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Goodbye 2020!

I crashed early and hard last night and I needed it.  I was thinking about things before bed and realized that I had stopped setting up my 2021 bullet journal some time back. D'oh!!!!!!  Today, I looked and the things I would use immediately are there.  I still need to add a "21 in 2021" tracker, my NaNoWriMo tracker(s), beach bingo, and some other things I wanted to add. I went ahead and got the first two months done, though!  I have my January habit tracker,  February habit tracker, and I have the weeklies for those months.  I'm adding something new this year.  On the page after the last week of the month, I'm doing a monthly recap page to add anything I want to remember. I can write stuff or glue in things for memories.  I think it will be a nice addition.  I decided to go with a printed habit tracker to save time this year. I found the one I had downloaded several years ago and looked it over.  It didn't have enough lines for all the things I track, so I made a copy of it and then cut part of the bottom off and taped it to the tracker.  This way I added a few lines. Then, I made a copy of that. I went ahead and printed out a year's worth of them and I have the taped one I made to use if I want to make more, or I can just use a blank one I printed. I printed an extra just in case.  I always loved this habit tracker and I really wanted to use it but I track more things than I did when I started.  This way, I can still use this cute tracker and track more. This is going to save me SO much time going forward!

I started my actual pages further into the Leuchtturm too.  I hope to use up all my pages this time!  I always have some pages left. I don't want to have that this time.  I'm sorry I didn't post the last two days. I just got to doing things and never got around to it.  I'm going to try my best to post to my blog every day in 2021!  I don't know if I can do it, but I'm going to try my best. I also plan to get my pen pal letters written and stay caught up with them.  Yes, I STILL haven't written any.  2020 has just not been the best year.  Yes, some good things have happened to me, my friend got me Goontz and my 15" MacBook Pro, but the rest of the year was pretty nasty.  My hope is that 2021 is a wonderful year.  Let's hope that we are able to defeat Covid-19 and try to get our lives back to normal!

No puzzle today

Yes, I didn't start a puzzle today.  I meant to, but I was working on my Linux laptop longer than I planned.  Last night, I was going to see bout getting out my Linux laptop and putting Journey on it. It's the journal app I used on my Android phone, my MacBook Pro, and online.  I saw where it said you could download a Linux version.  I was excited so I got the laptop out last night, plugged it in and booted it.  It booted and then I got an error message about missing packages.  What?  ARGH! I used my Google Foo to look up a solution.  I went through the steps and it started loading. Yay!  But, it just kept loading. For over an hour.  I knew I wasn't going to fix it last night as it was late and I was tired, so I left it alone.

I got on it around 1:30 today and worked on it.  I went into recovery mode (something I had done last night) but I did a few more things in there, installed a few things via the terminal and rebooted.  Success!  I had to play with it a bit and then went to download Journey.  Sadly, since my Linux runs on i386 and not 64 (Bit? I forget the specs but I know the 64) it won't work.  At least I can use the cloud version!  Oh well.

So, I got my Linux laptop up and running without losing any of my stuff.  I don't have anything on there that is not backed up somewhere else, but I didn't want to install fresh and have to download all my apps and set up my personal settings again. I was happy to get this going!  As I was still playing around on it and hoping to find a way to make Journey work (I never did!) my friend texted and asked if I'd like to meet him at a restaurant that is near to his workplace. I said, sure! I went and we ate and then I drove home. I stopped by the post office and checked my box.  I got two penpal letters from regular pals and a letter from a potential new pal. Yay!

As I was leaving my house to go meet my friend, I had been waiting on a package. I checked my package tracking app before I went to my car and it wasn't delivered yet. I go out, get in my car and notice the mail truck drive down the street.  I drove out and noticed my package.  He had come right after I checked the app! lol . I turned around and went back to my house (I had pulled out of the driveway and was heading up the street before I saw the package) . I grabbed it and carried it with me.  I knew it was swag from Twitter Insiders but I didn't know exactly what it was.  I was so excited to get home and open it up!

I joined Twitter Insiders well over a year ago and I join in on discussions there and they send out surveys every so often. I got picked to win some Twitter Insiders swag!  YAY! I love swag.  I got four really nice items.  A tote bag, a water bottle, a notebook, and a pen.  I love it all and I took a picture of my goodies to share:


Nifty, eh?  I love swag!  I love that it is all useful things, too!  If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know how much I love notebooks and pens! It was a good day for mail.  Swag and penpal letters. :)



Goodbye 2019!

Well, here we are at the end of a year and a decade.  I'm ready to get a new year and decade started.  I have my 2020 daily journal ready to go, my 2020 bujo ready to go, and put my 2020 calendar insert in my Traveler's Notebook. I'm ready to go! 

