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So tired!

So, we finally got out of the room around noon.  We went to Checker's to eat lunch.  I got the Baconzilla. It was GOOD.  For both of us to eat, it was less than twenty and it was delcious.  We left there and hit a few pawn stores that my friend wanted to go to.  We tried to go to the Starbucks on 501, but they were closed because of the impending hurricane.  We went to another pawn shop and then he ran me by Tanger so I could go to the Starbucks there.  I was able to get my cascara latte and a sticker! YAY! :D  They actually had some.  She only gave me one, though.  Phooey! LOL  OH well, it's going on my laptop asap! :D

We left there and went to the mini golf we tried to go to last night.  They had 36 holes for $12 a person so we did that.  That was fun.  I took pictures there, but my phone is charging.  I'll share some pictures later. I'll probably do a big picture post after I get home.  It may be Monday though, because I have a lot to do when I get home tomorrow.  Grocery shopping, laundry, and mowing the lawn.  Unless my friend did it for me while I was gone which I doubt greatly!

Tonight, I'm going to stick around the room.  I'll pack up everything tonight so I'm ready to go tomorrow.  I'll take at least one more beach walk.  Actually, I think I'll take one now and then one after dark. I'll post again later. ^_^  If my phone is charged enough, I'm going walking.  I need beach therapy, NOW!

There is a Hurricane a'comin.....

Yes, you read that right!  Where I live, it has rained a lot lately.  Yesterday was the first day with no rain.  The rain returned today and the forecast for the weekend is rain, rain, and more rain.  On top of that, hurricane Joaquin is heading our way.  This is making my daily walks seem like a bad idea! I hope to get out there and get one more in there tomorrow.  I need to go to the grocery store, but with bad weather headed here, the stores will be crazy.

I am planning on having a little emergency box with candles, flashlights, power sticks, etc.  If my WiFi goes, at least I have plenty of data.  I'm not worried so much about so more rain, it's just that we've had so much that the river is overflowing, the ground is saturated and with a hurricane comes the wind.  With the soggy ground and high winds, trees can fall.  I'm hoping it isn't as bad as it's looking, but you never know. I have plenty of books and other things to entertain myself if I do get stuck for awhile.  I just wish I had some kind of exercise equipment here so if I can't walk outside, I can still get in steps here at home. Okay, enough rambling. I have to get my box of goodies ready to go.  Wish me luck!