw my favorite table open up.  I went and got it and spent the rest of the time there. ^_^  I was happy to get to sit in my favorite spot one last time.  Last time? You ask.  Well, this particular location is moving a short distance away into a larger location.  They will be closing at 2pm on the 31st and won't re-open in the new location until August 4th.  I'm glad I went as I didn't know they were moving so soon.  I got to sit in my favorite comfy chair once more and at my favorite table. That was nice!

Also, while I was there, I got an extra drink for free!  One of the regulars ordered his drinks and they were wrong somehow.  I don't know the details.  He gave one to a lady that was at the counter and asked around if anyone wanted the other.  It was a caramel frappuccino.  I said, yes! LOL!  I had long since finished my cascara latte, so this was a nice surprise!  I enjoyed it immensely.  I shouldn't have had it as I had had a chocolate chip cookie, but free Starbucks! LOL

I got all my letters written.  I hand wrote all of them.  I just need to get them in envelopes and ready to mail.  I'll do that after I finish typing this.  I did take quite a lot of pictures of Starbucks while I was there.  I'm going to miss this location.  It was my first Starbucks!  I've grown so fond of it.  I'm sure I'll learn to love the new location too, but it won't be the same!  Yes, I took my bullet journal with me. :)

Today's workouts were intense.  It was arm day so that part wasn't so bad. The cardio video to open the workouts?  The #100burpeeburnout YIKES!  I survived.  I think that was the main reason I figured Starbucks would be a good idea!  After all the stress lately and then that, Starbucks was necessary. :P  

I hope to get down to the post office tomorrow to mail these letters and check my box.  I hope I have more letters. That would be cool.  Of course if there are more than 9 that might be a bad thing! LOL!