My Evernote shirt came out of the wash smelling nice and clean instead of stinky.  :p  I love it.  I just wish I could wear it now.  I'll have to lose a few pounds first, but I'm hoping to do that!


Oh boy!

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  I planned to, but you know how that goes! lol  I didn't do much of anything yesterday except lay around and try to keep warm.  I finally broke down and dragged my heater out and turned it on!  Of course today, I got back into the 60's.  That was nice because I had a few errands I needed to run and it was much nicer doing them in the warmer temperatures!  I got the things done I needed and then headed back.  I got an order today from Amazon!  It just feels so weird to get a package on Sunday. I ordered a few things for my TN. A three-pack of inserts and a shitajiki. That is a pencil board if you didn't know!  You put it behind the paper you are writing on to give you a smooth surface and so the impression of the pen doesn't come through. It also has a grid pattern on it and it's easy to see through the paper to draw lines and such.  


I kept putting off today's NaNo writing session. I finally sat down this evening and I made it to 20,000 words!  I had under that and then realized that I only needed about 800 to make it to 20,000 so I kept writing!  

Midori Traveler's Notebook

If you read my blog a few days ago, I said I got an unexpected payment to Paypal and wanted something specific.  Well, it came today!  What is it?  The title of this post should give you an idea.  I've had fauxdori tns before, but this is my . first real Midori Traveler's Notebook! I found a cool starter kit on JetPens.  I am on their mailing list and they sent out an email last week that said if you bought a Midori TN starter set, you'd get a free set of bands.  I have wanted a Midori for a long time and went and looked.  I was sad that I wouldn't be able to get it.  Then, the payment came.  I went to Jetpens and bought the kit!  I also added an additional Midori insert to add to it.  These all came today.

The Midori is  blue, my favorite color!  It smells SO GOOD.  I am using the two inserts I got from them and an additional one I already had to make the TN look nice.  I also added some charms to it and a few Starbucks things. :)   I'll share some pictures below:


The pictures don't do it justice.  The little sticker in the photo on the bottom left is the Jetpens mascot, they sent it with my order.  They packaged everything very nicely and shipping was pretty quick too.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to use my new Midori for.  It might be a journal, a bullet journal, a trip journal, a language journal.  I haven't decided.  I just love it.  If you are wondering about the Starbucks stuff in there, I kept some packaging from old Starbucks gift card hang tags.  I cut out the parts I want to keep for journaling/scrapbooking etc. The plastic envelope/pocket insert was from my other TN.  I want to order a new one as mine is messed up.  The zipper is not working correctly.  I'll order a replacement and I am thinking of a few of the stick on pockets I've seen in some people's TN videos on YouTube.    

I didn't start a puzzle today because I knew my TN was coming and I wanted to be able to set it up.  The one day I'm wanting the mailman to come early, he comes late! lol Figures! :P If you are wondering about my charms, they are as follows:  The little hearts and bottle on the front are actually from a keychain that I bought at Myrtle Beach a few years ago.  I bought it thinking it would be a great TN charm!  It is!  The other charms hanging out the bottom are a crystal heart, a metal key, and two little crystal dangle charms I got in a set on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  The heart and key are attached to a satin ribbon that is tied into the TN on the inside.  I love the way it look and I adore the way it smells.  

The only thing is I need to figure out what pen I want to use with it.  I am not sure if I want to use a Fountain pen, a fineliner, or a ballpoint.  Decisions, decisions! Ahh!

Midweek time!

Okay, so last night, Chrome was acting up early on.  I did all kinds of things and nothing worked.  I thought it was my Mac because Chrome on my phone was working fine.  I opened Safari on the Mac and everything loaded on there with no issues.  I contacted Google support and the first rep told me to clear my data.  That didn't fix the issue and it made another problem.  The second rep told me to disable each of my extensions at a time to see if one of them were the issue.  It WAS one of my extensions.  So I cleared the data for nothing and now all my history, logins, passwords, etc are gone! :(  I re-contacted Google (this time via email) to see if there was any way to get that back, but I am pretty sure it's gone for good.  This makes me sad.  I know all the passwords I use, so it will be a test of which one is it when I go to a site I have an account.  It's also going to be fun trying to remember which user name or email I use with that site. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!  At least Chrome is working. lol

So, yesterday, I was looking at some things in my room and wanted to organize more stuff.  If you have read my blog in the past, you know I love to organize stuff.  I went on the Target site to look for items.  This is when I found out that Chrome was wonky.  I was able to look at the Target site on my phone and saw that they had what I wanted.  I went over there and looked at the item and the other items that were similar and ended up getting one I liked a lot more that was five dollars cheaper. Yay!

