Krispy Kreme Feed

Sunday evening post

So, we went out and were going to eat at Red Robin, but there was a wait because of low staffing.  Cracker Barrel is right across the lot, so we went there, still a wait but a shorter one and plenty of staff.  We looked in the gift shop while waiting and I found something to buy! :D  This is Stumpers:


Look at the wittle Corgo! <3 We went to a Goodwill and my friend went to a Pawnshop.  We also got Krispy Kreme donuts. YUM!!!!  I took a nice beach walk and now I'm back in the room trying to cool off. I'm roasting. It's rather humid out. I only planned to walk to the water and back, but I ended up walking down to the hotel we have stayed at before and came back.  I took a picture of a cute little Palm tree to share too!


This was in between the Krispy Kreme and the Cook out.  Baby Palm! :)

Thursday evening post

Well, here we are again. It's Thursday evening.  I'm going out to walk on the beach soon.  Before that, I wanted to post once more today.  We went out and ate at K&W Cafeteria and then went to Dollar General to pick up a few things we needed for the room.  We then ran by Krispy Kreme and got one dozen delicious doughnuts!  Whoo Hoo!


Yes, they taste as good as they look. ^_^

Thursday at the beach!

So, today, I decided I would get in my steps, but not 35,000 of them! :p  I got in my usual 21,000.  I took a walk earlier and went out onto Highway 17 and hit Bargain Beachwear, Eagles, Wings, Rite Aid, and... I think that is all?  I had thought about walking to Apache pier, but I thought I'd save it for tomorrow.  Oh, I went to CVS too.  I thought about eating lunch at Jimmyz, but I didn't.  

I had leftover pizza from last night.  We ordered pizza after midnight last night!  Yeah, we did! :p  It was delicious too!  I spent some time on the balcony and then spent some time on the roof in a lounge chair.  I came back to the room for a bit and then decided to go to the Starbucks that is here at the resort and write some pen pal letters.  It wasn't the regular day, or the regular Starbucks, but it was nice!  I got my tall vanilla latte with  caramel.  After writing my letters I headed back to the room.  

My friend and I went out a bit later and for dinner.  We headed to Murrell's Inlet to the Dead Dog Saloon restaurant.  So delicious!  We were seated on the outside deck.  My favorite place to sit when we were there!  I got my usual, a grilled chicken sandwich with bbq sauce, cheese, and bacon.  So good!  After we left there, we found a Krispy Kreme and picked up a dozen donuts! :D  The hot light was on. :p

We came back here and I went out to walk on the beach a little bit so that I could get in the rest of my steps.  I got them and now I'm posting before showering before bed.  I might skip the shower and just go to bed! I need to get a good night's sleep.  I haven't had one in quite a while!

I will do a picture post soon.  I promise.  If not before I leave here, I'll do one after I get home.  By the way, I have been Snapchatting while here!  I'm AnnDroidGirl there too!

Beach trip, Day four

I ate a sandwich in the room and headed out for my walk.  I walked fifty blocks and ended up near the Sky Wheel. I didn't make it all the way to the Sky Wheel however.  I walked the long, long way back I came back to the room and spend some balcony time, took a bath, and headed back out.  I went to Jimmyz again and had another bowl.  Yummy!

I walked some more and then went back to the room.  Later, my friend and I went to Murrell's Inlet to the Dead Dog Saloon.  It's my favorite place to go when at the beach.  We were seated on the outside deck area.  During the meal, it began getting windy and they moved everyone from the deck area inside.  Good thing too, because it started raining.  I got a DDS t-shirt and we headed back to the room. On the way, we saw the "HOT" sign on at Krispy Kreme and stopped in for a dozen donuts.  DOOOOONUTTTS.  After we got back to the room, I went down to the beach since I hadn't been on it all day.  I crashed a bit early because I wasn't feeling great.