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NaNoWriMo and my Midori Traveler's Notebook

I didn't get as many words for NaNoWriMo today as I've been getting, but I still got over 1600.  I am getting there!  I am now on the down stretch.  I think. LOL. I noticed my writing seems to be slowing down.  I've been using my Midori TN that I got recently and I love it.  I'm seriously thinking of making it my TN for 2020!  We'll see how it goes closer to January. I try to get whatever I'm going to use set up in advance.  I'll decide soon.  For now, I wanted to share a picture of some of the goodies I put in there for decoration.  In the little clear pocket on the front, I have an Evernote sticker and a Starbucks hangtag from where I bought a gift card.  I thought they looked pretty good in there! Two obsessions together.  Evernote and Starbucks. :p   I have been using an undated daily planner insert in there and it's making me want to use it for my bujo for 2020.  I ordered the Midori weekly planner for it.  I might use it and then have two other notebooks in there for trackers and such.  I also might just use it for a on the go planner.  I haven't decided.  I have done a sample layout on a page from one of the blank TN inserts and it looks pretty cool.  I have a lot ot decide on!  For now, enjoy this my decorations.  The little thing in the middle is from the cool travel washi I got recently.



It was ridiculously hot today.  I felt like I was dying on my walk.  Luckily, the Coca Cola peeps filled the machine so I was able to get a Coke at my turn around point.  While I was walking, I heard a lot of sirens.  I saw a police car, an ambulance, and another emergency vehicle go past.  I found out later that there had been a homicide.  It was one street behind the one I walk on.  Yikes!  

I got home and had to sit down and cool off.  My clothes were all wet with sweat. Yuck! :( . I got those taken care of too.  I decided that I was in for the rest of the day. I haven't left my room with the air conditioning except for bathroom breaks and to fix lunch and dinner. lol . 

I got a LOT done on the puzzle today.  I'll finish it up tomorrow.  I will probably not start another one before the beach as we are leaving on Monday.  I usually finish them in two days, but these past two, I've taken three.  I think I'll just wait until I come back.  I hope to find some puzzles at the beach to bring back.  We always hit a bunch of thrift stores and there is a Dollar Tree close to where we stay.

After I posted last night, I took the layout down that I changed to and changed to this one.  I like this one quite a lot.  I used my own picture for the banner.  It's one of the many pictures I've taken at the beach.  Look forward to many posts and pictures next week from the beach! ^______^ . I'm ready to leave NOW! lol

I have been feeling 'off' all day.  I don't think I'm coming down with anything as I haven't been near anyone sick.  I think my body is just reacting to the heat.  I have no other symptoms.  I do not want to be sick on a beach trip.  Phooey on that!  I am going to relax tonight and I might try to do my walk later in the day tomorrow to skip the heat.  It couldn't hurt!  We'll see how it goes.  For now, here is the progress I've done on the current puzzle.


Layout change?

Yes, I am trying a new layout for my blog. I don't know how long it will stay, but I like it for the moment.  It is one that actually worked when I tried it.  Typepad still hasn't figured out why some of the layouts display wonky on my end.  Hopefully it will get fixed eventually.

I took my walk at my regular time today.  It was HOT.  I was so glad to get home!  I stopped at CVS and bought a bottle of sunscreen.  I got the CVS brand that is 30 SPF and it's the 'sport' type so it's supposed to help with sweating.  I will use it on my walks for my face and neck.  I also will need it at the beach!

The only bottle of sunscreen that I have it out of date, so I needed more.  I have used the CVS brand in the past and it works well. I usually buy the spray on, but the can felt way too light.  I saw the bottle of lotion and got that instead. It smells SO GOOD. I love the smell of sun lotions!   The smell always make me think of the beach.

I started another puzzle today, but I had to go back to my friend's house, so I only got the outline done.  It's not much, but it's there.  My friend had an relationship incident yesterday and police were called.  Relationship ended and I was so relieved.  I went back today to find that they are thinking of getting back together. UGH!  That got me upset to begin with, and then the other couple go in a shouting match. Pizza was thrown. ~_~; I left!  I won't be visiting again any time soon!


Spring Fling!

