Keto Feed

Well phooey!

I keep getting weather alerts on my phone and via email, but I haven't seen or heard any thunderstorms.  It did rain a bit though.  I was hoping for a good storm.  Oh well.  My luck, it will wait until I'm ready to go to bed and it will keep me awake. lol  I got back to my regular schedule today.  I walked and did my workouts and French before lunch.  I didn't eat lunch at the regular time because my friend and I went to South Boston.  We planned to go the Goodwill, eat, and then walk.  We went to Goodwill and ate, but after that it was later than we planned so we didn't walk. I'm glad I didn't skip my walk today planning on that!

I found a cool pink Pier 14 mug rom Myrtle Beach in the Goodwill for .49!  It was one that has the little spoon on the side. It was with it and un broken.  Coolness! I also found a nice little notebook.  We ate at Dini's Brothers and it was delicious as always.  They have really good food.  I had pizza and my friend had lasagna.  I'm going to eat as much pizza and pasta and stuff as I can, because I'm seriously thinking of starting Keto.  I am not sure I can give up bread and pasta, but I know I can eat as much bacon as is physically possible. LOL!  I'm still reading up and doing research.  I can have coffee,  yes, I checked that out first thing. LOL  I was going, no coffee is not an option.  I can have it on Keto so that is good. :P  If I do it, it will be next month before I start.  I have way too many carb laden things in my house! :p