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Good old Google!

So, the current story I'm working on needed some info today. I looked up a few things on Google back in June and couldn't remember/find them again. So, I went into my Google history and was about to go back to those days and search the things I had gone to and found what I needed. Yay! That is always good.  I needed the information for what I'm writing tomorrow. I'm glad to find it. Now I can write easily tomorrow with the information I located. :)

I wrote a good amount today, I hope to write just as much tomorrow. I listened to the Shortwave again last night and tonight. I got my first e-QSL! Very cool! Instant gratification. lol. I was listening to a broadcast last night and checked out their station and found that you could submit listener reception via email so I did and got the e-QSL pretty quickly. I still might send then the information via snail mail. I'd love a physical QSL to add to my collection. :)

Saturday early evening post

My friend order IHOP for us and we went to get it. We ate and then I spent some balcony time and then he sat to relax a bit. While he did that, I changed and walked to 17. I only went to two beachwear stores and then came back.  Since I haven't been walking lately and it's really hot here, I figured a small walk would be okay and it was.  I got a keychain and a can koozie in one store. A bracelet and some decals in another. I'm sending one of the decals to my favorite pen pal! :)

I took a few pictures while I was out in case you wanted to see something other than the beach! :p Enjoy the randomness:


From top to bottom, a look back to 17 from the road I was on, I forgot the name, sorry. The next is a view ahead on that same road.  The third is a giant concrete seashell that is at a hotel on Ocean Boulevard.  The fourth picture is a pretty flower I stopped to take a photo of and look up in Google Lens. it's a West Indian Lantana.  I thought it was pretty so I stopped and checked it out. :)  Now I am going to relax a bit, probably eat a little something sit's been quite a while since we at IHOP, and relax. 

Ooh shiny!!!!

Guess who got a new case for her phone today? Did you guess me? Well you guessed right! :p   I love the case I had, but it got ink stains on it and I cannot get them out. I was going to order another one just like the one I had, but I thought I'd look and see what else I found. I haven't looked up cases since I first got the phone. I found some with the movable sparkly stuff and it was my color!  It's a teal blue and clear and it's so pretty!  It was pretty inexpensive, so I ordered it and it came today.  I love getting Sunday deliveries from Amazon! :D 

So, it came today and I opened it and I fell in love. It's so pretty! I tried to take a good picture of it, but I had to use things other than my Pixel and it has the best camera.  I took about 49028493284902 pictures and came up with two that I'll share. lol Here we are:


Neither picture does it justice.  You get the idea, though, right? :p  I am glad I did get the white Pixel since the top part of the case is clear. It looks so nice with the blue at the bottom of the case. I am extra, so I went in and changed the keyboard in Swiftkey from a pink one to a blue one. :p I'm silly, I know, but it looks nice.  The first picture was taken with my iPod touch and the second one was with my camera.   Neither would be as good as if I could take it with my Pixel's camera.  It's hard to take a picture of your phone in a case with the case on! :P Maybe I'll do a bathroom selfie with it tomorrow! lol


I went out today and took a few pictures down on this side of the River at the Riverwalk.  I took pictures on the trail there and the little dock that is where the Worsham Street bridge used to be. I created a photo album of the pictures I took and uploaded it to Google photos to share.  I figured it would be the best way to share a lot of photos.  I'll try to do this from now on when I have a lot of photos. :) I hope you enjoy! I also deployed a Munzee while out. I would have gone more but it was HOT!!!


11 new photos ยท Album by Ann Thornton (AnnDroidGirl)


It's my birthday!

What did I do to celebrate?  I went to mail back my old phone.  I checked my box and had some letters.  I washed my car because it needed it and I was too lazy to do it at home! I left there and went to Starbucks.  I got my birthday drink.  I sipped on it and went to the park to sit by my favorite tree for a bit. I hung out in the park a bit and then went and got gas for my car.  I filled it up / topped it off and it was only $8 so that was nice.  I did take some pictures.  Two in the post office and one of the darkening sky when I was sitting in the park.




I thought it was going to rain, but it never did. The sky was pretty though!  My friend texted me from work and said he was bringing by a hoagie from a local place.  Steak and cheese. It was delicious!  It was a good birthday lunch.  What's for dinner?  My favorite, hash brown casserole! :D. Yum.  That is too delicious meals today.  The Starbucks was pretty darn good, too! :p


I like my Pixel.  I also like the cases I got today.  I didn't think the mailman was EVER going to come.  He finally did and I was able to put a case on my new phone.  I didn't want to go out with it until I did.  Well, I went to take a few pictures. I plan to do a better job and take more pictures later, but I did get a few for today:




Pixel for me!