What is the item, you ask?  It's a little shelving unit that I wanted to organize some stuff.  I meant to take a picture of it before I put it in it's spot, but forgot.  I took a couple of pictures of it in use, it's hard to get a picture at the angle I had to work with, so I grabbed a picture of the stock photo too.  The stock photo is silver tone and the one I got is black, but you'll see in these pictures:


I am using it for some of my boxes.  The ones on the bottom have extra bujo supplies and the ones on top are full of washi tapes!  I also put my binders with my Starbucks card collection and some of my journals.  Past bullet journals, some empty Moleskines, and a few others.  So far I haven't put anything on top. I haven't decided on what I want to put on top yet.  I really like it.  It makes everything so organized and easy to find.

Today, I went to eat with my friend and afterwards, we went to Goodwill.  I got quite a lot of goodies.  One of the things was a puzzle.  It's an old puzzle and it's round!  I thought that was unique, so I bought it.  I hope it's complete.  I also started a new puzzle today.  I didn't get as much done as I would like, because I was working on it when my friend texted about eating.

After I got home from that, my other friend needed to run to Target and wanted me to ride with so I could get Starbucks in Target. I had called her to go to Starbucks, but she didn't want to.  She called back and said she needed to go to Target and I could get Starbucks there.  I prefer to get Starbucks from the main Starbucks, but I took would I could get! Now I'm going to post the current puzzles progress and a picture of the cool round puzzle I bought. :)


Monopoly and Moleskine? Yes, Please!

Here is the pretty Monopoly themed Moleskine journal.  It has Monopoly money stickers, too! Yay! :)


I would have taken more pictures, but the mosquitoes were on attack! ;p This is an A5 size Moleskine and the pages are blank.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to use it for, but I am going to use it for something. ^_^


Look at this beautiful journal!  I took several pictures to share.  The white leather ribbon is the one that came with it but it's easily removable.  I strung some ribbon to give it different looks.  Isn't it gorgeous?  The leather is so soft and it's just so pretty!  I love it.  


I have a problem!

So, I had some gift cards on Amazon and last night I went looking for something on my wish list to buy.  I also went looking at journals and stuff.  I found the prettiest white leather journal on there.  It's not set up as a TN, but I think I can convert it into one after I use the paper that is in it.  It's so pretty! 

I did buy something that was on my wish list.  It's a Monopoly themed Moleskine journal!  I love Monopoly and Moleskine, so it was a win/win.  I have another Monopoly Moleskine on my wish list AND a Simpsons one!  I could have gotten those too, but I saw this white leather journal and it was just so pretty. I'll share pictures tomorrow, of course!

Today has been pretty slow. I didn't really do much of anything.  I didn't even leave the house!  I didn't start a puzzle either.  I am not sure why I didn't really do anything today.  Oh well. Maybe I just needed a lazy day!  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get more done!


As if I need more journals!  I got two today.  My friend and I went to Ollie's.  I was hoping to find a puzzle or two.  I didn't get any puzzles, but I got a lot of other stuff including two journals.  One is a small one that says Coffee Makes Everything Possible.  I only got it because of that. lol  The other is something I had heard about and never expecting to find in a discount store.  It's a Novel Journal.  It's a 'lined' journal.  The lines are actual words from an actual classic novel!  Mine is The Wizard of Oz.  I adore that book so I had to have this.  This same thing is on Amazon for around $15!  I love it.  I got those journals and some cute A post it notes.  I also got some leggings, socks, tech gloves, a hat, a Scooby Doo activity book, and some other things.  The Scooby Doo activity book included two rubber stamps and an ink pad.  One stamp is Scooby and one is Shaggy.  I couldn't resist. :P . Here is a picture of the journals and the sticky notes:


I didn't even get the puzzle out today.  I had one of those days.  I totally planned to walk, too.  I didn't.  I did finally get out of the house this evening when my friend came to take us to eat.  We went to a new restaurant that opened not too long ago. It's in the location of a place we used to go to a lot.  They moved to a bigger location and someone else moved into this old place.  We both really liked it.  I loved being able to go back to that building.  I think it will be on of our new favorite places.


Monday Madness!!!!

Well, not really. lol  I walked today and it was pretty nice.  I saw where the weather tonight and tomorrow is sort of iffy.  We might get rain and snow.  With our weather, who knows?  I figured that I would be sure to walk today just in case I didn't get to tomorrow.  It wasn't too bad weather wise out there.  It wasn't warm, but it wasn't cold either.  I was layered quite nicely!

I finally called eBay.  I contacted the seller yesterday to give her another chance to respond and she never did.  I reported everything to eBay.  They said they would refund the original money I paid to her for the item.  I didn't get the money back for sending it back, though.  I left negative feedback for her.  I really wanted this whole situation to work out.  Oh well.  

