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Good day

So, I didn't get in 30,000 steps today, but I did get in a good walk.  I needed to go to Kmart, so I got in my longer walk.  It wasn't as hot today, so that was nice!  I went by the post office.  I didn't have any mail.  Bummer!  I had to run to another place downtown and drop off some papers. I did that and then headed to Kmart.  After picking up my prescription and heading home, I did my workouts.  I ate lunch and then sat down to relax for a little while.  

A friend called and asked for me to come up to her house.  I went and ended up staying for dinner.  After eating, we all headed to Starbucks.  Why?  Because I wanted the Birthday cake frappuccino! :D  I had a free drink on my card, so I used it to get a venti.  This is only the second BCF I've had.  I got one last year when they first introduced them.  I had to have another one.  They are only available for a few days.  It was so good! :)  It's really sweet and probably loaded with calories.   I'll stick with my regular lattes when I go on Wednesday!

I'm going to relax for a bit and then crash.  I actually did get to sleep a bit earlier last night and it was nice for a change.  I'm hoping to do that again tonight. ^_^

Manic Monday!

Today the weather was sunny and it was over 70!  It was so nice!  I got in a great walk.  I came home and did three workouts.  I ate lunch and did two more.  It was a day of really hard workouts.  First of all, there was a new video, Extreme Abs 3.  Plus, two other workouts had ab exercises in them.  This wouldn't be so bad, but tomorrow is ab day. AUGH! lol  I will probably be crying tomorrow. :P  I was so glad when I finished my workouts!  One workout was the "Whoa Whoa workout"  I still don't think I'm doing the first move in it right.  Another one was the Ultimate Hot body workout which is a mashup of FOUR different song challenges in.  Did I mention that the "Up Down Plank Jack" challenge was on today's calendar too?  Yeah, I survived, but barely!

After finishing up, I sat down at the computer to relax.  A friend called and said she needed to run to the vets to pick up some meds for her dog.  She wanted to know if I wanted to ride with her.  I did, so we headed out.  The waiting room was full of cute dogs and puppies! ^_____________________________________^  <------ Yeah, that was my face.  I swear, I wanted to just lie in the floor and yell, "Release the hounds!!!!" :D  Such a bunch of cutie pies!

After we got done with my friend's errands, she drove me by Kmart to pick up my prescription.  That saves me a walk down there. Yay!  I went back to her house and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. ^^;  Yes, I ate some.  No, I don't feel bad. Well... maybe a little, but after today's workouts, I deserved cookies!  I am going to get a few more things done and then crash.  I'm still working on reading the book about BTK, but I get so tired, that I never get very far.  It's getting into the good parts now too!


I need witty subject lines.  Oh well!

So, I got in my walk today.  I didn't feel like walking, but I did it anyway.  When I was done, I was happy to be finished! :)  I came in and did my workouts.  I had lunch and then relaxed for a bit.  A friend invited me up for dinner.  There was grilled chicken again, so I had to go! :P  I stayed at their house for a while and then headed home.

I washed my hair in between workouts and going to their house.  Since I've been home, I've been relaxing in front of the computer and watching Forensic Files on Hulu. I found some old address labels that I can't use anymore.  They had cute pictures on them, so I just snipped off the address part.  I can use the picture part for stickers on my pen pal letters. I didn't get any mail today at the post office, but I did get some at home.  I told you about my Passion Planner that I download the A5 version of recently.  Well, a few days ago, they had a sale of their academic year Passion Planners for $1.00 each.  They are only good through August of this year.  I wanted to see what the quality was of the actual Passion Planners themselves, so I figured this would be an easy and cheap way to do it.  They are actually really nice.  I will probably order one in 2017.  Not the academic one, but the regular year calendar.  There stuff seems to be of good quality and I love it.  

Leap day!

I couldn't let leap day pass without making a post now could I?  I started out on my walk today and I was SO not feeling it.  I keep going though and by the time I got to the turn around point I felt a little better so I just kept going.  I got home and got four of the five workouts done, ate lunch and did the last one.

I stopped in at the post office and I had three letters, a post card, and a catalog in my box. :)  It was nice to see so much in there.  Two letters are from people I've already written to, one is from a new pal.  The post card is from another pal.  He likes to send post cards along with letters.  I think that is cool!  I think I should start collecting postcards.  Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to go to the beach this summer.  I'd like to get some post cards to send to some of my pals. I have had one of those days where I have felt hungry all day.  I am trying to resist the urge to eat anything and everything I see!  I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately.  Not sick as in cold, but sick as in just run down.  I think I've been having a lot of low level migraines.  I have a lot of these.  Luckily the majority of my migraines are the low level ones. I have only a slight headache, but I'm really sick on my stomach and just feel icky.  Also, I walk in the brightest part of the day, so that doesn't help!  When I have a OMG migraine, I can't even function.  I have to have dark and quiet.

I am currently behind on replying to pen pal letters.  I plan to sit down tomorrow and catch up.  I get so wrapped up in other stuff, I forget to set aside the time.  I have found more stationary and I've made myself a really cool accordion folder with all kinds of stationary in it.  I want to get some more when I'm able to get out next month.  I hope to hand write all my letters. When I pen palled in the past, I tended to type all my letters.  I love getting hand written letters, so I figured it would be best to hand write the ones I send. Okay, I'm going to wrap this up.  I want to read a bit before bed.  I'm currently reading a Ann Rule book and it's really good.


