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Wednesday morning post

It's a bit cloudy today but it's still beautiful.  I went out and sat on the balcony for quite a while.  It's pretty hot out there but not too bad.  I felt a nice breeze every now and then.  I am not sure what I am doing today.  I might walk if my friend isn't ready to go out before later.  I just had my coffee so I might be happy to just sit here for a bit!  

I took a few pictures on the balcony and I'll share them.  I would like to walk to the Pavilion area but we are staying a lot further away and I'm not sure I want to walk there and back. I'm so out of shape from not walking. Ahhhh!  Let me Google the distance.  It is 3.4 miles to the Gay Dolphin from here.  That would make it at least a 7 miles round trip with me going in stores and such.  Ah!  I want to go but I don't know if I have the stamina. :p




Hopefully on the mend.

I have felt a little better today, but I'm not where near back to normal.  I mainly stayed around the house and didn't do a lot.  I did some work on organizing my Starbucks cards.  I got some new ones at the beach so I wanted to get those all sorted and put in my binder.  I also went through and found that I had some ones with pin intact.  I changed all the ones that I had in my collection that weren't like that.  I also had some 'special' cards and I put them in the other binder.  I was glad to get one task done today! 

I finished one of the books I was reading too.  I just have to finish the one I started on the Kindle waaay back in May.  It's sort of meh, so it's been slow going.  I might skip it and start something else. I haven't decided yet.  I'm just not getting into the story.  I'll give it a few more pages tonight and see if it picks up.

I do have a picture to share.  On the night of the storm at the beach, I walked to the SkyWheel/Pavilion area on the beach like I had been doing and went up on the boardwalk to the Gay Dolphin. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that, but just in case. :P . When I left the boardwalk and got back on the beach, I took this picture of the Skywheel.  I think it's my favorite picture I took of it while there:



Saturday morning.

Well then, good morning from Myrtle Beach!  I am up and thinking about going for my walk.  Not sure where I'm going.  Probably to the pavilion area, but I'm not sure.  I'm coming down with a cold dammit.  UGH.  That sucks!  I would take the day to rest, but it's our last full day here. I'll rest tomorrow when I'm home!

We had a doozy of a storm last night.  That dark sky that I posted yesterday was just a warm up.  After that, the sun came back out and it was nice.  Then, the real storm hit.  It was insane out there.  There was lightning (the streak kind too) and heavy rain and really strong winds.  The front of our room (the part I'm in) was leaking!  It was raining so hard with the winds, that the water was coming through the window and door.  My floor is soaking wet still today.  It was nuts.  

The funny thing is, that I was about to go out to 17 to located a mailbox to drop a few things off when I heard this loud thunder.  I went out on the balcony and realized that I was very glad I didn't go out!  After the storm passed, I gave it a chance to completely be gone, and I walked down the beach to the pavilion area.

The beach was mostly deserted, which was nice, but the boardwalk area behind the pavilion was too!  I had a pair of flip flops in my backpack and went up and put them on and went to the Gay Dolphin and walked through.  I then walked back around and to the beach.  The area down there that is usually booming at night was practically deserted.  It was wild.  I saw no one else on the street but a group of about four or five.  In the Gay Dolphin, there was only one couple shopping besides me!  So weird to have the whole store pretty much to myself.  

I walked back here and came in and got settled in for the night.  I'm going to eat something and then head out.  I want to go back to the pavilion area. (Hopefully it won't be too crazy down there with the Sun Fun thing going on.) I might even stop in at the ocean front Starbucks. :P

Here are three pictures from last night.  Two during the storm and one of the Skywheel.  It was lit up, but it wasn't running.  They must have shut it down during the storm and just didn't open it back up.



So, it's just a bit after 2pm and I've already done quite a bit.  I slept pretty well. That was a relief. I did wake up several times in the night like I usually do, but it wasn't too bad.  I got up before my Fitbit went off and fixed some pizza that was leftover from last night.  I had a piece on the balcony and then I had to come in because of how hot it is out there!

