Jigsaw puzzles Feed

Nice day!

It was quite nice on today's walk.  It was actually warm enough for short sleeves.  That was wonderful.  It's supposed to be cooler from here on out, so it was good to have a nice day.  They are actually calling for snow again this weekend.  I don't know if it will, but we'll see!

I new insurance card finally came today! I drove down to the post office to pick it up and check my box.  I got it and I also had four letters.  I'm glad my card finally came.  I'll run it by the pharmacy tomorrow on my walk.  I just need to remember to do that!

My purse STILL has not shipped. UGH. Expedited shipping my ass!  When I sell on ebay, I sent off the item as quickly as possible after payment.  Usually the same day.  I wish all sellers would do that!

I finished the first of my jigsaw puzzles last night.  The last little part was the hardest.  It was mainly green leaves and a few flowers. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I got it done.  I like to keep my puzzles once I do them.  When I was trying to flip it over to tape the back, part of it fell apart and I had to re-do that part.  It's all together now and taped so it's ready to keep.  I'll start the other puzzle in a day or two.

Rain again

I swear it's never going to dry out here.  I decided to skip my walk today. I did not feel like holding the umbrella through the entire walk!  I just stayed in and stayed dry.  I did go out in the evening. My friend wanted to go to Roma and get pizza, so we did.  He ran me by the post office while we were out and I got a bunch of mail.  Quite a few pen pal letters and information from my newer insurance.  I didn't think any of that was ever going to come.   That is one less thing to stress about.

I realized today that I didn't get any granola bars when I went to the grocery store yesterday.  I usually get enough boxes to get me through the month. I eat one for breakfast everyday.  I will get them tomorrow.  They are two for five dollars this week, but for one day only, tomorrow, they are three for five dollars.  I'll get them on my way home from my walk.  Hopefully they'll have plenty. 

I started one of the jigsaw puzzles I got for myself.  The pieces are smaller than I'd prefer, but they aren't too bad.  Here is what I have so far: