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Beach trip memories

Okay, so on Thursday morning, I got up at 6:30.  Our plan was to be on the road by 7.  My friend was running behind so it was about 8:30 when we finally got going.  We had breakfast from Hardee's.  He picked it up on the way and we ate in the car at my house before heading out.

We didn't stop until we got to Rockingham North Carolina. There is a Shell gas station there that also has a convenience store.  We always stop here to get gas, use the restroom, and get a snack.  I got a water and a Reese's.  Yum!  We headed on and got to our hotel at North Myrtle Beach around 1 pm.  We were able to check it immediately and went to our room.  I was a nice little room on the fifth floor.  We unpacked and then decided to order pizza.  An hour later, no pizza.  We called and then said, "It was just coming out of the oven."  After several other excuses.  We cancelled it and ordered from somewhere else.  That actually came and we ate.  I had mine on the balcony so I could enjoy the ocean while eating.

That evening, we went to Dollar Tree. I was able to get three packs of mini washi. :)  Also, there was a Starbucks across the street from the shopping center we were at, so I got myself a caramel macchiato. :D  We also went to a Goodwill and I got a really cool package of stickers and rub ons.  There were a LOT of them in there and I paid 6.99 for them.  There was some great stuff in there.  I'll do  a picture post tomorrow and show all the goodies.

We walked on the beach for a bit that night and then crashed not long after.  Friday morning, we got a late start and we wanted breakfast, so we went to a restaurant called Eggs Up Grill.  It was pretty good!  We went and got some snacks for the room at a Dollar General and then went back to the room.  We took ourselves out to the beach and set up an umbrella on the beach.  We spent about two hours on the beach.  I took a lot of pictures!  

That evening, we went to go to a Sonic that we had enjoyed last year.  Unfortunately it was closed.  Torn completely down and a car wash was in it's place!  We then decided to check out Red Robin but they were packed.  Golden Corral was the same way, so we looked up another Sonic on the GPS and went there.  We ordered and about 45 minutes later, we had no food!  We tracked down one of the car hops and she went to check.  It was 'wrong' and they had to re-make part of it but the other part had been sitting.  We asked to just cancel the order and get a refund.  They came out with the refund and the food.  They had re-made everything fresh.  We ate and then went to the Dairy Queen at Myrtle to get some ice cream.  We got that and then headed back to the room for the night. We walked on the beach too.

Saturday, we got up in time to make it to Golden Corral while they still had breakfast out.  It was right at the time they were switching to lunch, but I was still able to get eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Yay!  I also had a couple of their delicious yeast rolls and some cotton candy. LOL!  What a combo, eh?  After breakfast, we went by the Goodwill again.  I was able to get a nice water bottle (stainless and insulated!) for .99!  We got back to the room and I decided to walk. My friend stayed at the room as he planned to go on the beach.

I walked out to 17 and walked across the highway to a Bargain Beachwear.  I got a shirt, a key chain, a shell bracelet and a little present for my friend back home.  I walked down 17 and went into a Tuesday Morning.  I got a lot of discounted Smash journal stuff for less than $10!  I'll include that in tomorrow's picture post.  I then walked on to the Dollar Tree and got three more packs of that thin washi.  I also got a water.  I was going to get Starbucks, but I decided to just head back to the room.

I went back onto Ocean Boulevard and walked back to the hotel that way.  I spent balcony time and relaxed a bit. When my friend was ready to go to dinner, we headed out and decided on King's Famous pizza.  We've eaten here on a previous trip.  The food and the service were terrific!  He got spaghetti and I got my own little pepperoni pizza.  Dinner was delicious.  We drove up 17 all the way to Little River and then headed back.  We got some ice cream at the Sonic at NMB and then went to the room.

I walked on the beach by myself.  I didn't stay out long though as I was really tired from my walk earlier and I wanted to get most everything packed up since we would be leaving the next day.

Sunday started with me waking up way too early!  I finished my packing and then waited for my friend to get going.  We finally got checked out and then went to Bojangles for breakfast.  We stopped once more before leaving the beach.  We stopped at a gas station in Myrtle that we usually hit going out.  After filling up, we went in to use the restroom and he got a soda and a candy bar. I got a coffee and a candy bar.  

Speaking of coffee!  The hotel didn't have a coffee maker in the room, but luckily, the lobby had a nice coffee maker and fresh coffee brewed all the time.  I had some delicious coffee at the beach!  I also got to play Pokemon Go every day, too!

We stopped in Rockingham on the way home at the Sandwich Hut.  He got more gas, snacks, and took a bathroom break.  We then headed home.  It was too short of a trip, but it was nice. I'll do a picture post of some of my goodies tomorrow!


I'm looking online for inspiration for weekly layouts for my new bujo.  I want to do a two page spread of two weeks.  I have been doing a two page, one week spread.  I want this bujo to last a long time as I've spent a lot of time setting it up so far.  I've found several different layouts that I like.  I just have to choose one and use it!  I have a couple that I'm going back and forth between.  I might do one for one side and the other for the other.  That way I can see them side by side and see how they work for me.  