I downloaded the 2019 Passion Planner PDF to my iPad mini today.  I put it in GoodNotes.  It's very cool.  I can use it as a planner.  I still want to learn to design a bullet journal in GoodNotes.  I'm going to be watching tutorials and such.  I really enjoy GoodNotes.  I just want a fine tip stylus. I found out that I can't use an Apple pencil after all!  I found the stylus I want but it's a bit expensive.

I'm hoping to keep an eye on it and get it for less.  I ordered a cheap stylus in the meantime to try.  It's one with the little plastic disc on it.  I got suggestions on how good they are.  I didn't think I'd like one of these, but I found one cheap on Amazon and thought I'd give it a try. We will see how it goes.

Bullet journal and NaNoWriMo!

So, it was rainy, nasty and cold today. I didn't walk.  I did get a lot done on the set up of my 2019 bullet journal!  I have the beginnings of a wonderful bujo for 2019.  I have added a book tracker, order tracker, Starbucks store tracker, Coffee love page, board game tracker, and a lot more.  I love it so far.  Since it's a pretty blue, I've been using one of my blue Stabilo pens in it for the majority of things I've set up so far. It's looking great.  As soon as we get some decent weather, I'll film a video and take some pictures.  I would take pictures now, but not everything is completed yet.  I have trackers all the way done and some just need to have lines drawn.  I'll do that later. I have until December 31st after all! :P

So, as for NaNo.  I wrote over 2000 words tonight! Go me!  This book is "A Sea Of Zoms" . My two main characters went to the beach from their safe compound.  I realized that their trip was pretty short compared to the rest of the book, so I made a reason for them to go back for a week!  I started that part tonight.  They will actually arrive at the beach in tomorrow's writing.  This time, I plan to throw in some of my original ideas that I had for this book.  There will be more zoms than on the first trip! lol . 

Currently, my bed is a total mess.  I have my current bullet journal, next year's bujo, and the last two years bujos on it.  Not to mention about 2394302849032 pens. LOL . I was getting inspiration from my old bujos and I needed this years to see how i did a few trackers.  I love the boardgame tracker.  It's based on the one I made in the bujo before the current one. It's going to be even better than that one.  I did the whole Monopoly board again to be the tracker. I think it looks great so far.  I need to take my old tracker and look at my games. I know I've added at least one Monopoly set since I had that tracker and a card game or two, too!  

Here is my original tracker in my old bujo:


Back on track

With my internet back, I got back on track today.  I got up and after breakfast, I went for my walk.  I got back from it and had time to relax with a cup of coffee before doing my workouts.  I did those and then played some Pocket Camp  before fixing lunch.  After lunch, I played more Pocket Camp and then worked on straightening up an area of my room that needed it. It's all done and looks so much better!  I wanted to do that.  It's an area that doesn't get used a lot, so it gets cluttered and dusty.  I got rid of the clutter, organized everything, dusted, and swept.  It's nice now.

I was relaxing after that and playing more Pocket Camp when my friend texted and asked if I want to go eat.  I did, so we did.  After we ate, we went to Ollie's and he got some things he needed.  He got me a paper cutter.  I found one that was only twenty dollars.  I was happy.  I've been wanting one like this.  I also got a journal.  I didn't need another journal, but this one is actual graph paper and it's blue with a pencil on the front. Here is my haul from Ollies:


I have the new bigger cutter on my craft cart with my smaller cutter and some sharpies. ^_^ It will be much easier to cut larger stacks of paper with this cutter than my little one.  I've wanted one for a while now and I was happy to see this one in Ollie's!

Phooey on yooey.....

Yeah, I'm not really wanting to post tonight either, but I didn't post yesterday, so I have to post at least a semi-decent post today.  I got in my walk.  It was a little colder, but not too bad, yet.  I got home and had time to relax a little bit before doing my workouts.  I did those and then cooled off and got dressed for going back out.  A friend picked me up and we went to eat.  We haven't been to this place in a long time, so that was nice.  We ate and then he needed to run by one other place and then he dropped me home.

I haven't done much of anything since I got home.  I have read on Not Always Right, I watched an episode or two of Unsolved Mysteries, and I played some Pocket Camp.  I'm really wanting to just go to bed.  I still have my French lesson to do.  After that, I might just crash.  Oh, I just remembered I have a load of clothes in the washer.  I need to toss those in the dryer. I  may not worry about actually getting them out of the dryer tonight.  As long as I get them dry, I can always fluff them tomorrow before getting them out.

My new 2018 Moleskine daily journal came today. It's Peanuts themed again  It's orange this year with blue trim.  The printing on the front and the comics inside the front and back cover are blue.  The ribbon and the elastic band are both blue, too.  It's pretty.  Here is a picture from the Moleskine website:


I like it.  Last years was yellow and instead of the smooth cover like this one is, it was rough.  This one is like every other Moleskine notebook I've ever had.  I prefer the smooth cover.  I love the blue trim on it!