Halloween Feed

November means NaNoWriMo!

I am off to a roaring start on Nano, too!  I already have 2600 words written!  Yeah, I got on a roll.  I had my coffee, my Macbook, and my iPod playing Classical music.  I might stop now and just continue on tomorrow.  I think I've gotten a good start.  I may cut the first part out and put it in after the part I've written.  I think the book would start off better with that at a later point.  I may just cut it and work it in after the part I've written.  I just introduced two new character and I'm happy with them already.  I guess I should take a break.  I'm already over my projected words for the day.  It's good to start out strong.  I'm going to edit what I have to see if I want to cut the first part out and redo it or just add it towards the end of what I've written.  I can't decide if I want to leave it the way it is.  

I have a major plot line planned for things that are going to happen in this book.  I have a character that is going to come in and cause all kind of problems.  I'm not sure how quickly to introduce him though.  We'll see.  Plus, I still haven't picked out his name yet! LOL!  I have a background for him, I just don't know what to call him yet.  Okay, I'm going to see if I need to rearrange that first part and then go update my first word count for this years NaNo! :D

By the way, I did my walk and workouts today as usual.  It was nice out there.  One of the places I walk is on a sidewalk through a nice neighborhood.  I saw a lot of candy wrappers from last night's trick or treating!  Same on these kids for tossing their litter down.  I DID find three things of wrapped candy that some kids dropped.  I check out the packaging, no holes, so I ate it. :p  I also found a little set of cute pumpkin stickers that some one had dropped.  Yay for cute stickers! :)

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

It's my absolute favorite day of the year!  It was pretty nice today, too.  Not really cold, but cool.  I enjoyed my walk.  I went to an old cemetery. It's tradition.  I always go to a cemetery on Halloween.  This is one that hasn't been used since the early 1900's.  I took a few pictures.  Here are a few:


 I didn't take a lot of pictures, because I've been here many times.  It's a nice old cemetery.  

Last night, I didn't get around to reading until much later.  Why?  I was going Nano prep!  I got a notebook to do keep my notes in for Nano.  I put all my characters and some info from the previous book.  I have everything ready to go for tomorrow.  I wanted to get that done so I could start writing tomorrow.  I'm ready.  I already have an idea of something that is going to happen and I have two new characters to introduce too.

Recycle center diving?!

You've heard of dumpster diving, but recycle center diving?!  I went to the bins today to recycle my things.  I noticed that there was a cute jack o lantern in the one bin.  I tried my best to reach it, but I didn't have the necessary things to reach it.  I told my friend in a text that if he went out later to get it for me.  I didn't think anymore about it, I figured he thought I was being silly and I was going to try to get it tomorrow with a stick or something. He texted me and said he had his grabber thing if I wanted to go down there.  I did so we did.  I was able to get the jack o lantern.  He is pretty cool!  Check him out:


He actually has spikes so you can put him hovering over the ground as if something was coming up out of the ground and holding him.  So very cool.  I don't know why someone tossed him in  the bin.  It was the wrong bin at that!  Oh well, he now has a good home.  I added him to my huge halloween collection.

Proud Popster!

So, today was Halloween.  It's my absolute favorite day of the year.  I didn't sleep well last night and I was sorely tempted to skip my walk.  I went anyway.  While walking, I was again tempted to call a friend to pick me up and end my walk early. I didn't.  I even added a little trip to the historic cemetery in my walk.  I get home and I'm exhausted.  I'm thinking I'll just skip the days workouts on my Blogilates calendar.  Why?  A couple of them include moves that are very difficult for me.  I have to do modifications of them. I thought, I'll just skip today. Then, I said, well... I'll do a few.

I ended up doing all five workouts for today! I felt great having done them even though I didn't want to get up from my mat afterwards! :P  It made me feel powerful to get through them when I knew they would be hard and I already felt tired.  That is what being a dedicated Popster is all about.  I told my friend about doing them and he said, "Cassey would be proud!"  It made me smile.

As for Halloween.  I didn't get to dress up this year.  I decorated the hell out of my house though.  It's going to be sad taking down all the decorations tomorrow. :(  I'll miss them.  OH!  My friend's decided we had to go to Starbucks tonight and who am I to complain?  I was naughty and got a Peppermint white mocha.  I only got a tall though.  I also had a cupcake at my friend's house.  Oops. Oh well, tomorrow is a new month and I'll get right back on track!

A long day

I was thinking about skipping my walk today.  My weight has been fluctuating lately and it's been getting me down. I thought I'd just skip everything to day and go back to bed.  I got up and went for my walk anyway.  I got in a good walk and then came home and did my Blogilates workouts.  There were six on today's calendar and it was ab day. Ouch! :p  After walking and doing my workouts, I felt good.  I also straightened up my storage room.  I moved things around and made it look much better.  Everything is more organized too.  I also finally put up my Halloween decorations.  I was late this year.  They are usually up way before now.

I also washed dishes and have a huge load of clothes in the dryer.  All I have left to do is wash my hair.  I'm trying my best to deal with a really bad cut.  It was cut in July and it's sucked every since.  I, being me, cut on it myself too. ^^;  I really should go and get it fixed so that it will be all even and grow out right.  It's not really uneven, it's just cut badly and then I made it worse.  Oh well, hopefully I can get that fixed soon.


Halloween is my favorite day of the whole year.  October is my favorite month.  I have SO MUCH Halloween stuff it isn't even funny.  Tonight, a friend took me to the Halloween store that opens here every year.  There were so many things I wanted to buy in there, but they were pricey!  I found a costume I wanted!  

I always thought I'd be Finn from Adventure Time, but I saw the Fiona costume and it's so cute.  I think I'd rather be Fiona.  That costume is $39.99.  I can't afford it right now, but maybe I can find it online later in the year for less. After going to that store, I got my friend to run me by another store so I could get toilet paper.  While I was walking back to that area, I spotted some cute Halloween goodies.  I added two more things to my collection.  A sparkly jack o' lantern sign that says Welcome and a small tinsel Jack o' lantern.  I absolutely love Jack o' Lanterns and have quite the collection. I have more of those than any other thing in my Halloween collection. (^_^)

Farewell September!

I can't believe it is the last day of September already!  It seems like we were just welcoming it in.  October is tomorrow.  It's my favorite month of the year.  I love Fall and everything about it.  Colorful leaves, warm hoodies, lattes, and pumpkins.  My absolute favorite holiday is Halloween.  I'm ready for Halloween all year long!

Today, for the last day of September, we actually had sun! It was so nice.  After all those days of steady rain, the sun was a welcome site.  I live in a river city and our river was really rising fast.  There were parts of the river out of it's banks.  We have a trail here called the Riverwalk trail.  Some parts of it were under water today.  I used to walk on the trail everyday, but since my car has been out of commission, I've been walking from home and just going a little over 4 miles and coming back.  I miss my trail walking.

I didn't sleep well at all last night.  I was so tired today when I walked and when I did my workouts.  I just finished printing out the October calendar of workouts from Cassey ( @blogilates )  I love her workouts.  I have followed her for a while, but I only got serious and stuck to her workouts this year.  I started January 1st with her Workout for beginners calendar.  That was 28 days long. On the 29th, 30th, and 31st, I did her regular January calendar.  Then in February, I started in on her regular monthly calendars.  It's been a great year.  I want to talk more about Cassey and the Blogilates experience, so I'll put that in my next post.