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Big thrift, small haul!

My friend and I did our long thrift trip today for the first time in a long time. I didn't find anything in Reidsville at either Salvation Army or Goodwill. I did find some things at the Walkertown Goodwill and the Mayodan one.  Not a huge haul, but I spent $21. The best find was a cool Kate Spade tumbler. Another fun finds was a weird 'wooden' (pressboard made to look like wood probably!) laptop stand. It's so weird! LOL. I will probably use it for something, but not holding my laptop. I don't really trust the thing. :p Another weird find was a pair of reading glasses with the exact frames of my prescription ones! No, really! LOL. They had several of those. I grabbed the most comfortable pair. I figure if I break my frames, I'll have a backup! :)

So, yeah, small haul, but some good finds. Nothing Starbucks, Fossil, or Sak, but I did find the Kate Spade cup, so that is good. :)

Friday follies

Sorry about not posting for so long. I've been on several thrift trips since I last posted. The trips before today were okay. I only found a few things, some good, some just okay. Today's haul though was pretty special. I found a Starbucks tumbler from 2004 that is very cool.  I also found a brand new pair of Keds, in my size, for $17. That might not sound very exciting until I tell you they are Kate Spade Keds! :D  So sparkly. I couldn't pass them up.  Regular Keds are about $35 brand new, I think, these retail for $85.00. Score!  It was cool to find them and in my size too. They ARE a bit narrow, but I think they'll be okay. Of course, I look at them on the Keds site and it says, "Now in wide!" :p


Aren't they cute? This was a great find. Other things I got today included the Starbucks tumbler I mentioned, a smart plug (that works great!!!), a Sak wristlet, various little fun things, and an Odie plush. Odie is the dog in the Garfield strips in case you didn't know. I had a nice haul, but I spent way too much. Oops!

Impromptu thrift!

My friend texted me today and asked if we could go to Greensboro in my car to pick up a few items.  I said sure! We stopped in Reidsville on the way over to get food at Bojangles and went to the two thrift stores there since we were there.  I got two candles and a Myrtle Beach coffee mug at Salvation Army.  At Goodwill, I found a cute snowman glass and a Kate Spade 'tackle box' set. It is complete except for four ribbon push pins. It's so cute! The binder clips and washi caught my eye.  When I saw it was only $5 AND it was Kate Spade, I got it!  Luckily it was in the case so it wasn't opened and everything taken out. I'm quite happy with it. I love anything journal-related. Plus, it's Kate Spade! Here is my haul:


Very fun haul!  As for posts, there should be an abundance starting Sunday. If you don't see me before, you'll see me then! :)

Sigh, so much for staying home on my birthday!

I went over to Starbucks to get my birthday drink. As I'm leaving the drive-thru, my friend texts me.  I had been re-considering doing a thrifting trip today. I decided to go for it! We went to Reidsville, Walkertown, and Mayodan. I got a vintage General Electric tape recorder! :)  I also two two Starbucks tumblers. One a sparkly hot or cold tumbler and one a venti cold cup.  I was happy to find these as they were in wonderful condition.  I also found a Kate Spade handbag! @[email protected]; I'm not sure it's genuine, but I think it is, I'll have to research tomorrow. It looks just like a real one I found via a search. It's not really my style bag, but it was a Kate Spade! :p

Other things I got were a bag of scrunchies, an 'art' kit, a container with some various markers, a glittery jack o lantern, 2 pairs of fuzzy socks and one pair of striped knee-high socks (all new), an adulting note pad, and a pack of inserts for a Happy Planner. Oh, also two sets with a pen and a pad of matching notes.  Not a bad haul.  Here are the cups:


Nice, yes?  Here is the Kate Spade bag:




So, my friend texted me today and asked if I'd like to go to Reidsville and eat at Carmela's or Pete's. I said, YES!  He came over and we went and we ate at Carmela's. They are an Italian place that is great.  I got fettuccine alfredo. I have been wanting some good alfredo for quite a while now, so I was so happy to get this.  It was delicious.  Just look at it:



Makes me hungry all over again! :p. After we ate, we went to the Salvation Army store and the Goodwill over there.  We didn't go to Eden and on to Martinsville, this was a Reidsville only trip.  I found a 16 oz Starbucks holiday mug from 2013 in the SA store. I also got a case for my iPad Mini for $1 and I got a little scrapbook 'kit'.  It's the scrapbook and inside it has stickers and papers to use in it.  I looked it up online and found the same thing at Amazon for $24. I paid $2 so I think that is a great score! I think I'll save it and use it after the next beach trip.

At Goodwill, I found a Kate Spade wallet! It's in perfect condition. It's only missing the clip-on wrist strap which I wouldn't use in any case.  It's nice and I was happy to find it.  I only have one Kate Spade thing and this just made my day.  I also got two mugs. One with a penguin and one that is a jack o lantern! :) Both are adorable and for display, not drinking.  The Starbucks mug I found at SA is for drinking. It's in excellent condition. It was a small thrift run and a small thrift haul, but it was a good one.  I enjoyed getting out for a bit and I love the things I found. I tried my phone in the Kate Spade wallet and it fits fine! I love that I can just toss my debit card, license, and phone in it and go.  Good for when I don't want to carry a purse.  

By the way, Big Sur is no longer laggy. In fact, it's pretty damn fast! I love it.  Everything is so neat. I have read some sites and watched a few videos on it to get tips and tricks.  I want to do more of that tomorrow.  While we were in Reidsville, I was capturing a lot of virtual Munzees as we came to them.  That was fun! I was able to get some unique stuff that isn't around here so that was even better.  There are a LOT of virtual over there.  A zillion times more than are here in Danville.  

Photo shoot for a purse?

YES! LOL  I got my purse today and I moved my stuff over to it and then took it out in the yard for a photo shoot. :P  The lighting in my house isn't the best, so I figured that would be better.  I have to share some of the photo shoot with you. :p


 So, there you go.  Some outside and some inside.  LOL  I'm in love with this purse.  I switched from my current wallet back to my Kate Spade one. May she RIP.