I have wanted a Pixel phone since they first came out, but I was not a Verizon customer.  They finally released them to other carriers.  I ordered myself the Pixel 4 and it arrived today.  I love it so far. I've gotten it set up and ready to go.  I first want to share a picture comparison.  I took the left picture on my new phone and the right picture of the old one.  I would have taken outside photos, but I'll get to that.  Here are the pictures:


Look at how much better the color is on the new phone! I can't wait to take some outside shots tomorrow.  I didn't get to do that today because the phone didn't come until almost 5pm.  I ran out and got food and came back and ate, then I mowed the front lawn.  After that, I sat down to set up the phone.  It was hard to wait, but I knew it would make more sense to get stuff done and then I'd have the rest of the evening to set it up and play.  I connected the two phones via the cord that I was sent with the new phone and was able to transfer all my text messages, photos, apps, etc.  I had to download some via the Play store but it was pretty seamless.  I only had to add a few things that I had backed up elsewhere.  (backup files from a few apps)

I love the new phone.  I ordered it and two cases for it on the same day.  The estimated arrival of the phone was to be the 19th-22nd. The cases were due to arrive on the 19th too, so I thought that is perfect!  The phone came a lot sooner than the estimate! :P. I'm not upset in the slightest, I just will be very careful with it until I get the cases.  I do have some things to keep it in to protect it until I can get those, so it's all good.  Here are a few pictures I took of it with the old phone.  I can't very well take photos of it with it. LOL!


I'll do a another post tomorrow after I've played with it more.  I think I'm really going to like it a lot.  It took a bit for me to get used to certain things on it, but now I have the just and I'm going strong.  I'm definitely a "AnnDroidGirl" :P Love my Google.


Midweek time!

Okay, so last night, Chrome was acting up early on.  I did all kinds of things and nothing worked.  I thought it was my Mac because Chrome on my phone was working fine.  I opened Safari on the Mac and everything loaded on there with no issues.  I contacted Google support and the first rep told me to clear my data.  That didn't fix the issue and it made another problem.  The second rep told me to disable each of my extensions at a time to see if one of them were the issue.  It WAS one of my extensions.  So I cleared the data for nothing and now all my history, logins, passwords, etc are gone! :(  I re-contacted Google (this time via email) to see if there was any way to get that back, but I am pretty sure it's gone for good.  This makes me sad.  I know all the passwords I use, so it will be a test of which one is it when I go to a site I have an account.  It's also going to be fun trying to remember which user name or email I use with that site. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!  At least Chrome is working. lol

So, yesterday, I was looking at some things in my room and wanted to organize more stuff.  If you have read my blog in the past, you know I love to organize stuff.  I went on the Target site to look for items.  This is when I found out that Chrome was wonky.  I was able to look at the Target site on my phone and saw that they had what I wanted.  I went over there and looked at the item and the other items that were similar and ended up getting one I liked a lot more that was five dollars cheaper. Yay!

What is the item, you ask?  It's a little shelving unit that I wanted to organize some stuff.  I meant to take a picture of it before I put it in it's spot, but forgot.  I took a couple of pictures of it in use, it's hard to get a picture at the angle I had to work with, so I grabbed a picture of the stock photo too.  The stock photo is silver tone and the one I got is black, but you'll see in these pictures:


I am using it for some of my boxes.  The ones on the bottom have extra bujo supplies and the ones on top are full of washi tapes!  I also put my binders with my Starbucks card collection and some of my journals.  Past bullet journals, some empty Moleskines, and a few others.  So far I haven't put anything on top. I haven't decided on what I want to put on top yet.  I really like it.  It makes everything so organized and easy to find.

Today, I went to eat with my friend and afterwards, we went to Goodwill.  I got quite a lot of goodies.  One of the things was a puzzle.  It's an old puzzle and it's round!  I thought that was unique, so I bought it.  I hope it's complete.  I also started a new puzzle today.  I didn't get as much done as I would like, because I was working on it when my friend texted about eating.

After I got home from that, my other friend needed to run to Target and wanted me to ride with so I could get Starbucks in Target. I had called her to go to Starbucks, but she didn't want to.  She called back and said she needed to go to Target and I could get Starbucks there.  I prefer to get Starbucks from the main Starbucks, but I took would I could get! Now I'm going to post the current puzzles progress and a picture of the cool round puzzle I bought. :)


Tuesday and no more Inbox. :(

Well, Google actually did get rid of Inbox today.  I'm desperately looking for a replacement that I like, but so far I haven't found it.  I don't know why they had to get rid of it.  I've used it since the day I got it and I have loved it so much.  Nothing else comes close.  Not even the original Gmail app!  I'm going to miss it.  Google has made me a sad, sad, girl!