Yeah, I haven't posted in days.  Sorry about that.  I mean to but then I get off the laptop and I don't feel like typing up  a post on my phone or getting back on the laptop.  I've been walking and working out everyday as usual.  I got a new bed set for my bed this week.  I have a black frame bed and I got a really cool comforter set that is pink, white, and black.  It's pretty! IMG_20160209_210305855

I love it!  It's a perfect match for my bed.  It came with a sheet set too.  I have those in drying right now.  New sheets are too stiff for me.  I thought I'd wash them and hope they get a bit softer.  I usually wash my bed linens on Sunday, so I thought I'd go ahead and get those washed and then I can put them on tomorrow.

I got in my walk today even though it was 30 out there and they said it felt like 19.  I believe them. BRRR!  I came home and did my workouts.  I went to a friend's house for her mom's birthday dinner.  I had steak and a baked potato.  I don't eat a lot of red meat.  I'm more of a chicken fan.  It was good, though.  I also had a slice of birthday cake. YUM!!!!!!!!!!  I love birthday cake.  I swear if I could, I'd eat it every day. :p  

La la la....

Yeah, I'm getting bad about not posting. Sorry!  I do the same thing everyday.  I don't want to bore you to death! :P  Today, it was a bit cooler out there.  Then, it got warmer, then, cooler again! lol I wish it would make up it's mind!  I got in a good walk and came home and did my workouts.  A friend called as I was about to do my last one.  She wanted to know if I would come up and help paint a room.  I said, sure, but let me finish my workouts!

I went up there and helped paint the first coat on the walls.  Tomorrow we'll do another coat.  It looks good so far.  I'm surprised the paint covered so well.  The old paint was red, the new paint is a light blue.  One of their cats is also partially blue now too.  ^^;  

The crazy cat kept coming in and we kept shooing him out.  He walks in and brushes against the wall.  Blue kitty!  The other two kitties came and went and never got near the walls. I didn't stay for dinner.  They were having something delicious, but I'm still trying to make up for eating that pizza the other night!  Tomorrow, I am supposed to go to their house for Superbowl goodies.  This is usually cheese fries, potato skins, chicken bites, etc.  It's going to be hard to avoid all that temptation!  The best thing about the Superbowl goodies?  I don't have to watch the game! LOL!

Oh my!

Yesterday I needed to get groceries really badly.  I decided I'd grab some on my way back from my walk.  The weather said rain, but it didn't say, Monsoon. That is what it felt like!  I didn't take my entire walk.  I just walked to the grocery store, got what I needed, and walked home.  I was completely soaked.  I was so soaked that I was DRIPPING when I got home.  It was not fun!  I was not happy about not getting in my regular walk, so I went back out later on. Of course as SOON as I got in from the Monsoon and sat down after I dried off, it stopped raining. ~_~;  

So, after I did my workouts, I walked to another place I needed to go and picked up a few things.  I ended the night by walking in circle around the house to get in my steps.  I got them all in and then some, so I was happy about that. Today, my walk was SO much nicer.  Not a drop of rain in sight.  I walked the entire walk and then came back to cardio day on the calendar. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!  Every. Single. Workout. was cardio!!!!  I survived.  

Then, a friend asked if I'd like to ride with him to this pizza place in Milton, NC.  I have heard great things about it, but I've never been.  Well, I decided that since I hadn't had a cheat meal this year, I would go for it.  I was STUFFED.  That was some good pizza.  I still have some left too. I'm seriously considering freezing the pieces I have left to have for another cheat meal at some point in the future.  I can't eat anymore of it tonight and I want to get right back on track tomorrow. Pizza is the one thing I really love to eat for a cheat meal. This one had a ton of cheese and it had pepperoni and it was just sooooooooo good.  I told my friend I felt like I needed to workout for three hours after eating it! :p

Go me!

Today was the first day I had any food that wasn't fixed at home in over a month!  I pledged to myself to not eat fast food for the entire month of January.  Part way through, I changed it to not eating out at all during January.  I made it! :D  It was hard several times when a friend offered to take me out.  Last night, the very last night of my imposed food hiatus, my friend asked if I wanted anything from one of my favorite fast food places.  I said no, but I'd like to ride with him to get whatever he wanted.  Riding in a car is a novelty since my car has been broken down for so long! :P So, I rode with him and he went to TWO of my favorite places.  I still did not give in.  I stayed strong.  He must have felt sorry for me because he offered to pick me up something today.  I immediately said yes! :)  

I had a chicken tender combo from Hardee's.  So good.  The first food I've eaten away from home in over a month.  I was so proud of myself for making it a whole month without eating out. Now, I am not going right back to eating out.  I might do it once or every other week.  When I do eat out, unless it's a cheat meal, I usually get something that works into my daily calorie count.  I'm so looking forward to a cheat meal. I didn't have one in January.  I  usually have one cheat meal a week.  I already know what I want. Pepperoni pizza.  *drools*

The first day of February was good for my fitness, also.  I got in my walk, I came home and did my workouts.  I am also participating in two challenges on Instagram.  If you want to see any of that, check me out on Insta. (anndroidgirl) Now I'm going to relax for a bit and then get ready for bed. I received two new letters from potential pen pals today!  I might write them back tonight and I might wait until tomorrow.  I haven't decided yet.  We'll see!  

Rain, again!

So, it rained again today.  I still walked. I was okay until I got close to my turn around spot. It began to rain. It wasn't too bad at first, then the wind tried to grab my umbrella. I started back and it was getting worse.  A friend saw me and stopped.  I came home, did my workouts, ate, and walked!

Yes, walked again. Since it had stopped raining and it would be light out for at least an hour,  I decided to take another short walk. It felt weird going at a later time, but it was nice.  I came home and relaxed for a bit before heading to a friend's house to eat dinner. We exchanged presents and then rode around to look at lights. I am home now relaxing.