I finished up in here and relaxed for a bit.  I then dressed and headed out.  I decided to hit the Boardwalk as it starts right next to our hotel. Yay!  I got on it and walked to the Sky Wheel / Old Pavilion area.  I went in the Gay Dolphin as is tradition.  I bought a couple of shirts in there.  A MB one and a Gay Dolphin one!  I got some stickers and a grab bag, too.  I went across the street to I Love Sugar, but I didn't buy anything.  I went back across and hit the boardwalk and walked down to the ocean front Starbucks.  They didn't look too busy, so I headed in.  I was able to get hte same little table I got when I discovered it in September.  I got a caramel ribbon crunch frappuccion and a trenta sized ice water.  I stayed in there and cooled off and relaxed.  I wrote in my trip journal and drank my frappuccion.  I carried my water with me. 

I walked back along the boardwalk and went in a small beachwear store and then went back out and across the street to check out a Bargain Beachwear.  After that, I went back to the boardwalk and headed back to the room. Oh wait! Before Starbucks, I went up on Pier 14 and got a smooshed penny and got to meet a cute dog.  When I was coming back to the room, I stopped at 2nd Ave Pier and got a a smooshed penny there too.  Oh, and I went in Peaches Corner and got a penny but it came out badly. Boo!

I came back to the hotel and got to meet another cute doggie (they are allowed here) and came up to the room.  I was totally roasting, so I took a cool shower and put on some fresh clothes.  That was nice.  Here are a few pictures I took today to share with you:


I'll probably do another post this evening.  Until then, enjoy these pictures. :)

Thursday afternoon

I slept a little later today than I have been all week.  I got up at 10:30, the same time I do at home. I ate some leftover pizza.  We ordered some late last night.  I walked to the Pavilion / Sky Wheel area.  I went to the Gay Dolphin.  I got several small things, a cute little wallet that I looked at last trip, and a shirt.  I left there and hit the boardwalk and walked to the 2nd Avenue Pier.  I was going to go out on the pier, but when I got up to where you pay to go out, there were too many people. I decided to not go out on the pier.  I came back here and changed shirts and sat down to cool off and relax a bit. I'm going to share some pictures I took and then heat up some more left over pizza!


Afternoon update

So, I walked to the Pavilion area.  I went to the Gay Dolphin again.  I got some shells, a few post cards, and some individual shells.  I walked all over the store.  There is so much in there.  Oh! I also got a squashed penny from a machine.  I walked back down Ocean Blvd and then I went out to 17 for a bit and then back to Ocean blvd.  I went across to the ocean.  I took my shoes off and walked back down the beach to the hotel.  

It's a beautiful day out there but it's so hot.  I'm sitting in the room cooling off and posting.  I have my phone charging.  It's got down to 28%. Yikes!  It's now full. I just checked. lol  I took quite a lot of pictures on the beach.  I thought I'd share a few with you.


OMG am I tired!

I decided to walk to the Pavilion / Sky Wheel area today.  It was overcast so I knew it wouldn't be horribly hot.  Unfortunately, it started to rain!  I got wet, too!  I went in the Gay Dolphin and looked around a bit. I meant to go to I Love Sugar, but I forgot! I went to the Starbucks past the Sky Wheel area and sat down for a bit.  I found two Starbucks gift cards that I didn't have so I got those. :p  I texted my friend and asked if he wanted to come get me on the way to shop.  He did.  I walked to 17 so I could get a good spot for him to pick me up.  I did that and he did.  We went to a couple of Dollar Tree stores, we also went to Tuesday Morning.   I found too much stuff in there!  We ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Yummy!  

We went to the Goodwill at North Myrtle Beach too.  I got him to carry me by the Starbucks at North Myrtle too.  I was able to get four of the fall leaf gift cards.  She let me have them without loading them. Yay!  I also was able to get a coffee passport. YAY! :D  I was so happy.  I haven't found any stickers down here, but I have my passport. ^___^

We are back at the room and my phone is charging.  It got down to abou 44% while we were out there.  I am so tired.  I still have to do my workouts tonight, too.  Plus, talk my daily or nightly, beach walk.  I might have to rest a while before that.  It's not raining anymore.  It's still overcast, but it's not too bad.  It feels pretty nice out here on the balcony.  I am going to relax here for a while and then go in and have some coffee. 

Thursday already?