I didn't walk today because my weather app said it was going to rain / or said it was raining, during my walk.  It didn't rain. D'oh!  Oh well,  I'll walk tomorrow.  It was pretty chilly today too, so I didn't feel too bad not walking.  I did get a lot accomplished.  I got my mail backlog taken care of.  I have a HUGE stack of mail to go out in tomorrow's mail.  I'll mail them on my walk.  I went out this evening and went by the post office.  I had two new letters.  One was from a pal that I already had a letter from in the pile I was working on.  I added an additional letter to her letter.  Now, I only have the one letter to answer.  That is from a new pal and I wanted to wait to write hers.  I was a bit burned out after getting through that stack!  I'll get hers done in a day or two.  I'm going to stay caught up on my mail.

I worked on my puzzle for a little bit today.  I didn't get a lot of it done, but I did get all the pieces laid out around it so it would be easier to do.  Here is what I have so far:


As you can see, I didn't get a lot more done today, but I got some done.  I am going to walk tomorrow and then I need to go to the grocery store.  I am out of everything good.  I have been able to get my car started every time I've driven it lately, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to start it after getting my groceries tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


I totally forgot to post here yesterday.  Sorry about that!  I was distracted by Roku!  When I started using the new remote that my friend got with the 'new' Roku he got me, the same issues I had with the old one were there.  That meant it was never the remote, it was the Roku itself.  I knew it had been wonky on other issues too.  I decided to give the 'new' one a try.  I factory reset it and logged in to my account.  Luckily it downloaded all my stuff from the old box so I didn't have to re-add channels.  I did have to log in to everything, but that was okay.  I got it all set up.  The only problem with the 'new' box is that the power cord did NOT want to stay connected.  Whoever had it before me was not careful with it and the power cord wouldn't stay connected.  I fixed it with a rubber band and I haven't had a bit of trouble since.  I have even been able to move it around without the cord coming unhooked.  The 'new' box is nice, but it gave me the new Hulu interface and I absolutely HATE it.  I am not the only one it seems after doing a Google search!  I wish there was a way to change it back.  It's not intuitive at ALL.  

I've gotten in my walk every day this week.  I did some more NaNo prep today.  I went through the tutorial in Scrivener so I would know it better. I'm glad I did because I understand some things more clearly now.  I also learned how to covert my files into an ebook format!  I put my last two years books in their own separate files in Scrivener and imported them as Kindle ebooks.  I loaded them to my Kindle with Calibre.  Now I can read them anytime.  This is also good so I can re-read them and take notes before NaNo.  Plus, it's cool to have my own ebook on my Kindle. :^)

The weather app on my phone said that it is a 100% chance of rain tomorrow. D'oh!  If it is raining, I will skip my walk because it will be rainy and cold.  Not a good combination.  As Sweet Brown would say, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  If it does rain, I'll take the day off to re-read my first two books and take notes for this years.  I still have a little research to do on things that I'll have in this book.  I need to do that also.  I also have three letters I need to write.  I'll probably do all that tomorrow while drinking lots of coffee!


Car troubles on a Sunday....

Well, technically I've been having car troubles for over two years now.  They are just worse today.  I had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few items that I needed.  It took awhile, but I finally got my car to start.  It's acting up worse than usual, so it didn't want to drive down to the grocery store. I got it there, though.  I debated on leaving it running, but I was afraid it would overheat. I turned it off and went in and got my groceries.  In line, I was freaking out beaause my keys weren't in my purse.  I thought I was going to have to call a friend to come get me, carry me home to get my spare keys and come back.  Scratch that.  The spare key was in my car as I had thought about leaving it running!  Luckily for me, I put my keys in the hand basket I was using so I was able to check out and got out to my car with no issues.  It started up fine and I was able to get home with no issues.  I was so happy!  I need to sit down and write pen pal lettters as I'm behind because of my beach trip.  I hope to get those done today and somehow get to the post office tomorrow to mail them and check my box for any new ones.  I might type up this batch.  I hate to send typed letters, but sometimes it's the easiest when I'm so behind!  Plus, I want to get them done so I can get them out. :)

OH! I have been using my Macbook since the beach trip and I noticed that my zero key doesn't work. Luckily there is a work around.  I can pull up an on screen keyboard and get it that way. Thank you Google! :D 

One more thing.  Did I mention that I got BACON at the store? I love me some bacon.  Bacon is life, bacon is good. lol