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Not much to say...

It's been an ordinary day so there isn't much to share. I did go and get the one thing I forgot to get when I went to the grocery store last month. I also picked up a few more things I needed to make the trip count.  I got in and out pretty quickly. I was able to get everything I was after, well, except one thing they were out of and that wasn't important. It was just something I'd thought about.

I was able to get a nice bag of frozen chicken breast tenders.  They only had two bags of those left.  I grabbed one and left the other for someone else.  They are always great to have on hand.  I can toss them on my grill or put them in the oven with some marinade.  Very versatile and delicious!

That was about all I did today.  I started a new book.  I found it on my library ebook site.  I also found several more books on Kindle Unlimited.  Always good to find something to read.  I am going to read more on that as I only got a small start earlier.  

I had seriously considered going to Starbucks today, but I ended up passing on it.  I felt that going to the grocery store and back was enough interacting with the public!  I might go tomorrow or over the weekend, we'll see.  I'm trying to decide what drink I want to give a try.  I need to find a new favorite since mine is gone and my new seasonal favorite is gone, too!


More RAM? Yes!

My RAM came today and I installed it very quickly and easily.  I DO notice a difference.  My computer is working better.  Things that took forever to load before open right up. It was money well spent!  I'm very happy with the faster laptop!  It woke from sleep quite quickly when I just opened it to post here.  Very satisfied!  Now I don't have to wait forever for things to load.  While I was here, I did a quick test and opened Pages.  I use it to write penpal letters when I type them.  It usually takes a while to open. Not now!  Yay!

I did not sleep well at all last night and I've felt it all day.  I'm hoping to crash hard tonight and sleep well.  My lack of sleep lead to a nasty headache and I've been dealing with that all day too.  Boo on that! I finished my current read last night and I've started another.  I'm on book two of the ones I got from Kindle Unlimited.  The one I finished last night (or this morning) was a zombie book.  This one is a true crime book.  I have to explore more at Kindle Unlimited and see what else I can find!

Kindle Unlimited

I finished my current read today and decided to give Kindle Unlimited a try. I already have four books downloaded from it.  Two true crime, a new zombie book, and the second book of a series I read the first book of a week or so ago.  Sadly the book I just finished and the one series before that are not on Kindle unlimited, but there seem to be a lot of interesting books.  I might find some new authors and that is always a good thing.  For now, I'm going to enjoy my free three month access to books!