I can't believe how fast this week is going.  Yesterday after I posted my blog post, I went walking.  I went from here to the old Pavilion area.  I went in the Gay Dolphin gift cove.  I love that store!  I walked down to a Starbucks and I got a drink and a breakfast sandwich.  I sat in to enjoy and then headed back.  My walk was almost 7 miles.  I came back here and relaxed for a bit. I did my workouts and then rested some more.  We finally got to go to dinner close to 7 pm.  We ate at Red Robin.  We headed down towards Garden City / Murrell's Inlet and got ice cream at Painters.  It was good.  We were going to walk a bit down there, but it started to rain.  We headed back here.

Later, we walked on the beach.  That was nice.  It was overcast most of the day yesterday, but today is looking pretty sunny.  I hope it stays that way.  If I get to walk today, I'd like to get a little sun. :}

Wednesday fun!

What a day!  I am tired!  I've gotten in 35,000 steps and over 15 miles!  I walked from the hotel to the Sky Wheel.  I didn't ride on it today, though. I did go to the Gay Dolphin gift cove!  I thought they would have some iron on patches, but they didn't! :(  I guess I'll have to order some online.  I was sure I'd be able to find a Myrtle Beach one.  Oh well.  I'll keep looking.

I also went to a store called, I Love Sugar. :D  I got a box of mints with "Ann" on them and a package of Charm's candy.  I haven't seen Charm's in many, many years.  I just had to get them.  I visited two Starbucks that I passed along the way.  I was looking for gift cards that I don't have to add to my collection.  At one of the Starbucks, I found a really cool 2016 Chinese New Year - Year of the Monkey.  I'm a Monkey, so that was that much cooler! :)

I had walked over 8 miles before I found a working drink machine.  That was one delicious Coca Cola!  I finished my walk and came back to the room.  My friend and I went out later for dinner.  We ate at a local place that had good reviews.  It's called Burky's and it was great!  It's a burger/hot dog/fry place.  We went to a Target and to Tanger Outlet.  We also went to a local ice cream spot called Painters.  They are popular!  We had to wait in a long line, but they didn't take too long.

We came back here and I realized that I had 30,000 steps.  I thought that I would try for 35,000 for the day.  I made it! :)  I went for a walk on the beach.  That got me to the 35,000 mark. Actually, I'm 35,168 at the moment!  I'm charging the Fitbit now as it's battery is low.

I need to do another picture post, but I might wait until I get home and post them all to Flickr.  I might post some tomorrow if I can get to post before so late!  I am really tired and looking forward to going to bed tonight! :)

Beach Trip, Day Five

I got a late start walking.  I kept putting it off and putting it off.  I finally got my butt going and headed down Ocean Blvd.  I ended up at the Sky Wheel!  It was five miles both ways, but it was worth it.  I went into the Gay Dolphin while I was there.  I got a few little things and then walked to the wheel. My friend and I rode it once before on another trip at night.  I'd never ridden it during the day, so I got a ticket and went for a ride.  It was so pretty during the day!  My first beach picture post has a few pictures from that.  I enjoyed the ride and it gave me a chance to relax and cool off for a few minutes. (The gondolas are air conditioned!)  After I got off the wheel, I went through their little gift shop. I saw bottled water and it had a Sky Wheel label on it.  I thought, water and a souvenir in one.  I took it too the counter and almost fell over when she said $2.70!  I didn't say anything, I just paid it and went on my merry way.

I walked the five miles back to the hotel and changed into dry clothes. It may have been September at the beach, but the weather was like high summer!  I relaxed for a bit and then my friend and I headed out for dinner.  We finally got the Dairy Queen we'd wanted earlier in the week.  There was a putt putt place next to it and we went to it.  It was called Cancun Lagoon.  We played putt putt there for quite a while.  Afterwards, we went back to DQ so I could get a sundae.  My friend stopped at Cook Out and got himself a shake.  We also got a few things to eat later.  We headed back to the room.  I was going to the pool, but when I got down there, there were way too many people.  I decided to just walk on the beach and then go back to the room. We ordered a really late night pizza (11:30!).  I ate a couple of pieces and then crashed.  I had a long tiring day. :)