Spring Fling, you ask?  That is the name of the design on the blog at the moment.  I always loved this one a lot and was able to get it to show up correctly.  Typepad support was able to get to display when I couldn't.  I went and changed something and then went back to it and it wouldn't display correctly. D'oh! I went in and did some more work and got it to display.  I'm not sure why my blog is giving me so many issues.  Boo on that!  Oh well, it's up.  I didn't realize that when I had the Macaroons, I didn't have my link list.  It is now back.  I might even try again with the GoodNotes widget.  Maybe it will work now? Who knows! :P

So today, when I was supposed to walk, it was raining off and on.  My weather apps all said different things!  I decided to not walk at my usual time and hope it was okay later.  I was able to get a walk in a bit after 5pm. It's a good thing I went when I did!  It rained and stormed off and on after that!  I was glad to have my walk completed.  I was home well before the storms hit. I even stopped off at CVS on my way back and picked up a few essentials that I needed.  One was buy one get one half off but they only had the one. The nice cashier gave me 25% off the item so that worked out well. I also had a $5.00 coupon for $5.00 in Extra bucks and used that.  I had over $10 worth of items and I ended up paying $3.00 and some change.  Nice!

I couldn't wash my hair when I came home because I need to cool down and relax for a moment.  Then, it was lightning, so I had to wait.  I just got that done and I'm sitting here with my hair up in a turby twist thingee.  I did not want to sit under the hair bonnet dryer.  I just hope it dries before bedtime. I don't usually wait this late to wash it!  My bed linen is in the dryer and I just need to get that and put it back on the bed.

I am in serious need of a snack.  Too bad I don't have any snacks in the house.  I do have some popsicles though.  They can be a nice cool snack. :p . I have been working on my packing list for the beach trip as I go along.  I already have a ton of shirts to carry.  I carry more than I need because when I walk during the day, I come back to the room all hot and sweaty and I don't want to wear that shirt if we go out in the evening.  I'm going to pack enough so I'll have at least two shirts a day.  I also figured I could wash some in the sink and toss them on the balcony to dry and re-wear them.  

Speaking of shirts, I was looking on eBay and I came across a really cute Finn one.  It was a Loot Crate exclusive.  It will shock anyone who knows me.  It doesn't have Jake on it anywhere! LOL . It was just too cute to pass up and since it was in a Loot Crate, I wouldn't have been able to get it any other way.  I paid less than $10 for it shipped, so I'm pretty happy about that!  

I wanted to order myself a Dead Dog Saloon shirt from DD at Murrell's Inlet, but they don't have any of their shirts on their site for sale at the moment.  Weird!  I am hoping we'll go to the Dead Dog while we are down there, but there is no guarantee.  If we do, I'm probably going to get a shirt.  

I have filled up my Beach Trip Bingo completely now except for one space!  I still need to figure out what to put in that space.  I made sure to only put things in there that I knew we'd do or things I could get to on my own.  My friend sometimes gets cranky and doesn't want to do certain things, so I only put things on there that I know I can accomplish.  Examples include: Visit the Gay Dolphin, Starbucks, Walk on beach, etc.  It's going to be fun to fill my bingo card. ^_^

Okay, I think I've rambled on enough for one day!  I need to get a few more things done and then I'm going to relax for a bit.  I'm currently reading a zombie book that is pretty boring. LOL . It's not that it's boring, really, I just don't care for the characters.  I'm going to try to finish it so I can get on to something else!  Wish me luck!  I also plan to try the Goodreads widget again. If you don't see a Goodreads widget on my blog by Monday, I failed again. :P

Layout change

I decided to go back to one of the premade layouts that Typepad offers.  I think this will be a nice layout for Spring and summer.  It's bright and pretty and the Macarons or are they macaroons? are cool! I could have changed my regular layout, but I didn't feel like going through all the steps of creating a new banner and all that good stuff.  I'll use this one for a while.  The old one is still saved, so I can use it if I want to go back.  I probably will at some point and change the banner and background. For now, I'm really loving this one.

I finished the puzzle last night. LOL Seriously.  It was fun.  I wasn't going to start the new one today, but I ended up doing the outline.  That is all I'm going to do for today.  I walked and it was nice out there.  I made a few stops on the way back to pick up things I needed.  I still have a few things I need to get, but I'll go get those sometime soon.  

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but I don't think it is forecast during my walking time.  Hopefully it won't and I'll be able to walk without any issues.  I'm yawning my self to death at the moment and I still have NaNo to do.  So far I have written everyday and I'm ahead on count so far. It's been so much fun to get back to my characters and their world.  I am going to do my NaNo writing after I post this and then I'm going to do some work in my bullet journal.  Below, I'll post the completed puzzle from yesterday and the outline of the new one.  This new one is going to be a doozy!  I can tell that just from putting the outline together.


I really enjoyed the plate one.  I think I'll love this current one when it's done. The picture is so pretty!  It's just got a lot of dark spots and different parts that look a like. I'll get it done though!