Homicide: Life On The Street Feed

I did it again!

Yes, I am aware it's been a week since I posted last. Sorry about that. I was going to do a big thrift post and never did. I wanted to take pictures of my finds and I kept putting it off. We did three thrift trips last week. Our usual Tuesday, the Greensboro on Wednesday trip, and our regular Friday. I had some good finds in there.  I will just list a few things since it's a week later. I know if I wait to take the pictures, I'll never p0st! 

My best find on the Tuesday trip was a cloud lamp from Ikea! It's currently on their website and it's cute. It's supposed to go in a kid's room, but I don't really care. I love it. It's still sealed. They go for $25 new and I got it for $2! Score!

My best find in Greensboro was a mug from one of the best shows ever made. Homicide: Life On The Street. I LOVE this show and I have so little merchandise from it. I only have a t-shirt that I got on eBay waaay back in the day and some NBC promo photos from the cast. I also have a business card that was actually used on the show by Clark Johnson who played Meldrich Lewis. Finding this Homicide mug after all this time was a joy. It made the entire trip worthwhile. At this same Goodwill, after finding that, I also found Grumpy Cat's book! Great thrifting trip. I found some great finds on that trip. Another GW that we visited had a couple of Pusheen items. A notebook and some notecards that were exclusive to the Pusheen boxes. Yay!

Also, that Friday's trip, I had a few good things. My favorite is a 16 oz. stainless Starbucks tumbler from December 2018. It was one that you bought and could bring back every day in January 2019 to get a free daily coffee. Cool find and I'm happy to have it in my collection. Thrifting is such fun and it's always nice to find good things like that and the Homicide mug. :)