In other news, I went for a walk tonight.  I just got home a few minutes ago.  My friend needed to run by a store and I went with him. Then he wanted to eat dinner, and it was time for my dinner!  We went to Cici's.   I probably ate a little more than I should have, but it was good!  I am now home and relaxing.  I'm going to put those two spreads in my bujo and see which one I like the best.  I'll be sure to share them soon. :)

Long day!

Good grief! It has been a really long day!  Last night I bought some room darkening blinds.  I put them up and then noticed when I got up today that they didn't really block that much light.  I didn't see keeping them, so after  breakfast, I headed out and returned them.  I put the old ones back up.  

After that, I went to Office Max to look at the Tul notebooks.  I know some people use them for bullet journaling.  I didn't really care for them, but I did find a cute little plastic envelope that was teal and had polka dots.  I got that and then headed out.  After leaving there, I went to the park for a bit to hit a few Pokestops.  I then headed home.  I did my stretches and then went to a friend's house.  I ended up going with them to pick up pizza.  I ate too much pizza!  I also rode with them later to Gamestop and then to Starbucks.  Yes, I got a Cascara latte. :P  I stayed at their house a bit after we got back and then I headed home.  I have been working at my desk ever since..... Oh wait!  I did run back out in my own car to Taco bell and got some bean burritos.  

I am now ready to get in my bed and relax until bedtime.  I still have to take a picture for Insta for the #stretchrevolution project I'm doing.  I'll get that picture taken and then crash on my bed to post to Insta.  Then I'm just going to relax.  I way over ate today and I'm feeling it. BLEAH!

Yeah boi!

I am posting to my blog again.  I hope to keep up this daily blogging.  Today has been pretty good so far.  I did my workouts.  It was leg day and then I did the pose for the #stretchrevolution.  I really did not think I would be able to do the pose, but I did! :D  I was so proud of myself.  It was not easy, but I did it.  I actually got a decent picture too.  Yay!  Doing the picture challenges is always a challenge for me because I have to take them myself.  I've learned the easiest thing to do is to make a video on my cell phone and then use a video editor to take a snap of the portion I need.  Works great!  

As I was fixing my lunch, a friend texted that he was bringing me a burger.  I haven't had one in a while, so that was a nice treat.  I was going to save it for dinner, but it disappeared before I could.  Oops.  Yeah, I ate it! LOL!  It's okay though.  It fits in my calories for the day.  It was a nice surprise.  Yum!


Coffee, how I love thee!

I gave up soda for good in early February.  I did a reset in January and didn't have soda for 28 days.  I drank a lot of water.  In February, I finally decided to give soda a go.  I drank a few sips and it just didn't taste right to me anymore.  This was HUGE.  I have been drinking soda since I was a small child!  I never thought I'd be able to give up, "The nectar of the Gods" as I was known to call Coca Cola!  Well, after drinking that little bit, I felt all out of sorts and bloated.  I don't have that when I drink water!  I knew right then that I didn't need soda.  I was a bit worried about water with certain foods. (PIZZA!) I had pizza and drank water and it was just fine.  I'm a happy camper!  I don't need soda.  It's just empty calories and it's not good for me!  I do need my caffeine though!  Caffeine withdrawal is NOT a nice thing.  I already love coffee and Starbucks, so coffee is my go to.

I have a Keurig (I love that thing!) and I make myself a fresh cup everyday.  Sometimes two cups.  It is so good and so much better for me than soda!  Plus, it's a hell of a lot less calories.  I use a creamer that is 10 calories per little cup.  I use that and honey.  I am trying to cut out added sugar completely.  I really like my coffee with honey.  It's perfectly sweet and it's good!  I  wish more places had honey instead of sugar or those nasty artificial sweeteners.

A friend needed me to ride with her to the hospital in Lynchburg Virginia.  About an hour and a half trip.  I usually have my coffee with lunch everyday and it wasn't lunch time yet, but I wanted coffee! lol  She stopped at the Pilot gas station to fill up and we went in and I looked to see if they had honey.  They did!  Actually, they had a really nice coffee station.  They had plenty of different kinds of creamers too!  I had my coffee and was in a much better mood. :P  We drove all the way up there.  We get out of her car and head into the hospital and she gets a text on her phone.  The person we are there to see is now home. ~_~; I was laughing so hard in the parking lot I almost fell down.  We drove back through Lynchburg and ate lunch at O'Charley's.  The food was great, but the service was not!  My friend treated me to lunch for going with her.  We ended up stopping by the person's house on the way home.  

Anyway, this got on a weird tangent and I started out talking about coffee! Yeah, this blog is aptly named.  What the Junk?! INDEED! :p

Saturday was better than Friday!

Well, as for my fitness, it was!  I got in my walk.  Luckily it wasn't as hot as it has been.  There was even a nice breeze some of the time.  I was enjoying the heck out of that!  I got home and did four of my workouts.  I ate lunch and did one more.  It was Ab day.  I just know tomorrow my abs are going to be letting me know it, too! lol  

I got a load of clothes washed and put away and was thinking of going to my friend's house for a bit.  Another friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Aunt Millie's.  Aunt Millie's is the fabulous pizza place in Milton, North Carolina.  That was not really what I should have eaten, but it was so good!  I haven't been in quite a while.  I have leftovers, too!  If I don't eat them tomorrow, I'll freeze them so that I can have them later for a good cheat meal.


