Jake the Dog Feed

Monday Madness :p

Not really, though!  I got up and got in my walk at the regular time.  It was cool, but it was sunny so that was nice.  I got in my walk and came home and relaxed a bit and then did my workouts.  I got those done and did my French lesson and then relaxed a bit before washing a ton of dishes.  I fixed lunch and then went to my room for a bit.  I noticed my friend pulling into my driveway.  I didn't know he was coming.  I went to see what was up.  He needed to put brake pads on his car and wanted to do it in my driveway.  My driveway is a lot bigger than his.  He did those and it took a lot longer than he planned.  I went out to help with the last bit.  After he left, I fixed some dinner and now I'm just relaxing watching some episodes of the Flintstones.  

I ordered a bag on Amazon and it came today.  It's supposed to be a small messenger bag, but I'm going to use it as a purse.  It's army green colored and canvas.  It has a lot of pockets.  I love having everything organized.  It's pretty cool.  It has pockets in front, a pocket in back, a pocket inside the bag, and  two pockets on each side of the bag.  I like it a lot.  Here are some pictures:

 I love all the pockets!  The pictures are of the front, the front flap pulled up, the inside of the big section, and the back.  The back even has a zip pocket!  It's so cute!  I added my Jake the Dog rubber keychain on the main zipper and a little dangle one with starfish on it from the beach.  That little dangle keychain usually gets moved from purse to purse. ^_^

Is it time for bed yet?

I got in a good walk today.  Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy!  I didn't think it would rain, but it did.  It wasn't too bad though.  I only had to use my umbrella for a portion of my walk.  I stopped by the post office, but I didn't have any letters.  I got home and did my workouts, ate lunch, and then ran an errand.  I finally got the clothes I washed yesterday dried!  I forgot about them last night just as I thought I would.  It wouldn't have taken so long to dry them, but I forgot I had several large towels in there.  Oops!

I got them dried and put away this afternoon.  I had planned to stay in after that, but I had to carry something to my friend's house.  I meant to drop it off and come back home. That didn't happen.  I ended up coming home and taking a bath and washing my hair.  I then realized that there was a new episode of Adventure Time!!!!!! I watched that and went, OMG WTF BBQ!!!! lol  Seriously.  The show is getting more though provoking every episode.  Kid's show my ass!


So, I thought I was going to get two walks in today.  I didn't!  I did get a lot accomplished though!  I got in my first walk and it was good, but it was rather hot out there.  I didn't have any mail today either. :(  I mailed all the letters I wrote last night though!

I got home and did my workouts.  I ate lunch after that.  I texted my friend to see if he wanted to walk.  He though so but he had a few things to do first.  He'd let me know.  I waited and waited and waited.  Finally, I asked him if I should just mow my lawn and forget our walk. lol  He said he was done with what he was doing but if I wanted to mow, to go ahead.  I told him that I didn't want to mow at all! I wanted to walk.  We ended up not walking.  He said we'd only have a short time to walk in.  PHOOEY!

I went and mowed my front lawn.  Afterwards, I carried a lot of tree limbs to the street.  I wanted to get the lawn mowed out there before putting the limbs on the street.  I got all that done and then I was roasting!  I am now sitting in my room with the air conditioner on AND the fan! :p  I hope to not have to do anything else until bedtime!  I do need to fix dinner, but that can be as easy as a sandwich or a frozen dinner.  I'll decide what I want.

ALSO!  Today is a new episode of Adventure Time! :)  I'm looking forward to it.  From the description of it, it sounds great.  I'm hoping that Glob/Gob/Grod/Grob are still out there and "Normal man" and Finn and Jake can stay him (them). :)

Layout change, yes?

Yes.  I decided to make a layout change today.  I think it looks pretty nice.  I'm always wanting to change everything.  I hope to keep this one for a bit.  I like the colorful macaroons.  I wish I could just customize it a bit more.

I had two letters in my mailbox today!  One was from a regular pal, and one was from one that I mailed a letter to last month hoping to be pals.  She wrote back and does want to be pals! Yay!  She is from Spain and her handwriting is so pretty.  I feel bad about how bad my handwriting is.  I'll just have to decorate her envelopes to make up for it! :)  It was cool to have mail today.  I will probably sit down and write letters either tonight or tomorrow.

