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Tired again on a Tuesday!

I got in my regular walk today.  It was quite warm out there too!  I got home and did my workouts.  I got to relax for a little while and then my friend picked me up and we went to the tra3il in Eden North Carolina.  When I got home, I was at 27,500 steps.  That was too close to 30,000!   I immediately started running around the house to get in the rest of the steps.  I am now at 30,028.  I'm not going to try to get many more in!  I like these days of a lot of steps because it makes me feel better on the days I miss a walk!

I need to mow my lawn again. I should have done that today, but I went walking instead.  I won't get to do it tomorrow either because tomorrow is my Starbucks night.  I have a lot of letters to write while there.  I wonder if I'll get any tomorrow? I didn't get any today. :(  

I did get matched up with another new pal at Geek Girl pen pals! YAY!  I wrote her an e-mail tonight.  Hopefully I'll hear from her soon.  I asked if she wanted me to write first of if she wanted to write first. The other pal I was matched up with from Geek Girls hasn't replied to my letter yet.  She is from South Africa though, so I am sure it takes a long time for my letter to get there and for her to send one back.  I hope to hear from her soon! :)


Today, I walked as usual.  It was quite warm today.  I'm already getting a tan! :p  The funny thing is, I'm a ginger.  We don't tan, we burn.  Since I walk everyday, I get a tan every summer now.  So weird, but it looks nice when I wear shorts! Plus I don't blind people with my whiteness! :P

I stopped by the post office.  I got two letters.  One from a service that links up people wanting pen pals with prisoners, and one about an inspirational newsletter where you can also get pals.I have several inmate pen pals from my online pen pal ads.  I really don't mind writing to inmates, but I don't think I want to write to a lot more.  I have four or five that I write now.  I love getting letters though, so who knows! I am not sure about the inspirational one.  She sends out a newsletter and puts ads for pals.  I don't know if the people who are subscribed to her newsletter and myself would be compatible as pals. I need more GEEK pals! LOL!  I have the one that I was matched with via Geek Girl pen pals and I can't wait to get her letter.  I already can tell she is going to be a fun pal.  If I could just get some more pals like her! Okay, enough penpal stuff!  

I did my workouts when I came home from my walk.  I did four of them and then ate lunch.  I did more one and then I sat down to relax a while.  I thought I'd type up today's post since I didn't yesterday.  I also didn't want to get too comfortable and not post! :)


I had a full day.  I got in my walk and then came home and washed my car.  I put air in the tire and then drove to Goodyear.  My sister met me there and bought two tires for my car.  I can pay her back in payments.  Now I have good tires on my car and hopefully I'll be able to get out and do things again!  I stopped and got gas on my way back.  It had been so long since I got gas, I forgot what side the tank was on! LOL I had to pull over and look before going to the gas station.  I filled up so that I would be ready for anything!

I came home and did my workouts.  The #1000abchallenge was on today's calendar.  I was done with that and went into the app for the workout that comes with the monthly subscription to the calendar.  I saw that there was another workout I hadn't done.  My abs and body were crying, but I did it! :)  I wondered why the printout didn't have cardio.  Usually she has a cardio video and then other videos... unless it's cardio day and then it's all cardio!  I was happy to get all my workouts done.  I went ahead and ate dinner a bit early.

I then sat down and wrote to all my pen pals.  I only have one more letter to write and that is my friend that I have been writing for several years.  I need to get a few things to go with her letter, so I'll probably just write it tomorrow. It's so nice to know I'll be able to drive where I need to go tomorrow! YAY! I didn't get any letters at the post office today. Watch, now that I'm caught up, I'll get about 2394309284309 tomorrow! lol  It would be funny to see my box completely stuffed.  I think I mentioned it, but I was matched up with a pal from Geek Girl penpals and I can't wait until she gets my letter so she can write me back.  I think we are going to be good pals.  She is in South Africa, so it may be awhile before I get a letter!

I found two free true crime books in the Kindle store last night and downloaded them to my Kindle.  I started on one of them last night.  I can't remember the title exactly, but it's about 12 serial killers.  Ted Bundy is in there along with Son of Sam, and others.  There are a few in there that I've never read about, so that will be awesome. Okay! This has been a long post!  I will go for now.  I want to finish watching this episode of FBI Files on Hulu and then I'm going to take and bath and get in bed with my latest book. ^_^

Catching up!

I sat down and caught up on some penpal letters tonight.  I have a few more to do, but all of them came Friday, Saturday, and today, so I'm caught up.  I was matched up at Geek Girl Penpals and I think my new pal is going to be great! She is into Adventure Time, Harry Potter, and so much more. YAY!  She is the first pal I've gotten that is into Adventure Time. :)

My stamps that I ordered from USPS came today.  The International ones are so cool.  They are round and they have the moon on them.  The Forget me Not ones are pretty too.  I love stamps.  The moon ones are so neat.  The stamp looks nifty on the envelope.  I also found some cool Air Mail stickers via Letter Writers Alliance.  I put one of those on each letter I'm sending out.  They look vintage.  So neat! I love LWA in case I haven't mention that! In other news, I got in my walk.  It was in the upper 60's today! Whee!  It was a really nice day to walk.  I stopped by the post office and received a new pal letter. :)  

I came home and did my workouts, I ate lunch, did more workouts, and then went out to inflate the tire on my car.  I figured if I could get it inflated, and the car was running okay, I'd try to run to the grocery store.  I was able to do that! :D  I almost forgot to get bottled water.  Luckily some guy walked by with some in his cart and I went, DOH! lol  It was nice to be able to drive and get my own stuff without depending on someone else!  I still need to get the tire fixed or replaced.  Hopefully I can do that soon. I got home and put away my groceries and realized that I didn't get home with my bananas! NOOOOO!  I looked on my receipt and saw apples. I didn't buy apples. She rang up my organic bananas as apples and I still didn't get them.  I went back and they gave me another bunch of bananas.  They might have been mine!  I also got a little over a dollar refund.  

I came home and did the last workout.  I meant to do them all earlier, but since I had inflated my tire, I figured I better run and get my groceries. Today's workouts were all fun.  She had a new workout called Happy Hard Core for happy abs.  Let's just say my abs weren't all that happy with me. LOL! :p  It was a good workout though.  Now, I'm going to relax for a bit before bed.  I need a new read!  I will have to go find something in my collection.  I'm in the mood for a good book.