So much better!

Today it wasn't as hot has yesterday and it made walking a lot easier.  I even had mail at my post office. :)  I have five letters as of now to reply to on Wednesday.  I would only have two if I had made it last week like I had planned.  Oh well!  I'll get them done.  I almost went last night, but then I got to doing other things and just decided to wait until Wednesday.

I am typing this trying not to think about food!  I've been back on track since yesterday with my eating.  I'm trying not to overeat or eat anything that isn't good for me.  It's hard.  I know I can do it though.  I will get to my goal weight!  I'd at least like to be in the close neighborhood anyway! :p

As you can tell I'm a bit rambling and out of sorts tonight.  I'm really tired.  I think I'll go to bed a bit early tonight.  I am still reading End of Watch and it's so good.  I have to make myself put it down to go to bed!

Thursday at the beach!

So, today, I decided I would get in my steps, but not 35,000 of them! :p  I got in my usual 21,000.  I took a walk earlier and went out onto Highway 17 and hit Bargain Beachwear, Eagles, Wings, Rite Aid, and... I think that is all?  I had thought about walking to Apache pier, but I thought I'd save it for tomorrow.  Oh, I went to CVS too.  I thought about eating lunch at Jimmyz, but I didn't.  

I had leftover pizza from last night.  We ordered pizza after midnight last night!  Yeah, we did! :p  It was delicious too!  I spent some time on the balcony and then spent some time on the roof in a lounge chair.  I came back to the room for a bit and then decided to go to the Starbucks that is here at the resort and write some pen pal letters.  It wasn't the regular day, or the regular Starbucks, but it was nice!  I got my tall vanilla latte with  caramel.  After writing my letters I headed back to the room.  

My friend and I went out a bit later and for dinner.  We headed to Murrell's Inlet to the Dead Dog Saloon restaurant.  So delicious!  We were seated on the outside deck.  My favorite place to sit when we were there!  I got my usual, a grilled chicken sandwich with bbq sauce, cheese, and bacon.  So good!  After we left there, we found a Krispy Kreme and picked up a dozen donuts! :D  The hot light was on. :p

We came back here and I went out to walk on the beach a little bit so that I could get in the rest of my steps.  I got them and now I'm posting before showering before bed.  I might skip the shower and just go to bed! I need to get a good night's sleep.  I haven't had one in quite a while!

I will do a picture post soon.  I promise.  If not before I leave here, I'll do one after I get home.  By the way, I have been Snapchatting while here!  I'm AnnDroidGirl there too!

Oops, not too cheery.

Yeah, sorry.  I should have posted a few hours ago when I actually felt half way decent.  I got in my walk today and did my workouts on time.  I also got some things done that I needed to do.  I ended up going to my friend's house for dinner.  They grilled out and had steak, chicken, and shrimp.  I had a small steak and a piece of chicken with a baked potato.  All that would have been fine, but they had cookies. ~_~; Yes, I ate some.

Tomorrow evening, I am supposed to go up for a birthday dinner.  That means there will be cake. I really should stay home!  I've slacked off on my eating a lot lately.  I really need to get back to being strict on what I eat. I was doing so well in January by never eating out of the house.  I really should go back to that.  It's easier to eat healthy when I eat at home, because I don't have a lot of food, and it has to last.  When I go out, there always seems to be plenty of food and I tend to eat more than I should!  I really want to get to my goal weight.  I've wanted that for a long time.  I just need to get back on track.  I still walk and workout, but my eating habits aren't going to help me one bit.

Okay, that is enough depressing stuff.  I'm going to go.  I have a few more things I need to do around the house before bed!

No subject for this one

I got in a good walk today.  It was quite warm out there.  I knew I had to come home to the #1000squatchallenge  That was insane, but I did it.  There were only two workouts on today's calendar.  The squat one was 45 minutes long!  The other was a  cardio one that was less than 6 minutes.  I got both of them done and then ate lunch.  

After that, I did a few things I needed to do.  I was deciding what I was going to do for the rest of the evening. My friend texted and asked if I wanted to ride with him a bit later.  He just got a 'new' car.  I agreed, so he picked me up.  We drove over to Eden, NC.  It was almost 9 by that point.  He got us dinner at the Circle drive in.  Not healthy food, but delicious food!  We ate and then headed back.

He dropped me off and I came in.  I got one more letter today, so I have five letters for tomorrow's Starbucks visit.  If I get anymore tomorrow, it's going to be hard. :P Oh well, I'm always happy to get letters!  Hopefully I'll get even more new pals.

I forgot to mention that in between lunch and going out with my friend, I washed my hair.  The poor mess needed it!  The days it rained, I had to wear a cap, so it was sort of gross. :P  Anyway! I'll close for now.  I want to relax before bed.  I've been crashing earlier and earlier recently.  I just need to sleep for about two years.