When I go to Starbucks to write my letters, I've been using an old messenger bag.  I have wanted to get a new messenger bag for ages, so I started looking for one.  I figured it would be my go to bag.  It's also to be my 'pen pal' bag.  I found one in military green on Amazon that I loved.  I almost bought it in Khaki, but I love that military green  color so much, I couldn't resist.  I also ordered three patches while ordering it.  I am going to have a cool bag with iron on patches.  

I got the idea of patches from my membership at the Letter Writer's Alliance. (LWA)  In the membership kit, they send a cute little patch with LWA on it.  I thought it would be cool to put it on a bag.  Then, after finding the perfect bag, I ordered a few more patches.  From Amazon, I ordered a Zombie response team patch, a Starbucks patch, and a patch of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time! :)  I also ordered a larger LWA patch from LWA.  I can't wait to get my bag and patches and plan how I'm going to place them.

I have an old Air Force jacket of my Uncle's that my aunt gave me several years ago.  She was just going to toss it! NO!  I said, I would love to have it.  I may take some of the patches off of it and add it to the bag.  I think that would be cool and it would be a nice tribute to my uncle.  He passed in 2003, two years after his sister, my mother, died.  

I have been thinking if I had anymore patches.  I realized I had one of an Afro Ken.  Afro Ken is a character by San-X out of Japan.  I have several stuffed Afro Kens and a mug with them on it too.  The patch is small, but it's cute so it's going on the bag too.  Now I just need something Blogilates!  I have a cloth 'tag / patch' in my jacket I ordered.  I make carefully take it out of my jacket and add it to the bag.

Yes, I will take lots of pictures of the bag when I get it and when I put all the goodies on it.  I can't wait.  It's pretty big, so it will hold all my pen pal stuff for taking with me.  Also, it will make a great travel bag/overnight bag/goodie bag.  


I finally got to the mall to get my hair cut.  A friend of mine and I went to eat lunch and then her hubby dropped us at the mall.  I got my hair cut and then we went to Hot Topic and Spencer's.  I found a really cool Jake the dog mug in Spencer's.  It was 25% off so I bought it.  It's adorable.  Want to see?  Here you go:




Isn't he cute?  I love Jake.  I couldn't resist. Or course he is too cute to use for drinking.  I'll probably just display him. PS Yes, I walked and did my workouts. :)

Adventure Time!

Yes, I dearly love Adventure Time.  It's such a fun show. It has been on hiatus since the Season 6 close.  There haven't even been any re-runs of any shows as they usually do.  Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, because I have a ton of favorite episodes on my DVR.  The bad thing is, my DVR died last month and I had to get a new one.  Thus, no saved episodes.  

I see where it is finally coming back in November.  There is also going to be a mini-series on Marceline.  I am looking forward to both.  I just wish they could play some old episodes so I could get some back on my DVR.  Since the sixth season ended in June, they have played a total of TWO episodes.  Those were in early September.  Nothing since then. I really want to see how the new season starts, but I also want to see some of the old ones.  

Some of my favorite episodes were on my DVR.  These include: Joshua and Margaret, The Creeps, Party Animal, Food Chain, A Glitch is a Glitch, Card Wars, Gotcha!, and several others I can't think of at the moment. Come on Cartoon Network!  Get with the program!!!!!!

Adventure Time!

So, I thought I'd share some of my Adventure Time collection.  If you look at these pictures, you will be sure to notice who my favorite character is. :) This is most of the collection


Most of my collection

Some of the smaller items

Little items

Figures on the left

 Figures 1

Figures on the right


Purse goodies

IMG_20150927_195045145 IMG_20150927_195036438


Jake Laplander hat


There you go! I have Adventure Time themed personalized tags on my car, a vinyl Finn decal on there and a vinyl Finn and Jake decal on my Macbook.  Oh, I also have a mini LSP hanging from my rearview mirror.  I have some AT books and the Finn PJs that a friend got in. So, did you figure out my favorite character?  ^_~


I got in my walk today and then came home and did all my workouts.  I also did the 24th day of the #goodvibeschallenge that Cassey from @Blogilates has going on.  I had to plank with a friend.  Since I'm alone at the moment and I live alone, I had to improvise.  I took the picture myself with my Macbook in photo booth.  I have a stuffed Jake the dog that I used as my friend.  I thought that would be pretty cool.  I'll have to post a picture of my ever growing Adventure Time collection soon.  That Jake is one of four! Here is the collage I made for Insta. 


Not the best quality, but it usually isn't when you have to take the pictures yourself. :P